Monday, 2 December 2013

Asos Curve "Red Leopard Print" Swing Dress

Another Day, another Asos swing dress review. This dress has made the rounds all around the blogosphere, and seeing how nice it looked on a few bloggers, I decided to give it a go! Normally it's something I would of never of gone for, as a red leopard print dress, doesn't go with a lot of my floral and colourful wardrobe, but the second I tried this on, I loved it, and ever wore it out that night! I love the versatility of the dress. It's a really flattering shape to everyone, even me with big boobs! Normally these dresses make me look like I've an even bigger chest, but this one skims my boobs, and curves nicely and I feel extra confident wearing it. I'm also looking out for dresses I can get the wear out of and with this one is more versatile than I imagined. It's a really nice cotton dress, that is multi-seasonal and would look just as nice with tights and a jacket, as it would with gold sandals and a tanned leg during the Summer!

For today's look I paired it with my trusty Pleather Jacket from Forever21. It's really easy to throw on and funk up an outfit. The metal studs on the shoulder, were a selling point for me. It's really edgy, and can instantly transform an outfit. I also added a dramatic statement necklace, which I picked up in New Look a few years ago. To finish everything off I added a vibrant red lip to compliment the red in the dress. For my shoes I went with my new favourite shoes from Penney's! I love these Creepers, they're so comfortable and I'm surprised with how much I actually like them. Last year, I wasn't really loving this trend, as I felt they were quite bulky, and to be honest I didn't know if I had much to go with them. When I was in Glasgow last month I spotted them in Primark for £12 so decided to bite the bullet and give them a go, and I've worn them to death! They're incredibly comfortable and go with a lot of my dresses and look cool with my Chloe Ankle Grazer skinny jeans from Simply Be!I got this dress for my Birthday, and I've been wearing it at least twice a week, and have paired it differently each time. It's got short sleeves which are the perfect length in my opinion, I'm not a huge fan of 3/4 length sleeves, and long sleeves are really restrictive to the colder months. Over all I can see why this dress is so popular, and I am 100% happy I picked it up!

Sian xxx
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Tag

Hi Lovelies,
Apologies again for the lack of posting, I've been up to my eyes most days, and even when I have had a moment to breathe, blogging took a back seat. I'm however back in full swing, and can't wait to jumper back into it. This is the longest I've ever gone without posting, and although I haven't posted I'm on my blog everyday, and reading all my favourites! It's nice to take a  break every now and again, but being honest, it's harder to get back into the swing of things than I expected. This post was really enjoyable, and I'm happy  I eased into things with a Christmas Tag! I really enjoy doing these, and you guys get to know me a little bit more on a personal level! I can't believe it's the first of December! This year has flown by at lightning speed, which is terrifying! 
What's your favourite Christmas Movie?
I'm a bit of a film buff, and love pretty much all Christmas Movies! On the top of my list would have to be The Muppet Christmas Carol, Jack Frost, A Nightmare before Christmas,Love Actually,Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and New Years Eve, to name a few! Also Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Yes, technically not Christmas movies, but you're guaranteed to catch them on Telly at some point! 

Do you stay in your PJ's or get dressed on Christmas?
First of all I make sure to buy new PJ's a few weeks before Christmas, so I get the one's I want. I make sure they're extra baggy and extra snuggly. I'll stay in my PJ's (Festive inspired and ever,so fluffy) until my Parents and Grandparent's get up. We all come down in our Jammies, and have some breakfast, and I eagerly await present exchanges! I stay in them until about 1pm when the family come over. After dinner, I get straight back into them and lay on the couch like a slug, stuffed to brim full of turkey and somehow managing to munch on Cadbury's Roses.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Jaysus, I'd never have the guts to ask to open them on Christmas Eve. My Mother would have the wooden spoon out, ready to bate me! We open them about midday on Christmas Day, when I get up. Unfortunately long gone are they days where I get up at 6am! These day's I'm likely to be far too hungover from the previous night, and no amount of shiny new present's would make me want to leave the comfort of my cosy bed! I'm beginning to show my age here...
Favourite Christmas smell?
It has to be any of the Yankee Candle Candles. They all smell so yummy! I always make a point of getting one and last year, we had a collection of three miniature ones, that smelt divine! My favourite was "Christmas Cookie" I'm also extremely fond of the smell of my Christmas Tree! Funny enough as it sounds, I also love the "Christmas Air" I love wrapping up warm, and going on a walk and really taking it all in! 

What is your favourite Christmas Song?
Without a doubt "Fairytale of New York" I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been listening to it for well over two weeks. It's a great song and the atmosphere when you're out and it's playing in whatever Bar you're in, you can be sure that there will be a big over the top sing-song! All I Want for Christmas would be another favourite, and I love to sing it like I'm Mariah Carey on a night out. Shame I sound more like Mariah Scary..

