Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Favourite Outfit's of 2013

Happy New Year Folks, 
I'm having a quiet one myself, and  at present on the fence on whether to go out or not! I've done a huge clear out of my room, and plan to start 2014 on a clean slate. 2013 was very good to me, but I'm always happy for a new start! I hope whatever you're doing tonight, you have a safe and fun night! I've decided to do a round up of my favourite outfit's this year, after seeing them on a couple of blogs! I want to take this time to thank you all for your continued support and kind words this year! I appreciate every single one of you, and wouldn't be blogging happily away without you.
I love this outfit, it's comfy and causal. This was a pretty good Sunday. It was when a few things were uncertain, and it was great to have the sea breeze to clear my head. This is probably one of my favourite photo's ever. I've minimal makeup on, and I just feel at peace. 
I bought this Vintage Coat back in April, when I went down to Kilkenny to the Shutterbug Vintage Sale one Sunny Saturday morning. It was a great afternoon out, and I picked it up (and a tacky sequin top) for €40! Definitely the buy of the year! It's so big and glamorous, and I know I'll have it for years. 
This outfit is really nothing special but I love the grey and black together. This was actually for going out for a casual dinner with a friend of mind. Everything's as cheap as chips (bar the bag from Coco Boutique) and It was definitely my go to uniform this year. 
I got this Jumper in New Look as absolutely love it! It's so comfortable and I love the layered look it gives me. I wore my Stella McCartney inspired bag and my circle sunglasses which are probably my favourite buy of the year! And for a bit of colour I added a neon statement necklace
I don't know what it is about London, but my style gets more and more daring. I never in a million years would think this jacket would go with the sequin print top and trousers, but I really like them together. It's cool and quirky! Definitely one of my more daring outfits this year!
I've had both this maxi dress, and blazer for years. I love Lime and Lilac together. This dress is absolutely beautiful. I picked it up for less than €30 in Forever21 two years ago, and have worn it to death. I added lime green as well as a hair band to inject even more colour into the outfit. 
I got this BEAUTIFUL dress on sale on Asos. It's beautiful, and I felt like a proper princess weairing it. It was the first wedding I'd gone to in a number of years, and I really wanted to make an effort for my cousin. I love the multi-coloured sequins. This was my favourite outfit of the whole year I think! 
Sheer shirt, pleather skirt and brogues, an simple and stylish outfit, even if I do say so myself! I didn't get out of this combination for a couple of weeks. I loved the touches of burgundy in the bag and the statement necklace. I picked up these sunglasses in Penney's and I've worn them all year!
I wore another Asos dress to my other Cousin's Wedding, and loved this outfit. I really didn't know what to wear as it was a special Wedding. The first of the Grandchildren. I had a lot of trouble deciding but in the end I loved what I wore, especially the red head piece

Hope you all have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year! <3 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 27 December 2013

"They're Real" Mascara Review

I've been wearing this mascara for what seems like ages now. I was a huge fan of Benefit's "Bad Gal" since I was a young teen, and even now it's still on my list of favourite Mascara's. With this Mascara being one of the best selling mascara's in the UK and Ireland (and possibly the world!) I thought I'd chip in my two cents. I've actually read a number of reviews of this, and some are mixed, so if you want to know my thought's keep reading gals..
 First things first the packaging. Never one to judge a book by it's cover I'm always optimistic in terms of products, and in the past have been proven dead wrong about products in not so great packaging. However with Benefit the packaging is always fantastic! Their one of my favourite makeup brands, and I've always loved their gorgeously cute packaging! They're products always draw me in by their packaging, and so far I haven't been disappointed. The Packaging of the mascara itself is very clear and not fussy, which I love. It's straight to the point, with orange and black writing on the tube itself. It doesn't need anything fancy, the results speak for themselves.
 "They're Real" is known by every beauty blogger and every beauty obsessed girl in the world! I've only met a handful of people who had a slight difficulty with it, but to be honest I don't think they gave it much of a chance. I for one am a huge fan of it (But wasn't always!) and as you can see over 90% like it, which is a pretty good result if you ask me! I've been using this for what seems like years at this stage, and constantly have a mini one in my handbag, in case I forget it in my makeup bag. Whenever you gals ask me about Mascara's through email and twitter I always recommend this one, if you're looking for full and voluminous sexy lashes, and what girl doesn't want that? 
 Like I've said I've been using this Mascara for ages, and I can see why it's Ireland and the UK's best selling Mascara. I'm a bit of a mascara junkie, and have loads on the go at once, always looking for something I like. When I first tried this, I'll be honest I wasn't impressed, and tossed it aside. Looking back now, I was just using the product wrong, and not removing it properly, which left me annoyed, though it's no one's fauly, but my own! However a couple of weeks later I couldn't find my Bad Gal, so opted for this and gave it a second chance, and I never looked back. It gives me such gorgeous full lashes, that I don't really feel the need to wear fake eyelashes, other than special occasions any more!
 What I didn't like originally was the brush. I felt it was quite hard on my eyelashes. I've used plastic brushes before, and have always been a bit funny in regards to them!Chances are the first time I used it my eyes were sensitive from my previous mascara. However with a light stroke and using the ball tip to get into the corners, my mind had been changed. You need to have a light hand for this mascara, and use short and light stokes until you get your desired look. Another thing I disliked about this mascara was it was quite difficult to take off. Before I didn't use eye makeup remover, but now I do, and it comes off easily! So that's a fault of my own, not the mascara's! I use to take the lazy way out before I was sent a Vichy Eye Makeup Remover in the post(Review next week) and fell in love! 
"They're Real" * by Benefit €26 
So after a couple of hiccups, I've decided I love it. Bad Gal still has a really strong place in my heart, and I will be alternating between the two, as I feel I'm cheating on Bad Gal! It retails for €26 it 'aint the cheapest mascara, but I do promise you'll love it. It's not so popular for nothing. You know me, I'm always honest with y'all so I would 100% recommend this for you! Beauty products can be really expensive and I only post things that I really like, and don't waste time review "so-so" products. I'm starting a whole new love for Benefit now! On my cheeks in the picture below is me wearing " Benetint" as a blush, and OMG I love it. It's nice and bright, and makes my cheeks looks nice and rosy without making me look like a cheap Barbie doll! 

