Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hello October

Okay so it's not until tomorrow, but today it definitely feels like it. Walking home from work the other day I noticed all the leafs on the ground and it finally hit me. It's slowly been getting colder and colder, and now I definitely do feel a chill in the air and have finally bought new winter tights!

 As it's getting chillier and chillier I've pulled out all my Jumpers and my Mom's too! This is hers and it's going to be a tug of war over the next few months as we both love it. It's from New Look and is so nice and cosy! I paired it over my pleather skater skirt from Topshop and my Zara studded high-tops. Finishing the look off with a statement necklace and a pink lip to match my pink tips! I love having pink hair, I feel like me, it's also great as I can tie it up in a nice bun to cover it for work which is the  best of both worlds! If anyone's wondering what dye it is, it's this one here from Boots! It lasts about 10 washes on my hair until it starts looking a little bit grubby but at €5 you can't complain too much. I'm dying my hair back Brown soon but I hope to get another few weeks to be fun and frivolous! Next stop is my nose piercing, but I'll leave that topic for another day. Mama won't be too happy, so let's not tell her yet! 
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Little Chit Chat

No time like the present to start talking about this, I've debated writing this for awhile now 
Since I've booked my trip to Asia and Australia back at the start of July I've decided to overhaul my life in every way shape and form. I've been in a lull since leaving University. It's scary. It's scary not knowing what you want to do, and when you compare your career journey to other people's then you're left even more scared and feelings of worthlessness creep in. One day I had enough, I decided to take control of my life.
I decided to book my flights, explore the world and come home fresher and ready to go after my career. I feel like I'm been a "wisher" instead of a "doer" for so long and there's really no time like the present. I've been scrimping and saving and working really hard to achieve this dream. With that comes being healthy, both physically and mentally and I decided to get fitter and eat healthier. I want to be able to run 5K with ease and just become fitter in general. With exercise I decide to cut a lot of shit out of my diet. I also made the decision to cut out Alcohol for the most part. I've mentioned before I wasn't a terribly bad eater,and always made room for fruits and vegetables but I wanted to overhaul everything and worked really hard on my nutrition and re-educating myself. After about 5 weeks I'd lost 14.5lbs. Purely be walking 4-7K a day and by using the My Fitness Pal App to monitor what I was eating. 

Fast forward a few weeks, after cutting out a lot of bread, I was sick of Chicken Salad, and I was sick of how mundane my food choices were. I wasn't enjoying it and was feeling deprived. I knew I had to do something and I decided to look into Slimming World. I have heard so many great things about Slimming World and have friends and family who have been successful on the programme. I did a bit of research and was shocked with how much food you can eat on Slimming World. It's not a diet, but a Lifestyle change, which is exactly what I wanted. Loosing motivation to continue on my own, one Tuesday my friend and I attended our local group, and the rest is History.We were welcomed in with open arms and we've both seen great results. I've lost about 30lbs in the last 3 months and couldn't feel better. I can honestly I'm really enjoying it. It's probably the most healthiest "diet" going and you're encouraged to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, as well as enjoying your treats. I've been quite reluctant to discuss this, but it's going to become more and more obvious in the next coming weeks when I finally get back to doing OOTD''s - I promise I will!

Anyway I just wanted to bring you all up to speed on where I am. If anyone wants me to do a monthly post let me know. I don't want to do a weekly post as I don't want this space to be about weight loss as I understand it can be quite triggering for some people and I don't think it would be appropriate. I want to reiterate that I'm doing Slimming World and exercising to feel good about myself and to become fitter in preparation for my trip, and of course after. I'm always going to be curvy,as it's my natural shape. I've never thought I'm ugly or unattractive because I'm plus sized and I certainly don't think anyone else is unattractive. I'm as always wholeheartedly behind the Plus Size community and will always be appalled at Body Shaming and Food Nazi's and that will never change. Everyone has the right to look they way the want, wear what they want, eat what they want without any judgement or criticism.