What is your Favourite Christmas Drink?
I'm quite boring, and this isn't your typical Christmas Drink but I love a bit of Malibu. It was something I'd only really drink on Christmas, but that slowly became my go to drink! I don't drink it as much any more, so I really look forward to have a sneaky bottle over the Christmas Period! However I'm not a fan of their Limited Edition Snow Flake Bottle, with shaved Coconut, it's not too appetising. It's just harder to drink! In terms of a hot drink, nothing beats a Butler's Hot Chocolate! 
Favourite Christmas Meal?
A Big slap up lunch, with all the trimmings, hold the ham! I love nothing more than tucking in to a big roast dinner, with lashing of gravy! I love to drown all my potatoes in thick gravy, it's my favourite meal of the whole year! I'm even partial to the odd Brussel Sprout or two (My cousins are still baffled by this!). My Mum always get's a lovely desert too, so I look forward to that! Last year it was a Toblerone Cheesecake! No matter how much turkey I munch on, I always make sure I've a little bit of room left for some! 

Wrapping Presents-Love or Loathe?
LOVE, LOVE,LOVE! I've recently bought loads of cool and quirky gift wrapping from Penney's/Primark, and I can't wait to wrap all the presents! If you're looking for inexpensive wrapping paper, head there! Wrapping paper is such a waste of money, but if you only spend a couple of quid on it, it's not too much of a travesty! Last year, I made the rookie mistake of leaving everything to the last minute! NEVER AGAIN! I spend a fortune, a mistake I'm not willing to make again!  

Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?
Absolutely everything! I love spending time with my friends and family. I love relaxing in my fluffy PJ's and watching movie after movie while chomping on a selection box! I also love Ice Skating with my pals, spending time with my Grandparents and I love going out in Dublin a couple of nights before Christmas, as the atmosphere it electric! I also love decorating the tree, and dressing my Doggy up in cute outfits (He loves it!)
Christmas Tree Real or Fake?
Well I've never had a fake tree, so I'm going to be biased on this one, and go for real. Like I mentioned above, I love the smell of Christmas Tree's and wouldn't swap it for the world. I know those little pine needles can be irritating but it would never stop be from getting a real tree! Fake trees although they're a lot easier to maintain, I feel they're not as festive! 

Handmade Cards or Shop Bought ones? 
I'm awful, and only give cards to a few people! I would rather spend the extra bit of money getting them their present! When I'm older, I will definitely send out more Christmas Cards, as I do think it's a lovely idea. However I will probably buy Charity ones, rather than making them myself! Although I like to think I'm artistic, I don't think I'm that artistic!However I use to make them when I was a child for all the family, if that counts at all! 

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
In the last 6 years, I've been working! I don't mind it, as the latest I've been off is 4 o'clock. I then rush home, quick change of clothes and go down to my local pub with my Grandparents,my Cousin's and Uncle. It's a lovely family tradition, that we all thoroughly enjoy! We get some bar food, copious amounts of drink and we come home and relax or in my case pass out from the combination of working in retail and a weeks worth of drinking! 
Favourite Holiday Memory?
I've been extremely lucky in life, and have always had a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and laughter. I've a lot of fantastic holiday memories, that I couldn't possibly pick! However getting my very first bike when I was a tot, was pretty epic and I was absolutely thrilled! It was of course pink, and I felt like the coolest kid on the block! A Kids first bike is probably everyone's favourite Christmas, no? I remember my Neighbour coming in to see it and to see how happy I was. I later Learnt that aSanta had left it in her house for the night for safe keeping ;)

When, and how did you learn the truth about Santa? 
I was 10, when I was in London with my Parents. I was acting up as usual, so my dad played a game with me while my Mum was off shopping in Duty Fee. The game was  to stare at this poster for 10 minutes without speaking and he'd buy me a magazine. The poster had a promotion on it , stating you got a free Teddy Bear with a purchase over £30. Low and behold the Teddy Bear ended up in my stocking and being the genius I am, I figured it out, Great thinking Dad! However I still believe there's a little magic around Christmas time, and every year, I eagerly await the sound Rudolph's hooves on my roof! 

Snow, Love it or Hate it? 
Bit of both! I absolutely love it when I've nothing to do, and no where to go. However when you're trying to get to work on time and the snow is coming down heavy, it's not exactly fun! I don't usually condone Ugg boots, but when it's snowing ,they're my go to boots, and along with fluffy socks keep your feet nice and warm! If I'm off for the day, I love nothing more than to have snowball fights and building snowmen! One year, I even built a "Snow Sian" completely with boobs and a bra!
Phew that was a lot of questions! I tag all you lovely ladies! If you do this tag, leave a link below! I'd love to check it out :) Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Luxury Wish List

Hey Lovelies, It's not lie that I like a bit of luxury every now and again. I work a lot and always put a little money aside each month (running away money!) so at the moment I don't have any spare cash to indulge in anything fancy. Every year I like to buy something nice and I haven't decided what item I'll choose this year. I may buy a designer handbag (Style and designer to be chosen!) or a nice pair of Black Louboutin's! I've still no clue yet, and it all really depends on how much Holiday pay I get if I'm honest! Anyway even though I'm taking a little break and not ready to dive straight back in, I've compiled a wish list of things I'd love to buy someday...
Christmas Wish List
I think everyone has the right to treat themselves without judgement. I know a lot of people who will roll their eyes at a €700 pair of shoes or a €1,000 handbag. A lot of people think it's extremely wasteful but ultimately it's no one's business,what someone else buys. I love even looking at things I know I couldn't afford. Like a pair of Chanel earrings or a gorgeous pair of Miu Miu sunglasses! I think Santa is going to be extremely good and give me money towards a brand new Iphone as my Iphone4 is on it's last legs! All Iphone's go downhill after two years, which is a bit ridiculous, considering how expensive they are! I'm looking to get the Gold Iphone 5s and I couldn't be more excited! I love new gadgets and I can be guaranteed to be playing with it all over Christmas! I love little luxuries like a nice perfume or a Jo Malone candle. As much as I'm a fan of Yankee Candles, Jo Malone are in a league of their own and I would happily forgo a night of drinking to have one of these babies lighting in my room. They also make fantastic gifts for any woman! Same goes for mini luxury nail polishes! You get a taste of designer luxury, and you get to test out a few nail polishes! Deborah Lipmann is probably one of the more expensive nail polish brands, and it's great, because you get a chance to test a couple of colours out. For me I only wear nail polish for a couple of weeks anyway before something else tickles my fancy so a mini-set is perfect for me, and would be a great pick me up or a lovely gift! 