I've converted most of the girls to this mascara now, and to be honest I'd say they're sick of me blabbing on and on about Benefit! I've gotten so far behind in my reviews, but I'll get them up for you soon! Everything is relaxed at the moment, so I'm trying my best to review as many items as I can before life takes over again! 

Let me know if you're a fan of "They're Real" and Benefit! 

Sian xxx
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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day Outfit

Christmas day for me is all about relaxing. Working in retail is quite tough in the run up to Christmas so I really look forward to relaxing and eating all day. I always go for an outfit that's comfortable on Christmas Day, as I don't want any clothes digging into me or anything. When I saw this swing dress on Asos, I knew it would be perfect. It's a lovely cotton material, has nice long sleeves and is a swing style. It's probably the most comfiest dress I own! My nan also loved it, and kept complimenting me, so it was winner in her eyes!
As you can see it's a lovely Leopard Print that's not too tacky! It's a great length especially for this time of year, when you want your dress length to be slightly lower, that your summer ones! I paired it with black tights which the lovely people at Big Tights Company sent me, and I can honestly say they're fab! I love yanking them up to under my boobs for ultimate comfort. I've been wearing these tights for a couple of weeks, and they quality is still superb after loads of washes! This is the type of dress you can easily dress up or down. I added heels and a strappy bag for a more dressed up occasion but it would look equally as nice with over the knee boots, and a tote bag.
I kept this outfit really simple, as my family was coming to my house this year. I was at odds to what shoes to wear. I have a million and one black shoes and I couldn't decide. At first I was going to go for my extremely comfortable wedges but in typical Sian fashion I could only locate one of them! So I went with my skyscraper heels from New Look. I absolutely love them ,but they're a little high! Saying that they're surprisingly really, really comfortable because of the platform in them! I was the tallest person at Christmas dinner yesterday! I went for a gold collar necklace, and a simple black and gold bag to tie the outfit in together.

I was so comfy all day, and half way through, the shoes came off, and on came the slippers(Christmas Slippers of course) I had a lovely, lovely day and it was just what I needed. Today I braved Dundrum Town Centre for half an hour to try and get a sim card for my new phone, but they sold out! The crowds were intense,and I didn't even try and attempt the sales, as truth be told I think Stephen's Day should be time for family and relaxing in your onesie scoffing on yesterday's leftovers! Anyway, hope you liked my outfit post! Apologies that it's been left so long! 

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I can't believe Christmas Day is nearly over. Every year there's the big fuss and Hustle and Bustle around this holiday, when in reality it's just one day, a whole 24-hours. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Grinch, I absolutely love Christmas but it just seems to always go by so quick in the blink of an eye. Christmas for me is extremely family orientated, we all relax, eat good food and drink each other's houses empty! This year I've had quite a number of days off, so I got to spend time with my Grandparents while they're up from the country!
Today was really relaxed, and casual with us all getting up around 11am, well actually no that's a lie I didn't until about midday. We then exchanged are presents, and I relaxed and set up my Mum's I-PAD. She's still calling it an "IPhone" so let's see how well she does with this! I've had a bit of a play with it today while she was cooking dinner and I love it! It's so fun and Candy Crush is far better on a bigger screen. I was veru lucky to get a new IPhone, but have to wait for a few days to get a sim card, as I didn't realise they were different to the 4's sim card. It's sitting pretty in it's box for now, and I'm growing ever so impatient :D After having a quick shower, and changed out of my Christmas Pudding Jammies, we waited for my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin Tom to come over! We're missing one Cousin this year, but he's coming tomorrow! It's weird not having all the family together though. He recently got married, so he's off the hook this year ;)

 We had a typical Traditional Christmas Dinner. For starter Mum made Prawn Cocktail, but I got given "Chilli and Coriander" Prawns from Marks and Spencer's as I'm the fussy eater of the family. For main we had Turkey and Ham with all the trimmings, which was delicious! I don't know how I'll cope when I'm older and making Christmas Dinner for my Family! Might have to still get Mammy's Help! To finish everything off we had a scrumptious White Chocolate and Brownie Cheesecake, which was the nicest desert I've had in a long while! It's safe to say I'm stuffed to the brim, and currently back in my Jammies, with a duvet about to watch "Bridesmaids" I've Yankee Candle's in "Christmas Cookie" burning beside me as well a some Cadbury's Roses, so I'm happy out! 