 I hope this made a little bit of sense. I really don't know when this journey will end or where it will lead but I'm happy and proud of myself that I'm on it.
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I've just brought down my Autumn/Winter clothes from the Attic this afternoon, and I have so much stuff-like you wouldn't believe. I'm narrowing it down to things I'll definitely. I'm emotionally attached to pretty much everything so this will be a tough one for me! I thought I'd do a post on what you really need for A/W for y'all! Obviously this is just a fun guide, so if you're stuck for an inspiration for your A/W I hope this helps!
Quite boring,but all essential. Plaid is still huge this A/W so a Plaid shirt is essential! It can be worn with Jeans/Leggings/Skirts so it's extremely versatile, but still on trend. You always need a black shirt too. Again it's versatile pair it with a black blazer and a skirt for an interview or tucked into a leather skirt, with a statement necklace and a pair of heels for a night out! Basic Tanks are a must have item and can be worn so many ways and are a fantastic layering piece. If I'm going out I'm more of a dress kinda gal, but having a few going out tops is essential. I love this black Swing one from New Look and this Sequin one from Warehouse. Both different, but both extremely wearable! If you're feeling brave, pair the sequin top with black skinnies and a fitted blazer for a glam day look too!
I'm a casual trouser kind of girl. If I've to be dressed up and be professional I go for a dress and a blazer so I've skipped a classic pair of trousers for this one! I live in jeans and leggings! I've fallen in love with Penney's/Primark "Super Stretch Skinny Jean" I've pairs in Black and Dark Denim and live in them! For €15 you can't go too wrong. They're so incredibly comfortable I can't see myself wearing any other jeans, for a long, long time! I also am fond of the 'ol Boyfriend Jeans I got a pair from Boohoo and haven't taken them off. Once you size up they're a good fit! Wet Look Leggings and/or Disco Pants are also a firm favourite of mine. They look great over looser jumpers with flats for a dressy day time look or for a night time look a nice top and black heels!

I'm a huge fan of oversized jumpers. I love nothing more than throwing on an oversized jumper and a nice scarf when the weather gets colder. H&M is my go to shop for oversized knitwear. They're so affordable and come in so many different colours and textures. I love this polo neck! It's perfect for when it gets really chilly and you do not want to leave your house, but you have to! Throw it on over your black skinnies, a pair of over the knee boots and a Fedora you're ready to rock'n'roll! I'm not a huge cardigan person really, but I always have to have a nice black one to go over a skirt and tank top or a sleeveless dress if it's a bit chilly. As well as a more formal cardigan, I have to have a slouchy one! They're a great layering piece and keep you toasty!
I'm a dress girl. I love nothing more than throwing on a pretty dress! As you can probably see my favourite shape on me if s Skater style. I've an hourglass figure and find them they most flattering on my body type. A definite must have is a plain black dress. I have so many but a plain one can be dressed up or dressed down so easily. As well as a plan one, I love having a few lace ones in my wardrobe for a dressy occasion. I love this bodycon one, it's so sexy! Perfect for a date or a night out with the girls! I actually have the Skater style lace one. I picked it up in River Island and it's perfect in every way, shape and form! It's good to have a good mix or both casual and dressy dresses in your wardrobe. I have more casual ones but have a few show stoppers for a special occasion!
If I'm out of dresses, I'll probably be in a skirt! Again so versatile. It's easy to dress it up or down. Pair the leather skirt with a tank top and an oversized Plaid shirt and Chelsea ankle boots and you've a cute Autumn outfit! When it gets colder, just pop on a Moto Jacket over it and a beanie to keep you nice and toasty! Pair a plain black tank top with the cream check skirt, the black blazer and a pair of heels and you've a perfect work outfit! For a relaxed weekend outfit throw on your Summer shorts with thick tights, a woolly Jumper and your Converse and you've a nice relaxed weekend outfit. I'm a huge fan of colour for A/W and if you want a show stopper outfit pair the Pink skirt with the Black Sequin T-shirt, A Statement Necklace and Black heels! 