I love window shopping Designer brands, and saving up all my pennies to buy just one!  :)

Sian xxx
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Friday, 8 November 2013

24 things I've Learnt in 24 Years

Today is my Birthday! I'm 24, and it literally feels like yesterday I turned 21! Twenty Three had been good to me, but I'm really looking forward to this year. I've no doubt new and exciting things will be on the horizon and I excited. My lovely and gorgeous friend Mark took me out and took the edge off turning one year older last night. The Prosecco and cocktails went down very nicely, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm not feeling great today! However with some TLC, Presents and a slap up meal in my favourite Chinese restaurant I'll recover. Getting older 'aint all bad! Last night I wore this Tutu dress from Topshop, myy much loved A|Wear Sequin Jacket and topped it all off with a statement necklace and a red lip! In honour of my 24th Birthday, I've decided to do 24 things I've Learnt in my 24 Years!
  1. Your family will love you unconditionally, and will always have your best interests at heart. 
  2. They will be this incredible support system that will fix everything from a broken heart to a broken spirit.
  3. Your friend circles will continue to grow, and new people will constantly come into your life. You'll eventually weed out the sly and awful "friends" but will be left with the best friends group of friends you could ever ask for. 
  4. Always fight for the underdog.
  5. University will teach you a lot more about life, than the actual subjects you studied.
  6. It will also teach you to cram for all your exams, pull all-nighters and how to drink shot after shot without getting sick. As well as that you'll learn that when you turn up to the wrong exam on the wrong day, the world doesn't end. A well constructed email to your professor and a large glass of wine will turn everything around. 
  7. You'll leave feeling even more confused then when you begun. but you'll be left with great memories and a lovely loyal friend who you met in one random Archaeology class.
  8. At times Life isn't fair, but you're just going to have to get over it. The sooner you learn this, the better.
  9. If people call you weight-related names, be thankful that's the only "bad" thing they can say about you!
  10. Don't follow your dreams, chase them.
  11. Your gut instinct is always right, Don't ignore it. 
  12. Own up when you've mad a mistake. You'll be far more respected than if you pass the blame on to someone else.
  13. Give people second chances. Everyone makes mistakes. However NEVER give someone a third one.
  14. Not everyone is going to like you, and that''s okay.
  15. Don't obsess over what people think of you, it's unhealthy. The people that love and support you won't ever judge you, even when you've done something incredibly foolish/embarrassing.
  16. Don't cut your hair yourself. It's stupid, and you'll end up looking like a mushroom.
  17. Don't ever settle for second best and It's okay to turn things down. People will think you're crazy but you know what's the best choice for you. 
  18. Success doesn't come easily and you'll fail more than once and probably more than twice too.
  19. Be kind to people. The people who aren't kind themselves, need your kindness the most. 
  20. Value and Nurture your friends, they're there for life, and you've got a good bunch there.
  21. Forgive AND forget. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 
  22. Don't judge anyone before you've gotten to know them. You've been proven wrong about people and now have the pleasure of calling them my friends.
  23. Cherish times with your grandparents, they won't be around forever. Same goes for your parents. They both do a lot for you.
  24. Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and your friends and let no one tell you, you're anything other than fucking fabulous.
Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Outfit of The Wedding!