I know I am extremely, extremely lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family, and I do love cherishing time with them. I realise I've very blessed to have one set of  grandparents in my life still. I don't want to go into too much detail about presents as Christmas for me is far more than gifts it's truly about spending time with people you love. Saying that Santa was extremely generous and I know what a lucky, lucky girl I am. I won't be doing a Christmas Haul on the blog. It's just not my thing! Anyway, before I go into a food coma, I want to wish you all a very happy, peaceful and safe Christmas. Please look after one another and let everyone know how much you love them. I know that not everyone, especially a rather close friend of mine is having such a lovely Christmas, so I want to send them, and especially him all the love and hugs in the world. 

Happy Christmas, 

Sian xxx
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

Say Hello to the new member of the Cocoa Brown Family. I won't harp on with how much I love the Tan as you all know how much I love it. I love a good moisturiser and I love chocolate, so when I heard about the "Chocolate Whip" Oil Free moisturiser I was more than a little excited! The bottle is typically Cocoa Brown themed, pink and white. I love the packaging as it's girly, without being too in your face or tacky! I've been using this now for a good number of  weeks, and thought I'd let y'all know how I got on.
As I've Mentioned "Chocolate Whip" is an oil-free moisturiser and it comes in a handy tube. What I dislike with some moisturisers is that they come in a tub, and it can be a little messier! As someone who's always messy, I like to keep things as compact and mess free as possible. You also don't get much wastage with a tube, and it's easier for when you're getting out of the shower to grab a tube. It contains Panthenol which is suitable for acne prone skin and it doesn't clog your pores, so it's sufficiently better for your skin than other moisturisers, and is also good for sensitive skin. The Vitamin E is fantastic for stretch-marks and age spots which is another plus in my book. It also extends the life of your tan, and stops it from going patchy. There's nothing worse than having patchy skin after your tan has worn off. Keeping your skin moisturised is the best way to preserve your tan! 
First things first, the moisturiser is a chocolate brown colour which I really loved. However it does not have any hint of tan, it just so happens to be brown, but absorbs into your skin quickly. It smells of Tahitian Gardenia and Cocoa, which is a weird combination, but it is divine! I've been using this for a while now, and have really taken to it. I've loads of moisturisers on the go at once, but this one is the one I've been reaching for more, and more! It sinks into my skin almost instantly and I'm left with soft and subtle skin that smells almost good enough to eat! The product itself is really lightweight, and your skin isn't left with a sticky residue. On cold nights the last thing you want to be doing is dancing around in the nip waiting for your moisturiser to dry.  It's reasonably priced as well, retailing at €7.99, and is widely available. I get all my Cocoa Brown products from Penney's though!
Cocoa Brown "Chocolate Whip"*€7.99
I've absolutely no complaints about this moisturiser and will 100% be picking up more bottles when this runs out! I know all us Irish "Beauty Bloggers" rave about this, and I'm sure you all think we're paid to plug the brand - we're not. It's just we know what we like, and we like Cocoa Brown! Time, after time this brands never ceases to amaze me, with their products and I can't wait to see what's next ;) 

On a side note, I promise my outfit posts will resume soon! 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Seventeen "Instant Glow" in "Pink Bronze" Review

Another Beauty Post for you ladies today. Apologies for my lack of outfit posts, but I've been up to my eyes with work, and other commitments that's making it incredibly difficult to take some snaps! I've a number of items to review, that I know you'll all LOVE too! I have a few days off for Christmas, so I'll try my very best between eating and sleeping to get some outfit snaps!Anyway, I don't know why but recently I've gotten more into bronze shimmer's instead of silver toned ones. I really, really love my LA Creative Highlighter (Review HERE) but I wanted something a little bit warmer. On my lunch break I ran into Boots in search of something to give me a new fix. I've heard a lot of good things about the Seventeen "Instant Glow Shimmer Brick" and decided to give their "Pink Bronze" a whirl. For under €7 it was rude not to! 
On first glance, the packaging isn't at all tacky, unlike most of their other products! There was only one left on the stand, so I hot footed it to the till (Also picking up Rimmel's "Wake Me Up" Foundation and my millionth "Lasting Perfection Concealer" I was as pleased as punch, and was excited to get home and swatch the bejaysus out of it! I was worried the colour pay off with either be chalky, too pale or too shimmery to wear casually on a day to day basis. The main selling point for me was, it's quite similar to the iconic Bobbi Brown Shimmer Sticks, and not wanting to splash that much cash I was delighted with this dupe. As it's not summer I went for the Pink Bronze shade instead of the Gold toned one. I'll be going away next, month for a week in the sun so I'll probably pick up that one too! 
With Four shades, all quite similar, and matchy it's the perfect combination. Starting at a very pale pink, to a nice bronze colour, you can use the colours separately or blend them together for a gorgeous glow. I've blended them all together, and I'm thrilled with the results. After I apply my Foundation,Concealer, Powder and Blush, I sweep this shimmer brick with my blush brush from Real Techniques, and am left with a healthy glow, that's not too shimmery just the right amount! I've used this for the past couple of days, and have grown really fond of it. It's perfect for the price, and it lasts the majority of the day. The only thing I will say is that I do need to do a couple of sweeps to give me my desired look. The different shades don't bleed into one another, no matter  how many times you swirl the product! Sometimes I find with the cheaper brands, the quality is awful, but I'm so delighted and surprised with the quality for such a low price! Below are a few swatches I've done to show you the colours separately!
They're all quite similar in a way, and they compliment each other. Over all I've really pleased I picked this up in Boots, and will definitely be re-purchasing it! Let me know in the comments if you've tried it! 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Wish List