The most important part of your A/W Wardrobe. Hands down a Moto leather Jacket and a Black Blazer are the most important as they're the most versatile and the items you'll get the most wear out of. I live in my Moto Leather jacket and barely take it off. A Parka is a great investment too. It's perfect for when the weather is awful outside and all you want to do is snuggle back into bed. This is the second best thing! I like one with a drawstring to draw attention to my waist, as it can be a quite bulky jacket. It's great for casual wear, but we all need that coat that's perfectly formal. I love this coat (It's suppose to come into Penney's!) Everything about it is perfect. The Colour, the shape and the Belt. It's the perfect dressy coat and would really brighten up a dreary and dull day!
I'm not really a "shoe" person. I'm much more of an accessory/jewellery kinda gal. I do however have my staples. For Winter definitely a nice pair of over the knee boots in black. Stylish and comfortable they go with pretty much everything and look nice and smart. A pair of both black and brown Chelsea boots are also mandatory. They're so versatile and go with pretty much everything! For flats I like a nice funky pair, but still stylish and formal and a good reliable black pair. They have to be comfortable though! For heels all you really need is a a black pair and a nude pair to tie you over on all occasions. In the Winter however I only really wear black as I wear black tights! For the ultimate comfort a pair of classic converse is the only option! 
If there's any I'm good at it's accessories. My room is bursting with them. I have 5 Tartan scarves from last few years, so I'm glad there's still on trend! I love scarves in general and find them a cheap way to change up your outfit.  It's so easy to change an outfit up with accessories. It's great for me as I'm saving, and it's dirt cheap! You can add a belt and a scarf to totally transform a plain black dress! I'm a sucker for a big bag. I've my eye on this Zara City bag. I love the grey it's a nice change from black, plus it fits loads in it, even a Laptop which is great for gals on the move! I'm a big hat girl too. I love them all! Anything from a Fedora to a Beanie. They're perfect for keeping you both stylish and warm! 
Like Accessories, I'm also obsessed with Jewellery. The Majority here are from New Look and are cheap as chips. I don't see the point in spending too much money on costume Jewellery! New Look is probably my favourite place to go! They've great pieces that look a lot more expensive than they are and are always that little bit different. They definitely do the best statement necklaces on the High Street. I like having a good mix, but Black, Gold and Silver ones are a must have as they go with pretty much everything! Penney's are also a great place to pick up bits, although I haven't been loving their Jewellery as much recently. I love adding something bright and blingy to a boring outfit. It's definitely the finishing touch!
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Yesterday afternoon my lovely friend Rachael and I drove down to Glendalough in Wicklow, which is about 35 minutes from Dublin. It was a lovely Day so we put on our gym gear and decide to go for a walk holding onto the last bit of sunshine before Autumn comes in. 
It was what we both needed. It's nice to get out of the city and into the countryside. It's what I love about Ireland that only 45 minutes out of the city is this beautiful countryside. We plan to go back and do the "Wicklow Way" on Saturday as I was rushing back for 7. It's a 4 and a half hour Hike (13km), but the views are supposed to be worth it! If you're ever visiting Dublin for a few days I would 100% recommend visiting Glendalough if the days is nice and dry! It's gorgeous and Buses leave from the City Centre a couple of times a day if I remember correctly. They have a number of different trails ranging from a short 1KM to the Wicklow Way and all different levels so there's something for everyone. There's a lovely Hotel as well as a Hostel down there so if you're knackered after hiking you can crash there after a good feed. In the heart of Glendalough is also an old Monastery which is so interesting. We both rambled around for a little bit. It's a really lovely afternoon, one that we will definitely do again! 
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Dear Kate | Queen Collection

Pants aren't normally something I talk about here, but I don't know why, we all wear them (hopefully!) I was recently introduced the the Brand Dear Kate. "Made by women for women, Dear Kate is a new kind of Underwear with a built-in breathable lining that protects like a pantiliner" Dear Kate caters for a good range of sizing from xs-3x which is great!
Long story short, this brand is an alternative to period pants (we all have those pants, don't lie!) and embarrassing mishaps! Each pair of pants is leak resistant which so you can go about your day whether you're hitting the shops or hitting the gym. Best Part? They're extremely comfortable. They were developed so they're silky soft, which I can vouch for! You don't even need to save them for your period, wear these babies month round - fresh ones that is...
They recently launched a plus size range called "Queen" which is a pretty awesome name if you ask me.  What's even better is that they've used the Blogger Brittany from Brittany, Herself  to feature in the Look Book, which is pretty great. I think we can all agree she looks awesome! If only I could look that good in me knickers, I'd be as happy as Larry.
I've was kindly sent a pair of the Amelia Hipster and ordered a 1x, and I find them very generous, which I like though, old before my time no teeny tiny pants for me! They're the perfect "Period Pants" as you feel protected as well as comfortable. A fantastic alternative to a pantyliner which can be irritating at the best of times. They're incredibly soft and don't dig in, in the slightest which gives    them a 10/10 from me.                    
Now lets be real here, they're not cheap, not everyone has $40 to drop on a pair of pants,but even if you invest in one pair you won't regret it. They come in a range of cute colours, and have a few different detailing. Mine have a cute lace band which makes them a bit more sexy, sexy period pants that are comfy and leave you feeling protected? Never thought those two words would be in the same sentence! 
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lets Talk About Brows | Part 1