As some of you may know, I was in Glasgow for five days celebrating the Wedding of the Century. My Cousin Jack was marrying his gorgeous Scottish Girlfriend Siobhan. They've been together for absolute years and I couldn't be happier for them. I was secretly delighted they decided to have the Wedding in Scotland, as it got me a little break from work, and a little holiday! I took the Thursday-Monday off, and it was a lovely couple of days, however it wasn't too relaxing ;) I arrived after my parents, and grand-parents on the Thursday morning, and spent the day chilling, and then I got my Tan and Nails done before heading to bed, and getting ready for the next few days. Friday night was spent in the Hotel getting copious amounts of drinks and having a slap up meal. We stayed in the Crutherland Hotel in East Kilbride and everything from the Staff to the Food and even the Spa were top notch.
 The Wedding was held in the Crutherland Hotel, and it was absolutely marvellous. It was definitely the Wedding of the year!  I wore and Asos tu-tu dress, that I've had since last year. It was perfect for the occasion, and I'm delighted I got the chance to wear it again.As it was late October I wanted my outfit to be really Autumnal, for my Cousin's wedding in the Summer I went really summery and girly but this time I wanted to be more Autumnal. I had this dress from last year, that I wore once, and forgot about. After many attempts and failures to find a suitable dress, I dug this out of my wardrobe and it was the nicest out of all the dresses I'd bought for the Wedding, so I sent them back, and just focused on getting the accessories! The dress is really poofy, and quite noticeable so I didn't want to go too over board with the accessories! I'd looked in quite a few places, and nothing really tickled my fancy, and nothing in my opinion suited the dress. I of course left things to the last minute and ended up running around on my lunch break the day beforelooking for something that worked well with my outfit! 
I looked in Zara. Accessorize, House of Fraser, Topshop, A|Wear and River Island and I couldn't find anything I liked, so I gave up and hoped I'd find something in Glasgow on the Friday when I got over and went back to work. Penney's open later than all the other shops in Dundrum, so after work I went in, not really expecting to find anything. I find not only a statement necklace, but also a furry jacket both came to under €35! Absolutely bargain. So I left a very happy bunny and could finally relax and get excited for the Wedding. Now I did leave one thing to the last minute, my shoes. I took a pair of wedges not really thinking, but when I had a little think, they were a bit too casual for the dress. I nipped into New Look in Glasgow and picked up these babies for £20! I reused a handbag I bought three years ago in River Island that again I've only worn a few times, and my outfit was finally put together. My Mum also came to the rescue and came into me with the headpiece, that was gorgeous! It was very similar to the one I wore to the other wedding, and matched the outfit perfectly!
Dress:Asos, Necklace and Jacket:Penneys/Primark, Bag:River Island and Hat:Mum's

I had a fantastic weekend, and wish Jack and Siobhan a life time of happiness together! Welcome to the Family Siobhan :) <3 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 25 October 2013

Human+Kind Body Oil Review

Another day, another Body Oil. I also got this gem in my goody bag, from the Bloggers evening, and have been using it non-stop for the past two weeks. It's my cousin's wedding this weekend, and I started the pampering session a little bit early. I'm a lover of Body Oils. I love how smooth they make my skin, and how luxurious they are. My skin always feels as soft as a baby's bum after using them, so I'm always intrigued when I get a chance to try out a new one. Again with this Winter malark, but the weather has serious changed, and it's officially Coat weather and before you know it, we'll all be complaining about snow! I also moisturise in the Summer, but I'll be the first to admit it, during the Winter months, where my legs aren't on show I do neglect to moisturise, so a body oil is a perfect when I want to give my skin some TLC.

 Now I'm not going to lie, my bathroom is filled to the brim with all these lotions and potions, and I've got too much choice in terms of keeping my body soft and subtle! Human+Kind "All in One Body Oil" comes beautifully packaged, and definitely stands out to me. Human+Kind  is a "Down to earth company built around supporting people with their skin concerns in an ethical way" So on top of a gorgeous product, Human+Kind are an ethical company, which makes using them, all the more enjoyable, and of course with them being an Irish company, I'm all for supporting them! All their products are "Dermatologically tested, Hyper-allergenic and suitable for Sensitive Skins" So far so good! Their Body Oil is made from a formula of all natural ingredients that rejuvenates and restores your skin. This Body Oil is a Multi purpose all over body oil, it contains no harmful chemicals and they're so convinced you'll like this product, the offer you your money back, if you're not satisfied. A win-win situations. 

You can use this all over your body, as well as your hair to keep the ends conditioned. Since having Balayage, I was so conscious of the ends of my hair, and tried over and over again to keep them in good condition, however because the blonde pretty much destroyed my hair, I'm back to being Brunette and trying to look after my hair, and restore it back to it's previous condition. I only use a little bit, and apply to the ends of my hair when it's wet, and my hair is really soft, and is left smelling amazing! The first thing you notice is the scent. It's not overpowering, but it's a lovely soft floral scent, that makes you want to use it over, and over again. Now the bottle is smaller than the packaging, and I wasn't sure if I would use it up quickly or not. I've used this a good number of times now, and I'm not even half way through the bottle. Over all this is as a fantastic products, and at less than €15, I'd definitely consider picking this up again! 

Sian xxx
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back to Black

Many moons ago, before I started this blog, I use to live in black. A lot of people assumed it was because I wasn't as comfortable with myself, as I am now, and there might be a little element of truth to that, but honestly 90% of it was that I just LOVE black. It's the effortlessly chic, it can be brightened up with a bright scarf, bright lip and accessories. I think black especially amongst plus size women gets a bad reputation. Now don't get me wrong, there's a lot I don't like about black in certain styles, and cuts but if you're ever having a bad day, where nothing looks anyway decent on you Black will be your saviour! 
Untitled #69

Black comes in so many different forms. I love Black leather, Black Faux Fur and Black Sequins! It's all about texture for me! I love rocking a Leather skater skirt, and sheer shirt with a blazer. To finished off the look, I'll add a statement necklace and a strong, bold lip and will be ready to rock and roll! Another easy outfit would be a pretty skater dress, throw on a Faux Fur Gilet over it, and rock a trilby hat for a chic Autumn look! I love Floral crowns, and won't let the fact that it's Winter stop me from wearing them! I love the ones from Rock'n'Rose and this black one is only divine! Hopefully Mammy is reading this, and gets it for my Birthday ;) I actually picked up a gorgeous High-Low top from Yours Clothing ( Don't forget you can get £10 off your first order using "Blogger 9" at checkout!). I bought it quite a few sizes up, It's the perfect top for my days off, when all I do is catch up with friends or hit the shops!It also comes in an array of colours, and I'm definitely going to pick up the grey, when pay day arrives! I love wearing it with wet look leggings, and my black Over the Knee boots and a nice chunky scarf. It's incredibly easy, and I'm all snuggled up and cosy!