Okay, I know Christmas is in less than a week now (eek!) I decided to do a little Wish List, although this isn't really inclusive of Christmas! Christmas is getting closer, and closer and I for one can't wait! I've been currently working mad hours as retail at Christmas is MANIC! I've done most of my Christmas shopping already, and I'm glad to have it out of the way! I don't get paid until Christmas Eve, so I'm trying to save my pennies until then where I can go run around like a headless chicken getting the last bits and pieces! Although this is what's currently on my Wish-List it's also a good gift guide if you're looking to buy for your girly girl friend! 

Untitled #72

YSL Manifesto Perfume:
I've smelt this perfume a number of times, and I absolutely adore it. I'm not a huge fan of the YSL fragrances but this one is divine, and lovely for this time of year. YSL perfumes are widely available and this one isn't too expensive considering it's from a designer brand! It has some floral notes, noticeably Jasmine and Lily of the Valley! I'm a huge sucker for floral scents, and this one isn't too in your face! It's a perfect day-to-day fragrance. 

River Island Snood:
I love a good Snood! I'm always really cold, so scarfs and snoods are really essential this time of the year! I actually wear scarves all year round (bar when it's boiling hot!) but love the extra warm wooly ones that come into shops this time of year. When I spotted this in River Island, I was instantly drawn to it. It's neon, with a hint of black and I'd love to rock it with my black coats and blazers! 

River Island Coat:
For me, you can never have too much black. It's effortless, Chic and never goes out of style! I saw this one (same shopping trip) in River Island, and was drawn to the leather sleeves and how soft it was. It's an open coat, which I love, as if i'm wearing a nice top or jumper I always want to show it off! The leather sleeves are still on trend this year, but again because it's black you'll definitely get a few years out of this baby! 

Topshop Ankle Boots:
These Boots have been on my Wish List for months! They're the perfect boots for all occasions, and would look equally as nice with a pretty dress or your skinny jeans. The heel is high enough to wear on a night out, but comfortable enough to wear during the day! A simple black ankle boots, that will never, ever date. If these don't end up under the tree,I'll be running out on the 27th to pick them up! 

Yankee Candle:
Words can't describe how much I love Yankee Candle. All the scents are to die for and smell incredible. I personally love the sweet, clean and fresh scents. I love their Summer range! Funnily enough I'm not a huge fan of their Winter scents! I love their Christmas Cookie, and think it smells good enough to eat! I think for anyone a candle is a lovely gift! 

Cath Kidston Makeup Bag:
Again, with the girly theme! I love floral, and my makeup bag is growing and growing, as I've so many products I love, and use on a regular basis. This one is really pretty and is big enough to fit the essentials, but not too big to carry around! You can wipe it clean if there's any makeup spillages. It's a lovely gift to give and get, and would love pretty on my dressing table too! 

Floral Crown:
No surprise here! I'm a floral crown addict! The bigger, the better in my opinion. Although it's Winter, I miss wearing them! I'm on the lookout for a nice black one. This one from Crown&Glory is pretty awesome. Although it's pretty expensive! I've since found a cute shop all the way over in Australia that makes them and they're more reasonable and exactly the same! 

Naked 3 Palette:
Okay, okay I'd be a pretty bad Beauty Blogger if this wasn't on my list! Santa in fact has already bought me one! He just asked me to pick it up for him, as he wasn't able to pick it up. I've not looked at it or played with it since I bought it, and can't wait until Christmas Day to have a good 'ol swatch session, and create loads, and loads of different looks! 

Iphone Cover:
An I-phone cover, especially a stylish one is a great gift, and I'd love a funky one to go along with my Iphone (which has seen better days!) I've had my Iphone 4 for two years now, and it's really on it's last legs! I can't wait to upgrade to the Iphone 5! Marc Jacobs would probably be my go to for a cute cover, that doesn't cost an arm or a leg! 