Everyone knows how important brows are, don't they?  I'm obsessed with eyebrows and would happily forgo foundation for them, yes you read that correctly. Now when it comes to Brows you're going to have to enlist some help. They is loads of places to go and people to go to, but I'm only talking to you today about my experience in Benefit Boutique on South William Boutique who kindly gave me a complimentary Shape and Tint. As always all feedback is honest- just thought I'd throw that in, just in case!

First things I like to know is the price. For both an Eyebrow Wax and Tint it's €26. It's pretty reasonable for what you get. I've heard places charging extortionate prices, when in this day and age a little luxury should be that, little. I love being pamped and preened on a regular basis, but it's taken the back seat but I can just about stretch for €26 a month. All the Benebabes are well trained and are so lovely. They talk you through exactly what they're doing and explain "Eyebrow Mapping" to you. Once they have you all relaxed, they tint your eyebrows. They didn't do a patch test or anything so you don't have to trek in and out. I'm sure if you're wary or have very sensitive skin you can pop in for a patch test, but the tint they use seems to be harmless. After they apply the tint, you look like you have slugs on your face, which is quite funny! After a few minutes it's wiped off and you can decide if you want to go darker or not. I was happy with the shade so off the Benebabe went with the waxing. In terms of pain I'd class it on a 4/10. My pain threshold is quite low but it's totally bearable to those of you who've never had them waxed!

After I was left with gorgeous brows, only brushed over with "Gimme Brow" It's great for women who don't want overbearing eyebrows but want a good shape and tint. I was extremely happy with the service and it took about 15 minutes, so you're not in there for your whole afternoon. The surroundings are cute too, you're in the back of the shop, but you don't feel like you're on display. It's a nice comfortable area. If you're getting anything other than your face wax, don't worry they have Beauty Suites upstairs!Over all I'm delighted with the service and will be back without a doubt! Stay tuned for another Brow post, where I talk you through maintaining them at home!

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Friday, 12 September 2014

What I Wore | River Island Top

Yesterday Afternoon I took a nice stroll into town. I haven't beeen in the city centre in so long, so it was nice to go in and have a mooch around the shops. It was also an absolutely lovely day. It's nice to get a few more days of sun before it gets chilly and we're all complaining about the cold and the rain! Stehpen's green Park is probably my favourite place on a sunny day! I could honestly spend every single Sunny day just relaxing with friends, and obviously eating ice-cream.

After a stop off at Zara and H&M (I'll do an A/W Haul Soon). I could of spent so much money, but restrained myself! I made my way down to Benefit HQ and met up with Roisin. We we're there to see what's new in the world of brows, but I'll leave that until my next post.The Benefit Boutique is like a Haven off one of the busiest streets in Dublin. It's a girly girl's dream and they've so much more to offer than makeup they do Hair/Nails and Eyebrows too! We eagerly went in and we came away very happy campers with fabulous looking brows. I can't keep looking at mine! Also, Yes I do have pink in my hair, but I'll leave that for another day!

 I chose to wear this old, old, old kaftan Top from River Island. I always forget how nice it is and when I was looking for something to wear this afternoon I snapped it up. Paired with my staple skinny jeans from Penney's and a big bag I was ready to go! These Skinnies (Super Soft Skinny Jeans) are amazing. They're tight give you a good bum, coming from the girl who doesn't have one, so you know they're good and at €15 they're hardly going to break the bank. I've got a few pairs now and I know I'll be living in them!After we were plucked and preened our bellies we're grumbling. Taking advantage of the fact I'm never in town we (I) insisted on Bunsen Burger. Roisin hadn't been and was left a convert! I was converted by my lovely friend Audrey and now I'm passing the torch!
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Less than 4 Months to go!