 I love adding silver accents to black. I used to be more of a gold gal, but silver has been creeping up on me, more and more! I love stacking multiple rings, as well as double layering them with midi rings. I just love the look and feel quite cool for once, I'm not going to lie! Paired with a slouchy jumper, ankle grazer jeans and a pair of Brogues, I feel like I should be hanging out in Brick Lane 24/7. Primark, Miss Selfridge and Topshop are my favourite shops for nice necklaces at the moment. Primark would probably be my favourite,they're dirt cheap, and they've come on in leaps and bounds and every time I go in there, I'm amazed with the new bits in. At the moment, they're limited edition collection is absolutely gorgeous, so nice I'm thinking of wearing one of them to my cousin's wedding next weekend. Another way to wear black is of course with sequins. I'm a huge fan of sequins, and wear them all year round. This particular one from Wallis is absolutely stunning, and I'm thinking of getting it for my Birthday! It's so pretty, and I know I'd get so much wear our of it. For £99 it's a great little Jacket, and I know I'd wear it to death. As there's black in it, there's endless possibilities of what you could wear this with. A Simple white tee, a skater skirt and this jacket would look as nice as if you glammed it up for a night out with your girls! 

Sian xxx
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Monday, 21 October 2013

Blank Canvas Supporting Breast Cancer

As you're all probably aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone woman, no matter what their age is should check their boobs on a regular basis. It's more important than any beauty regime you'll ever do. Get into the habit of doing it while you're younger, so it becomes second nature to you. If you feel anyway like there's something wrong, pop along to your Doctor to put your mind at ease! Remember it's better safe than sorry! :) Every year loads of organisations and brands get involved with the fight for a cure, and Blank Canvas are not exception. They're selling their best seller "F20" in a vibrant pink, with every €1 going to Breast Cancer Research (On ALL sales btw!). As Tesco say "Every little helps". So not only are you supporting the cause you'll get the nicest pink brush to add to your collection. A win-win, no? I for one, have a million and one black brushes, and this one is perfect to add a bit of colour to my makeup brush collection.
The "F20" brushes is a gorgeous buffing brush, which I personally use for applying my foundation. It's extremely easy to use, blends my makeup beautifully, and doesn't use half as much product as some other brushes I've used recently. It sweeps over my face effortlessly, and I find myself taking less time applying my foundation - a task I find ever so tedious. On first inspection the bristles are extremely soft, the handle is wide enough to ensure a steady grip.It's probably the softest brush in my collection at the moment, and it's most definitely the prettiest! I've a couple of brushes from Blank Canvas, and use them both on a regular basis, so I was excited when I get the chance to test this one out too. 
The F20 brush can be used for a lot of things. It's ideal for not only use on liquid foundation, but cream and powder products as well, making it extremely versatile. So you can use it for foundation, for blushes, and even a bit of contouring if you're in the mood! Blank Canvas, aim to give you the best possible quality, for a great price point, and this brush is great quality for under €14! It claims to give you a "HD Finish on your foundation" and it certainly does just this. It's been added to my everyday makeup bag, and I can't see it being replaced for anything else for a good while! Blank Canvas, as also an Irish company, so I'm more than happy to support them. I would say they're on par with MAC brushes for a lot less. I don't know about you, but I feel MAC brushes have had their day. They were fantastic, when there wasn't much choice on the market, but now with a million and one brush companies sprouting up offering great prices and quality, they're lagging behind. 
As you can see, it's a duo-fibre brush, and honestly the bristles don't all start falling out, the second you use it (Unlike MAC!) Now obviously with your first few uses, you'll get the odd fall out, but I don't have to manually pick off each hair from my face, after an application. If you use it, with a light hand it gives you a fabulous finish, and your makeup looks extremely natural! Overall, this is a fantastic brush and with €1 going to Breast Cancer, it's a great buy! Offer runs until the 31st of October so get a clicking ladies, you won't regret it! Follow the link here to get yours!Hot Pink F20 Flat Buffing Brush You girls know, that I don't plug products that I A)don't like B)don't use and C)don't 100% believe in. So I'm more than happy to back Blank Canvas, and look forward to them growing, and growing! 
And in honor of this post, here's a great, easy step guide to check your Breats,Bangers,Boobs, Tits, Ta-ta's whatever you wanna call them! 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Benefit Store Opening:South William Street Dublin

As you're all probably aware, there's a new boutique on South William Street, smack bang in the middle of Dublin's City Centre! Walking past it, you'd immediately know it was something for the ladies!It's bright pink on the outside,and decorated in your typical Benefit Style, with glass window's looking  into the gorgeous shop. It's not only just a shop though. You can buy all your products there, but there is so much more to it, than that! It's a "One Stop Beauty Shop" and you can avail of a number of beauty treatments all in the same place. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of going to a different place for Hair, Nails, Wax or to get my Make up done, especially if it's for a specific occasion. For me it's too much hassle, and can be quite stressful! Although I think all my problems maybe over! I can get my Hair blow-dried, with a number of gorgeous styles to choose from (My Favourite is the "Carrie"), I can get a Shellac manicure, in an array of colours. I can also get my entire body waxed, and get a nice glow courtesy of "Vita Liberata" tan. Now you're all probably thinking it's going to cost a bomb, but looking at the price list, I was very impressed! There's a number of packages available, and you're saving money, on every single one!