Lush Bath Set:
As a girl obsessed with all things bath, and beauty, Christmas wouldn't be the same without some bath time goodies! I love Lush, and since I don't work in the City Centre any more I don't get to visit as often as I use to. I love their bath bombs, and bubble bars so much! However if Santa is reading this they have a great sale on after Christmas, so I'll probably pop along and treat myself in the January sales! 

Hope you're all set for Christmas! :)

Sian xxx
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

The ATLAS Project

When a friend of mine recently got in touch with me in regards to her new project, I was really intrigued. Another passion of mine is photography, and I love seeing and sharing peoples work. Normally I like keeping my Blog purely  fashion and beauty related, but sometimes, every now and again a project jumps out at me, that I have to share with you. It's very body positive and I thought some a lot of you may be interested in it. The Atlas project is inspired by Greek Mythology when Zeus punished Atlas to carry the weight of the sky on his shoulders. Finola photographs people's backs, and asks them "What's the Weight on your Shoulders". Her photographs are magnificent and I've included a couple of them in this post. Finola is actually based in Paris but she is home in Ireland over the Christmas period, and looking for more people to get involved.
 I've asked my friend Finola to tell us a little bit about the project, so you can understand the theory behind it:
 "The Atlas Project was inspired by the Greek Myth of Atlas, who was eternally punished by Zeus to hold the sky up on his shoulders. The Idea came to me a year ago, that some way, we are all an Atlas. We all hold up our own world, and our own weights, and each is as heavy as the next, and they are all relevant and human. So I began photographing anonymous portraits of people's backs, and asking them "What's the Weight on your Shoulders?" With this project I hope to show that despite diversity in ethnicity, body shape, background, age or sex, we all have our own worries, and they all matter."
As you can see I've included a few of my favourite pictures here. I found it hard to choose, as they're all beautiful! I love the anonymity of it all. It doesn't matter who you are, as everyone is the same and everyone has a weight on their shoulders. No one's "weight" is more important than the next.  I've been on her Tumblr page for a good hour and a half. It's just so captivating. I've given you a little taster here, but there's a ton more on her page. They're all absolutely beautiful in their own right, and I encourage you all to have a look over on her Tumblr page! I think it's such a fantastic and beautiful project, and think as many people as possible should get involved with it, as it's a truly beautiful and creative project! 
 If you're in Dublin and interested in participating please take a look at the Blog Page HERE
Or you can contact her through her Facebook Page: HERE

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

MAC: "Candy Yum Yum" Review

This has been my go to lipstick ever since my lovely friend Isha sent it over to me for my Birthday last month! It's probably one of my favourite lipsticks, ever! It's super vibrant, and is perfect for giving your lips a bit of colour on these dark dreary nights! I decided to do a quick review for you all, and let you know how much I love it! 

Now on first inspection, it's definitely not for the faint hearted. It's definitely a daring shade, as it's a Fushia (nearly neon) pink. As a girly, girl it was of course love at first sight. I'm a huge fan of bright lipsticks, especially MAC ones, and my collection has been growing bigger, and bigger! After "Up the Amp" I wanted something I could wear on a more regular basis, as lets face it purple isn't for everyday of the week. Before I ever got my hands on it, I had heard so much hype surrounding this lipstick. It was first launched as limited edition shade, but it's now been made a permanent fixture on all MAC stands. Now you're all probably sick of my bright lips, but you know me! 9/10 I will rock a statement bright lip. I think it makes my outfit feel more complete, and I feel instantly more glamorous. I especially love bright pink lipsticks, as I feel they give me a little more life and make me feel a little more awake, regardless of how many hours sleep, I got the previous night. 

As I've mentioned it's an extremely bright shade, almost Neon like. I love a good Neon pop of colour and I can honestly say, this lipstick is amazing, albeit intense. It's a Matte finish, something I originally was concerned about as my lips tend to be on the dryer side. However I didn't have to worry, and instead of leaving my lips dry, it's surprisingly moisturising. In fact the Matte texture only makes this lipstick more intense. Normally Matte lipsticks cling to all the dry skin on my lips, which isn't the best look, but there is still a slight sheen on "Candy Yum Yum". I would wholeheartedly recommend this lipstick to someone like me who loves a mad, vibrant lip! If you're more a neutral gal, I wouldn't suggest this lipstick at first as it is very bright! When I rock this lip, I leave everything else simple, and just go for a brown smokey eye, and a bit of eyeliner as I want the focus to be on the lip! It really is such a beautiful shade, and I urge all you bold lip lovin' gals to give it a whirl. 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 13 December 2013