I suppose it's time to fill you in on my little big adventure. I've been tweeting a little bit about it  Ever since I was young I've always wanted to travel the world. My Parents have travelled the world, and I inherited their love for it. I have a huge Bucket list of everywhere I want to go and before I settle into a career I've decided I best get cracking on it. I wish I could do more than I'm doing but funds are very stretched already and I'm working as much as possible to gather all the cash I can as I know I really will need every single penny!
Like a lot of 20-something's I'm at a crossroads in my life, so I decided (somewhat on a whim) to book this trip and hopefully come back with a clear mind and an experience of a lifetime behind me. So come New Years Eve I'll be flying off with just a Backpack and a camera ready to take on 2015. It's something I've always wanted to do and my gut instinct is telling me now or never. I haven't finalised how long exactly I'll be away but it will be about 3 months. The whole working Gap year doesn't appeal to me one bit so I want to go experience everything without worrying about working and only worrying about catching my next flight!
At 7pm on New Years Eve, I'll be armed with my backpack and camera ready to go! I'll be arriving on New Years Day in Phuket. As I'm doing this on my own I decided to do a few Contiki Tours. A few friends have done them and have nothing but good things to say. I start off doing the Thai-Island-Hopper-West tour (Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi) which will probably be the most relaxing and the most hectic party portion of my trip, which is great as I'll have tons of energy! There's so many optional extra's, so you're never short on things to do and things to see or if you want to take it easy you can park yourself on one of the picturesque beaches! It's a 9 day round trip which is perfect time to see the sights of some of the Thai Islands!

I fly from Phuket to Bangkok and have a few days to rest and explore the Capital on my own before starting the Big Indochina Adventure. With the Big Indochina Adventure you get to travel around Thailand, Through Laos and on to Cambodia and last but not least Vietnam. I honestly can't wait for this part of my trip. It's going to be one hell of a life experience and I'm taking the "Yolo" approach and doing as much as the optional activities as possible! From Bangkok you get a Sleeper Train to Chiang Mai which looks like so much fun after a few days we then make our way to the Laos Border.
I've always really wanted to visit Laos. Maybe because I've heard it's less touristy than Thailand? I'm a sucker for good scenery and from reading the description on the tour this will probably be my favourite part. Travelling down the Mekong River in the middle of January is not something I'd ever thought I'd be doing earlier in the year, but it's funny how life can turn and do a 360! With the Contiki Tour I'll still be on my own, but I'll feel a hell of a lot safer, as well as making friends with people from all over the world! The Itinerary is jam packed too, so you really do get value for money and will see a lot of the country you mightn't necessarily see otherwise.
Next stop is Siem Reap in Cambodia with finishing this leg of the journey watching the Sunrise over Angkor Wat Temples. This is part of the tour that I really want to see. It's going to be surreal. After breakfast you have the chance to see some Social Work in the area, an area I've always been interested in, so I'm always really looking forward to that! After a free afternoon it's back on a Plane to Vietnam. I only recently changed my tour from the Asian Adventure to the Big Indochina Adventure as Vietnam is something I've always wanted to see, especially after learning about the Vietnam War in School.
 I know it's an insane amount of money,but I work hard and have a little saved up as well as sacrificing a lot of socialising to save every penny! Life really is too short to not do things that will enrich your life and give you a sense of freedom and independence! It's something I need to do before I (finally) settle into a career and won't have the chance to take a few months off and travel the world! Vietnam definitely looks the most interested part of the trip especially for a History Nerd like myself. I also can't wait to try a Vietnamese cooking Class and have a Thermal Mud Bath! It took me a while to decide what to do, but I'm so glad I've decided to go! 
From Vietnam I'm off to Australia. A good friend of mine recently moved there so I'm visiting her! Sydney has always been somewhere I'd like to go! Although it really is a long way from home, I'll have a friendly face meeting me at the airport and won't feel so homesick(which I'm sure I will be feeling at this time!) I don't have a rock solid plan as I want to get in as much as possible as I don't know when I'll get back! I can't wait to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it's something I've always wanted to do! My Plan at the moment is to fly to Alice Springs and do the Rock Tour before I get up to Cairns to start my main tour! 
The Tour I'm most leaning towards is Beaches and Reefs starting off in Cairns and working our way down to Sydney! I'm 100% going to The Great Barrier Reef on a day tour. I'm a water baby and will be in heaven doing a little dive! This tour both looks mental and relaxing and it's really appealing to me! The only problem is I want to see Melbourne during my stay in Australia, but the tour doesn't cover it! So I'm going to have to work around that. The problem with Australia is that it's just so vast, so if any of you live out there, please let me know what to do and what to see, preferably on the East coast!
At the moment there's a huge question mark over New Zealand as funds are already really stretched, but I'm taking it month by month and hopefully I'll be able to afford it! New Zealand wasn't somewhere I was overly keen on until I began my research and I became obsessed.  I'd be doing the Northern Choice Contiki Tour which start in Auckland and finishes in Wellington. I know there's a lot more to see of New Zealand, but I'm clearly pushed for both cash and time and I found this was the best option. I love all the activities offered and would to experience everything I possibly can! Although the selling point of this tour for me was the "Hobbiton" experience! As I'm a bit of a "The Lord of The Rings" fan! New Zealand looks so unbelievably beautiful is definitely somewhere I'm dying to see!