The Store not only houses the a Hair Station, a Manicure station, An Eyebrow station, if you head on upstairs, you can avail of the two waxing rooms, and the Tanning room, all cleverly named (One is called the "Strip Joint"!) in typical Benefit fashion. It's a very relaxed environment, and would 100% out you at ease! Now of course, I haven't had the chance to try out the services yet, but once I do I will give you all a through review. It was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening, and I had an absolute fantastic time! As well as a Shop and Salon, it's also Benefit's regional offices, and a Benebabe training Academy! The new store is definitely going to be my new go to Salon! I love everything Benefit, and have raved, and raved about it on here before. I have my favourite products, which I repurchase over, and over again (Fake Up, They're Real, High Beam, Porefessional and Hello Flawless Powder) and I can't wait to have a one stop shop, where I can pick them all up and get a cheeky Blow-Dry at the same time ;)I'm so excited for Benefit to glam up Dublin City Centre a little bit, and I know it will fast become, a very busy spot in the next few weeks! I wish the store nothing but success, and I'm so delighted to get the chance to check it out!

Sian xxx
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Ziaja Orange Energizing Body Butter Review

I'm a huge fan of body butters, and have more than I care to admit. I get bored rather easily, and love trying and testing out new body moisturisers and body butters. When I went to the Bloggers Meet up earlier, in the month, this baby was in my goody bag! Ziaja is a Polish brand and it's known for their gorgeous and moisturising products! On first inspection the packaging is certainly bright, and you'd definitely noticed this on a shelf! The tub itself is 200ml, so for about €8 you're getting good bang for your buck! After you peel back the foil, you're greeted with an amazing Orange scent. It doesn't smell synthetic it smells, exactly like an orange, which I love! A lot of body butters, have a very synthetic scent that can quite frankly turn my stomach! The Body Butter is a light orange colour, which is nice and makes me feel like I'm literally rubbing my body with an orange (In a good way!)
On first inspection, after I was met with the gorgeous scent, I noticed that the Body  Butter consistency looks a little bit greasy, and I worried it might take ages to sink in, or leave a greasy residue on my skin! However after using it, It wasn't greasy at all! It sinks into my skin really quickly, and it just leaves me skin soft and subtle, with a gorgeous citrus scent! I know I'm babbling on about the scent, but It smells so divine. Although it smells lovely, it's not over powering in the slightest. This Body Butter contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Olive Oil and Vitamin E so you know your body will be left soft and well nourished! Over all I absolutely love this Body Butter, and I'm so glad I was introduced to the brand. It's full of ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and if you suffer from dry skin like my, you'll be reaping the benefits of this little gem! 

You can purchse this amazing moisturiser HERE
Sian xxx

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche Review

With Winter fast approaching, my skin is my top priority. Suffering from dry skin, the cold weather reeks havoc on my skin, and I'm always on the lookout for new products to help combat my dry patches, so far I've come across great moisturisers but the beauty blogger in me, never stops searching for the perfect product! La Roche-Posay and Vichy are both my go to skincare brands, and both have fantastic skincare and luckily for me a lot of them are targeted for dry skin.  A must for me, is a nice thick cream, that doesn't smell too intense and feels thick on application. This is the perfect night cream, as it's really thick. Although it's thick it sinks in quite quickly and you're left to wake up to the soft and subtle skin. It also works as a Day cream if you use just a little less! If  I want to give me skin an extra bit of TLC I'll use it in the morning and at night. Out of all the moisturisers on my dressers, I think this is the one that will make the final cut..
As you can see the consistency is really thick, and creamy! a Little goes a long way, and I know I'll be getting the use out of this 30ml jar all Winter. I've been using this for a few weeks now, and my stubborn dry patches on my skin, and beside my nose have disappeared and haven't returned! I've always managed with other creams to get rid of them, but they've only just come back! I'll 100% be using this moisturiser this Winter, as my skin feels amazing after it, and is soaking all the goodness in! My skin is left so incredibly soft, and my skin looks a lot healthier and less dull after using this amazing cream! As always the packaging is really simple with their branded white packaging with their blue label. It's a testament to their products, as they don't need to have fancy packaging as all their products speak for themselves! I  also love the Glass Pot as all other La Roche-Posay products come in handy tubes. Their Nutric range specialises in Dry to Very Dry Skin, but they have products for every skin type, so you're bound to find something that suits your skin type!
La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche*(€20.50)
Over all this is a fantastic product, and I will definitely repurchase this little gem when I run out! That's the only bad thing about being introduced to amazing products, you will like you can't live without them, when they run out! La Roche-Posay, are such a great skincare range, and are surprisingly affordable considering the quality and how well all the products (That I've tried anyway) have been nothing short of amazing! I feel I'm using really high end luxurious products on my face, and I can vouch that if your skin is a bit sensitive they won't irritate you in the slightest! La Roche-Posay is widely available in selection pharmacies nationwide, as well as on the Boots website!

Have you guys tried La Roche-Posay?