Soap & Glory "The Yule Monty" Gift Set

With Christmas looming, ever so fast I thought it would be a good idea to start doing a few gift idea's! Now I know if you read blogs you've been inundated with them so I will only be doing a few, and probably only on Christmas gifts I love. They're all going to be reasonable priced, as we all know how expensive this time of the year is!The beauty blogosphere is going crazy for this offer from Boots, and I for one hope this ends up in my stocking, (Santa if you're reading...!) If you're a fan of Soap&Glory, you'll know that they're reasonably priced, but only when they're 3 for 2 in Boots. Well Boots have a little offer on this set and I had to share it with y'all! 
As you can see this is a pretty good gift set. I know a lot of people hate getting gift sets, as they can be quite generic,but this one is AMAZING. I'd be dead chuffed to get this for Christmas, and I can safely say, I don't think I'd be the only one! Another bonus is that it's quite big, which is another bonus when you're giving a gift! You all full sized product, a whole NINE of them. They also include a selection of their iconic scents, as well as both beauty products and makeup. Normally it retails for €77.50 in Boots, but right now it's on sale for €38! A better than half price deal. You get the Following:

"Butter Yourself" Body Lotion
"Peaches and Clean" Cleanser
"Thick and Fast" Mascara
"The Righteous Butter" Body Butter
"The Scrub of your Life" Body Scrub
"Sugar Crush" Body Wash"
"Extreme Plump" Lipgloss
"Heel Genius" Foot Cream
"Hand Food" Hand Cream

Not a Bad deal, eh? I've raved about Soap&Glory for yonks, and I can't get over how great their products are. I use them on a regular basis, not only for their cute packaging and great scents, but they do what they say on the tube! This gift for be perfect for a girl who loves her beauty products, who loves bath or who just loves everything girly! It would be pefect for your Best Friend, Sister, Mum! It also comes with a bag to hold all the products! I know myself I need all these little bags to keep and to hold all my beauty products before they find themselves in the back arse of my room somewhere going unloved! 

You can check them out in your local Boots store or you can order it online HERE 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Outfit Idea's

Well, well, well.. It's this time of the year again! Again I'm not organised, but trying! Last year I did a post that was quite popular, so I thought I'd do it again. Each year, I've a million and one functions to go to, and finding a few outfits proved harder than I thought! However with a little bit of planning, there's no need to panic. I've put together a few idea's for you gals, in the hope to help you pick your outfits for all your festive parties! I think I've covered them all, but if you need any advice at all, you can leave a comment and I'll try source what you're looking for! 
Untitled #73
Work Christmas Party
A lot of people dread this, but I don't. I work with a great bunch of ladies and I couldn't be more excited to have a few dances, and one too many cocktails with them. For a work party however I wouldn't go over the top. You want to look nice, and polished without your boobs hanging out! This dress from Yours Clothing is absolutely perfect. I'm wearing this to my Christmas part next week, and I can't emphasise enough how lovely it is. It's really flattering and looks just as nice with a belt, as it does without. I'm most likely going to wear a belt with it along with a sequin jacket to get into the Spirit of things. I'll keep everything else pretty plain, with a black clutch, black shoes and a plain statement necklace. It's classy, yet stylish. I plan to apply some Cocoa Brown Tan all over and add some Nuxe shimmering body oil to give me skin a nice glowy look. To completel my look I'll add a slick of vibrant red lipstick, as let's face it, no Christmas party is completely without a vibrant lip! 
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Night Out with the Girls!
I love a good night out with my girls, and especially love it around Christmas time! We all get dressed up, and paint the town red. When I first saw this Body-con Simply Be number, I knew it would be perfect for over Christmas. It's screams "Festive" and has been aptly nicknamed the "Mermaid Dress" It's so incredibly sparkly, and would be perfect for celebrating Christmas with your friends. If I was to wear it, I'd still pair it with a statement necklace to make the outfit, pop even more. I'd keep it to the same colour tones, as to not go over the top. I'd pair it with a nice fitted blazer, a plain court shoe and a nice clutch with some detail on it. The dress as you can see it so WOW you don't want to add to much extra to the outfit. For a makeup look I'd probably keep it really simply with a nice nude/pink lip!
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Secret Santa!
Every year, a group of us do Secret Santa, there's about 12 of us who gather in someone's house each year, for a night of movies, food, chit chatter and exchanging of presents! We always go quite casual, and this year I want to go in a pretty Christmas Jumper. This one from Miss Selfridge is perfect ,as it's not too tacky and you're able to wear it everyday, as opposed to the 12 Pubs of Christmas or another tacky night out! I'd pair this look with a complimentary necklace, disco pants rolled up with a pair of leather boots. I especially love this pair from Topshop. Again I'd pair it with a bright lip, and keep the rest of my makeup simple. It's a really comfortable outfit, but you're still fashionable and you're keeping in with the Christmas spirit. I however will more than likely have something tacky on my head or some Christmas tree sunglasses ;)

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Christmas Eve
For Christmas Eve, myself, my Grandparents, my Uncle and Cousin's go down to our local Pub for food and drinks. It's a lovely tradition and I always like getting dressed up for it! This gorgeous Scarlett&Jo Dress is my favourite out of the collection. It's absolutely beautiful, and I hope to get my hands on one soon! It's perfect for Christmas, and I'll feel like a right little Princess when I wear it. I'd pair it again with a statement necklace(noticing the pattern?) and keep the rest of the outfit black. I know I've pair every outfit here with black but it's the easiest and most versatile. As it's Christmas I love adding Faux Fur, and this little headband would add some extra warmth, and style to the outfit. I personally love Navy and Black together. It's effortless chic, I'd keep my nails a lovely shimmery navy tone, to pick up the navy in the dress. A simple pair of black tights, and patent shoes and you'll be ready to rock and roll!