If anyone has any travel tips, please let me know! 
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

France | Day 6

Dress: A|WEAR, Necklace:H&M, Bag:Fran&Jane, Sunglasses/Shoes/Ring:Penneys/Primark

Well the Holiday posts are now over! Back to reality! I don't mind as I had a lovely relaxing week with the Parents. It's nice to get away for a little bit and break away from your daily routine. I'm back a couple of days and it feels like I never left however. I'm a creature of habit and it's nice to get back into a routine. I did find I rather enjoyed daily blogging. I had such great intentions this Summer but I've  been focusing on myself more which took me away from the Internet. It's something that I will probably discuss soon as I've been getting a few emails about my health and fitness journey,although it's not something I'm overly keen to discuss at the moment. As I've mentioned before this will never, ever, ever been anything other than a fickle fashion and beauty blog so don't expect anything to change. I've always been confident (overly so nearly) and it's got absolutely nothing to do with my appearance. I'm extremely comfortable in my skin as I think you've all guessed from me parading around nearly in the nip in me bikini's. It will however become a travel Blog when I'm off, but other then that it will be same old, same old. I've so many plans in the pip line but all my efforts are going towards saving and planning my trip so everything is put on hold. I'll be back with a bang next year though, this I can promise you! Anyway France was great. Food and the Sun are always welcomed with open arms. I'm going to honestly make a proper effort now and aim for 4 blog posts a week, alternating fashion and beauty! 
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Monday, 8 September 2014

What I Wore | Forever21 Playsuit

My favourite holiday outfit was probably this one. I love Playsuits. They're easy, they're comfortable and you can dress them up and down. I picked this one up in Forever21 a few months ago and Love it. I really love the pattern it's so cute and the colours set off my tan!
The Playsuit was about €20 which is a bargain and a half! Forever21 is brilliant and has a great Plus Size section too. What initially drew me to the playsuit was the quirky paisley print. Normally paisley can look dated but this is such a funky paisley print that I had to pick it up!
I do size up when I order playsuits as I don't want them to be tight and want them to skim over my curves. In reality I should of ordered my usual size as I do feel this is a bit big especially on the top, but it's still very wearable and doesn't look too big, it just looks a little more slouchy!
It has an elasticated waist which cinches you in and shoes off your figure which I love as I find sometimes playsuits aren't great on my figure personally. You could also add a thin belt to emphasise your waist more if you wanted. A cute thin gold belt would look lovely with it!
I absolutely love the detail on the back. I love the little peepholes! It's such a cute detail, although I shouldn't of really worn a black bra, but oh you live and learn ;). It's a nice touch especially since the playsuit was inexpensive, which is why I love Forever21!
To complete the look I added my favourite necklace from River Island  It's such a statement and goes with so much! I finished it off with my pink sunnies from Penney's and my beige bag from Fran&Jane!
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