Sian xxx
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Monday, 14 October 2013

River Island Wish List

It seems like a million years ago since, I've done a Wish List. I've tried to refrain from doing them when I've a lack of posts in mind, as I find them sometimes a bit half arsed and the lazy way out! However I'm back in full swing, and trying to blog as much as possible, while juggling everything else, and preparation is paramount for this! River Island is one of my favourite shops. It's affordable, on trend and there's always something I want to get my grubby hands on in stores! Now I will admit, they've crept up in price, and I'm not too happy about it, BUT as far as High Street stores go, they're smack bang in the middle!There's so many Items I want, I just though it would be quicker to bang them all together in one big wish list! I just wish, my bank balanced stretched that far..
Untitled #67
What I love about River Island is that they're not afraid to use print. I love print, I love crazy prints espeically, so I know where to go If I want something that's show stopping. I absolute LOVE this Jacket and Trouser Combo, not to everyone's taste but with a simple black T-shirt,Wedge Runners and a gold statement necklace, I really think this outfit would be really cool! They're open jackets are also only GORGEOUS and are great for busty girls! I find their Kimono's and Open Jackets run rather large, so a variety of sizes can rock them if they wish! This sparkly one, has my name calling it for my Birthday Celebrations next month, It would be effortless and classy for the refined woman I will be during that weekend! 

They've really funky Knitwear this season, ranging from quirky jumpers to oversized cardigans that are perfect for this transitional period, where it's not too cold to wear your big coat just yet, but too chilly to have a normal cardigan on! As always I'm obsessed with their Jewellery. They've stunning Statement Necklaces, amazing bracelet's and have an array of pretty cocktail rings, that I'll be stacking up this Autumn/Winter! Now I'm a bit funny when it comes to bags, I either love the style or hate it. I sometimes find their bags a bit hit and miss, but this Furry one is absolutely amazing, and right up my street! Now at €150 it's expensive but it would look gorgeous throughout the Winter, and if you look after it well, it will serve you for a few years! 

Are you guys loving River Island at the moment? 

Sian xxx
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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sequin Bomber Jacket: Outfit of the Day

When I saw this little gem in Penneys  I knew I had to snap it up! For under €30 you can't go too wrong, and with my love of sequins becoming stronger than ever, I knew I'd get the wear out of it! There's a great mixture of Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue and Green sequins!I wore this out on Friday night to my friends house! I was a dressy casual night, and running from work I wanted something easy, yet funky to throw on! It's so comfortable to wear, as it's fully lined  so the sequins don't irritate your skin!  However it's not that warm, so It's definitely only a going out Jacket! I kept the rest of the outfit really simple, and added  Black dress, tights and ankle boots. I love wearing Sequin all year round, but especially coming into Winter Months! I added a bling necklace to compliment the sequins and added my new favourite Mac Lipstick "Up the Amp" I loved this outfit, mainly because it takes no time at all to put it together but you look like you'e made some sort of an effort! 
Jacket and Necklace:Penneys/Primark, Dress:Asos

I've had this jacket for a while now, and have only worn it twice! (I wore it without a necklace at Plus North, but I think it suits the jacket more with added bling to tie the outfit all together).I'm trying to get more and more wear out of all my clothes! I'm in the process of taking down all my Winter Clothes from the Attic so I can dig them all out again! I love Coats and Jackets so much, and scared to count how many I've accumulated! It's the time of year Jackets, as it's not too cold yet, but you still need something somewhat substantial when you're out and about! Sequins are absolutely everywhere this Autumn/Winter and I'm so glad I picked this baby up ahead of the posse! However I've no doubt Penney's/Primark will have tons more in the run of to Christmas! They're easily my favourite store, as you can pick all the trends up at a fraction of the cost! If you want to splash out on Sequins, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Asos and Simply Be all have nice ones! 

Sian xxx
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L'OREAL Casting Creme Gloss in "Chocolate Truffle"

Thursday I had a bit of a crazy moment, and hot footed to Boots on my lunch break looking for something I'd never tried before. I've never home coloured my hair before and my Balayage was my first ever experience with dyeing my hair last May. As much as I loved the Balayage at the time, It was definitely time for me to get back to my roots, and go back fully brown. However at the moment, I'm mega broke. I'm down to my last few pennys for this month, so I decided to bite the bullet and get a home dye kit.

 I've dyed my friends hair before and L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss was what we used, so I knew it turned out well! I also bought a hair cutting kit, but that resulted in me making a quick trip to the Hairdressers Friday morning before work! Note to Self:NEVER CUT MY HAIR EVER AGAIN! I went for "Chocolate Truffle" as I didn't want to go too dark, nor too light. I didn't want my old hair colour back either, I wanted it a little bit darker than my natural. It took me less than two minutes to decide what colour to go for, and because it was called after chocolate, I of course had to choose it! For under €9 it was an absolute bargain, and I literally ran to the till with it. Reading the box, it looked fool proof and I felt assured that I wouldn't mess it up!