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Christmas Day! 
I don't know about you, but by the time Christmas Day comes along I'm wrecked. I just want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. A swing dress is perfect for this occasion. It's got long sleeves so you won't be cold, and it's light enough to be comfortable in the house. If you're not a huge fan of the swing style, you can add a simply belt to cinch you in at the waist. I don't really leave the house without a statement necklace as I'm sure you've guessed so a nice multi-chain necklace would make this outfit for me complete. As It's winter a pair of over the knee boots works well. If I had to nip out for whatever reason I'd stick on a simple snood and a black biker jacket as the leopard print dress is quite easy to work around.  As it's Christmas I think it's mandatory to wear a red lip, and this lovely YSL one, would be the perfect Christmas treat.

Hope this helps a few of you, if you're stuck for outfit idea's! :)

Sian xxx
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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Floral Dress and Biker Boots..

Look at me, blogging away like normal! It feels great to be back, and I'm making the most of this little blogging spurt! Hope you don't get sick of me! I wore this the other day, running around doing some errands. It feels good to be back, doing what I love! Some things are a bit cloudy at the moment, so I just want to focus on this space and try and make it the best it can possible be. This is my number one passion ,and I hate being slack with it. If you're a blogger yourself you know the pressure to post/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram constantly so it's nice to of had a little break. With Christmas around the corner, I'm really hoping to do as much as I can, while I've the time, as let's hope in the New Year they'll be big changes around here! 
I got the dress from Asos for my Birthday last month, and absolutely love it. It's the perfect dress for running around, and you can dress it up too! It's got pretty 3/4 length sleeves, and I know I said in my last outfit post I hated 3/4 length sleeves, but this one has a little frill, so I have made a little exception. I love the print, and how transitional it is. It's going to be just as nice for Spring as it is for this Winter. I have a whole wardrobe full of floral dresses but there's something a little special about this one here. They have it both in the main range and in the Curve range, and I opted for the main range. The 16 is a really nice fit, and it's not too loose, nor too tight. Asos are definitely the best website their is! There is absolutely no competition, and they're never going to be beat, and although I've my favourite Plus Size retailers Asos will always be number one!
In Ireland it's absolutely Baltic, and I predict snow any day now. I've been wrapping up warm, and this jacket from Penney's is becoming a life saver.I never really think of Penney's for quality, but this coat has been fantastic. I got it for €35 at the end of September and it's proven to be quite the handy number. It's going a lovely fur hood, and looks far more expensive in my opinion! It keeps me nice and toasyt, whether I'm walking to work, or walking around town. I'm a bit of a coat hoarder and have far too many to count, but I'm extremely happy with this addition to my Winter wardrobe. Now the only problem is with Penney's/Primark is that everyone and their Mother is likely to have it. I was in Dundrum, the other day and saw three people in the space of an hour rocking it. They had it really casually, so I'm glad I mixed mine with a pretty dress!
I paired the pretty floral dress, and coat with Biker boots that I picked up for €20 in Penney's, last week. I absolutely LOVE them. This year I've become really into boots, and love all the ankle boots in all the shops. Penney's is my first port of call though, as the prices are really unbeatable. I've worn these babies to absolute death over the last couple of days. They're so comfortable and really easy to wear. I thought they'd be heavy, and clunky to wear but they don't clunk at all. I decided to pair it with a pretty floral dress to toughen up the look. I think the boots will look equally as nice with rolled up jens and an over-sized jumper for a more rock chic look.
  Penney's have been absolutely fantastic this year, and time after time they're coming up trumps. Half of my wardrobe this season is from them, and the quality is on par with the likes of Topshop. I plan to wear the dress with a fitted blazer, and a pair of black wedges for more of a night time dressy look along with a statement necklace! To complete this whole look I went for some Lilac lipstick as y'all know how much I like to coordinate! 

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Big Tights Company Review

For a lot of Plus Size gals tights are a struggle! If you live in Ireland or the UK, it's even more of a problem as you need to wear tights 11 months out of the year, if we're honest! When the Big Tights Company got in touch with me for a review, I jumped at the chance. I normally pick up my Tight's in Marks and Spencers or Penney's/Primark and every now and again Evans(But I find them really long on my short legs!) I'm always happy to promote small plus size companies, so I jumped at the chance to test them out, and I promised to let you ladies know!
After having a quick look at the website, I had decided the styles I wanted. It's a really easy website to navigate and you can narrow down your searches. They have a couple of different colours and styles so you're not bombarded with a million and one styles. They cater for a classic style and you even have the option to order one pair of tights for £1 to test them out, before you buy a multi-pack, which is fantastic! I wish more tight companies did this! I choose two pairs of tights. The 50 Denier and the 20 Denier in  I was send them in a couple of sizes.I find with tights(especially plus size) their usually, there isn't much of a difference in sizes, and you can wear a few sizes bigger and just be really comfortable. There really isn't anything worse than wearing tights, that are digging into you, or falling down! So when in doubt I always go up a size!  Anyway, after a few emails with the lovely Laura, my tights were on the way, and landed in my post box in two days! It's nearly quicker than Irish Delivery!

I was sent a number of sizes, and the smaller sizes were perfectly comfortable, although they were a lot more thick than 50 Denier, not a complaint for me though, as I love dark tights! When wearing the UK20-24 I felt comfortable, and I was safe in the knowledge that they wouldn't fall down, and they were pretty thick, and looked pretty black on my legs, which I love. Now they were still quite long on my legs, but they didn't bunch as much as the Evans one do. The tights are very soft, and have a lot of stretch in them. I loved these tights, and have been wearing them for a month now, and can vouch for the quality. I know sometimes with Marks and Spencer's tights, after a number of washes the tights loose it's softness, but these haven't!  The sit right up beneath my boobs, and they don't roll down, no matter what I'm doing! Definitely a winner, in my books! Although I would stick to the smaller size, as I was sent a pair in a larger size, and I had trouble keeping them up! Not a fault in the tights, just a sizing issue! 
I was sent the 20 Denier in a bigger size, and they were really dark, and not anyway sheer. Something I don't mind, but if you're a similar size to me, you might want to bare that in mind, if you're ordering! Again the tight's were extremely comfortable, and you can feel the quality in them! The Big Tights Company do the biggest range of tights, I've ever seen which is fantastic. Laura mentioned to me when we were emailing, that she sources her tights in Italy, and strives to get them bigger in the thighs! I've lost count of how many tights I've bought where the the thighs are on the small side, and it makes them really uncomfortable to wear! It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the company, and I will definitely be purchasing them, when I need some new tights. I would just always stick to the smallest size. If you're between sizes as well, I would stick to the smaller size as they do have a nice good stretch! However if you do want to test them out, all you need to do is pay £1! 

Sian xxx
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Vichy Idealia Serum Review

Whenever I get the chance to review a beauty product, especially one that's been popular throughout the beauty world. When I got the chance to test out the Vichy Idealia Life Serum I jumped at the chance. Like I said before I want to keep my blog a positive space, and don't write negative reviews or even "so-so" ones. If I don't like it, I don't review it. I might change my mind in the future if I was to ever go down to the more Beauty Blogger route and want to consistently bring you gals the hottest products from the beauty world. Right now I'll leave all the positive and negative reviews to the real beauty bloggers ;)  Anyway, when I read a couple of reviews of this product, I was really excited to give it a go. It claims to change your skin in only EIGHT days! I'm incredibly impatient in terms of results, so this products is perfect for me, and I was eager to give it a trial run....
Vichy Idealia Life Serum* is designed for skin exposed to stress, sun, pollution and an unbalance diet to help transform the appearance of skin quality, tightens pores, adds radiance and evens out skin tone. Phew that's an awful lot of pressure for a teeny, tiny bottle! So I started off using this products twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night to trial the product as best as I could. My skin wasn't in great condition at the start of the week, and to be honest looked rather unhealthy, so I anxiously waited for the end results. First things first though, on first glance the product is a lovely pink bottle. It definitely feeds into my girly side. Like most serums it comes with a pump, that administers enough product to use on your entire face. Serums can be quite heavy, but this one was nice and light and sunk into my skin with minimal effort. The scent is lovely and fresh, and smells nice and clean, without getting a chemical scent. Definitely lovely to apply to your face, and what I love as well, is the scent lingers slightly. Now don't get me wrong, if you're someone who doesn't like heavily scented products, you'll still like this. It's not overbearing in the slightest.
Vichy Life Idealia Serum* €38.50
The consistency of this product, like I said is light and silky and sinks into my skin instantly. What I hate about some serums is how long it takes for it to sink in, but with this you're ready to go in a minute, and your skin isn't left with a greasy residue. I was pleasantly surprised with how nice and hydrated my skin felt. This is by far the most hydrating serum I've ever used. As a suffer of dry skin, this is fantastic news! As you can see, the serum itself is a lovely pearly pink colour which is an added bonus. As you can see it leaves a lovely pearly shine on your skin, and really gives you a gorgeous glow! It's like a subtle highlighter, that's good for your skin! I would definitely consider just wearing this out on it's own without makeup when I'm running errands of going for lunch with the girls, and that's saying something! Being honest, I didn't think I'd love this serum as much as I do! After the eight days, I was really pleased with how well and healthy my skin looked! Now it's obviously not a miracle worker, but my skin looked a lot more healthier and my skin definitely felt less dry
. The formula features a unique combination of ingredients, 27 patents and skin correcting molecules.There's a whole amazing science behind it, and it's fascinating learning about it! But the proof is in the pudding, and I'm can vouch for this product and will 100% be purchasing this when it runs out! 

Sian xxx
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