What really sucked me in was the "Shimmering Colour, Rich and Glossy Shine" My hair felt (and looked) extremely dull, and I missed my glossy shine, that my hair once had. Now I'm not one too believe everything on the box, but I really bought what they were trying to sell! I was quite apprehensive of how the colour would take to the Balayage and wondered would it look silly with the rest of my hair! Being realistic I knew It wouldn't turn a crazy orange colour, but I was still apprehensive nonetheless.  So armed with my kit, I went upstairs and began my "transformation"! Being honest, I didn't think it would be so effortless, and easy as it was! The whole process was over in about half an hour! Cheaper and quicker, than any hairdresser!It comes with really easy instructions, so easy even a monkey could understand. Being a hair dye novice I was a bit scared to start!
The L'OREAL Casting Creme Gloss comes in a three step guide. you're also given option A or B A if you haven't coloured your hair in 3 months, and B if you have. The instructions were clear and concise, and really really simple. all you do is mix the Creme into the Powder in the container with the nozzle and shake! Once you've shaken, apply liberally all over your hair. I made sure to get all the roots, and use up most of the bottle, as I wanted to make sure no Blonde bits shone through! I used a few clips, to clip up my hair, and make sure I got all the layers covered. It's not drip, but after I applied, I got an old towel and just put it over my shoulders, to save my shoulders going brown!

  The Leaflet is well illustrated so you really can't go wrong! After applying the dye liberally all over my hair I waited a little over twenty minutes before washing it out. Washing it out, it starting washing out a red colour, and I nearly DIED! After I'd washed it out, I applied all the conditioner to my hair to try and restore it's condition. I left it on for 5 minutes, before washing it out and blowing drying my hair, and I instantly fell in love with the results...(Cut thanks to Peter Mark!)Over all I absolutely LOVE IT! I feel like myself again, and I'm never going lighter ever again! I much prefer myself darker! The Casting Creme Gloss is absolutely amazing, and I can't recommend it enough. It's left my hair so soft and silky, and all my Balayage is completely covered! I'll definitely be sticking to this hair dye for the foreseeable future...that is until I get another mad idea into my head! 

What do you lot think? :)

Sian xxx
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mac Up the Amp Review and Swatches

You all know how much I LOVE bright lipsticks, I'm constantly rocking a bright pink, bright red, or more recently a bright orange. I was recently in the UK, and had some Sterling left over so I decided to go to Mac, and treat myself! I was a bit overwhelmed with colours but I knew I wanted something a bit more brave, instead of my usual "Snob" or "Creme Cup". I wanted something that would get me through the Autumn, and though that "Up the Amp" would be perfect! I love the colour, and as you can see it's been used a lot in the last month. It's such a gorgeous purple, without being too in your face.It's described on the MAC website as a "Lavender Violet" which describes the shade perfectly. It's not extremely dark but it's not pale either! I'm really into all those Autumnal colours at the moment, so I've a lot of clothes to match with the lippy! I know for a fact this little gem, will become a staple in my Make-up collection this Winter. 

In terms of moisture it's lovely and soft, and doesn't dry out my lips, as much as some other colours do! Lasting power in this wouldn't be too long, as the colour is bright enough. you will need to retouch it after eating or drinking! It glides on effortlessly , leaving a lovely creamy texture on my lips. With one sweep your lips ae opaque. It leaves your lips shiny, giving you gorgeous looking lips! If you're looking for a colour that's bold, but not crazy, I'd highly suggest Up the Amp. Like all MAC's prices I wish they were a little cheaper as they're edging closer and closer to €20! Anyone else remember when they were €13 something? Anyway, with "Up the Amp" you get a great quality product, a highly pigmented colour and I know this doesn't make a difference but it smells nice, like all MAC lipsticks do! The biggest positive would probably be it suits a wide range of colourings from Light to Dark, and although it's vibrant you're not going to look like you've dressed up for Halloween prematurely!Over all, I love this Lipstick, and I'm so glad I gave it a shot! I'm already on the lookout for my next MAC lippy, so please feel free to comment below on which one you'd recommend! 


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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wrapping up Warm

I've finally admitted defeat, and rocked my Winter coat today. The Black Bikers Coat with Leather Trim* is such an amazing coat, when I saw it I immediately fell in love! The weather has been a bit up and down recently, but I do think the cold spell is on it's way now. It was freezing this evening on the way home from work, and I'm glad I had this coat to keep my nice and toasty. I absolutely LOVE this coat, it's a great fit, cut and of course Black is a fail safe colour. For £55/€71 it's an absolute bargain, and for the quality of the coat, you'd expect it to be more expensive! I've always found Yours Clothing's quality fantastic for their price point, and I feel safe in the knowledge that my coat will last me all Winter long.
My outfit underneath is simple really, I threw on a floral Bodycon dress, Over the Knee boots and a Fedora. It's simple and easy to throw on, when you're in a rush in the morning. I picked up these boots from New Look in their Wide Width section and they fit like a dream. I love the elastic on the back, so they fit perfectly to my calf. The Fedora is probably one of my favourite Penney's/Primark purchase in a while. It's "100%" Wool and for €8 you can't go too wrong! It's a nice change from my Bowler hat ;) Over all I love this outfit, it's so easy to throw on and is perfectly suited to this time of year.

I didn't do any jewellery but added a bold lip (Mac's "Up the Amp") for a polished, finished look. I'm not too sad about it not being Summer any more, now that I have a lovely great quality coat! My only fear, is that you'll get sick of seeing it in outfit pictures! And ladies, don't forget if you use "BLOGGER 9" at the Checkout you can get £10 off your first order! 

Have you guys Bought your Winter coat yet? 

Sian xxx
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