Monday, 15 October 2012


Another passion of mine is Photography, I kept holding the girls up by taking quick snaps on my Iphone :)
Dress&Scarf:Primark,Blazer:New Look,Boots:Zara,Sunnies:H&M,Bag:Louis Vuitton
I love the small streets surrounding the city. I feel like you could nearly get lost in them for hours!
 Isn't this the prettiest toy shop ever? Full of gorgeous wooden toys :)
 How Lovely do my friends look :)

Here's a few snaps from Galway City, I'm really getting into taking loads of pictures, I think it all stems from my new found obsession that is Instagram! Follow me at BowFabulous! It was such a lovely day, although a crisp chill in the air it was still lovely. We went in for a slap up lunch and a touch of window shopping :)Now all the lack of sleep is definitely catching up on me, I'm off to catch a few Z's :)

Goodnight lovelies :)

S xxx

S xxx
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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Jumper Dress:TK MAXX, Leggings:Dunnes Stores,Boots:Evans,Hairband:Accessorize

Hey Lovelies,

On Sunday my lovely friend Sinead and I went shopping, she told me they're was amazing things in TK MAXX. Having never been that impressed with the stores and never really got anything worth mentioning or remembering, I was skeptical. But at the moment they have gorgeous stuff!! Sinead got a lovely knit jumper and a shawl with fur collar, and I got this jumper dress (€34.99). It's one size, and still over-sized on me. I love the length and it can be worn as a mini dress over leggings, and still keep my modesty ;) I love over-sized jumpers for the Winter, they can be thrown over leggings, jeans and tights, worn with wedges, flats or boots! It's so versatile and so easy to chuck on when it's cold! You'll remain cosy throughout the entire Winter :D I've my eye on a few more to get come payday! If you're on the lookout for over-sized jumpers like this one, try Ebay! I've seen loads of lovely ones on there.

Since I pretty much pair everything with black, I decided to wear brown for a welcomed change. I love these boots as they're slightly over the knee and are real leather. I've had them for two years now, and they're still going strong! They were pricey enough being about €180 but they've really lasted! My only regret was not buying them in black too!

Details of my giveaway will be posted tomorrow :) 

S xxx
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Monday, 8 October 2012

Aztec Cardi

Hey Lovelies,
On my recent trip to London, I picked up this jumper from River Island. I've had my eye on it for awhile, but it was a little expensive for what it was in my opinion. In their London store it was marked down from £40 to £20, so I nabbed this baby up. It's so comfy and cosy. I wear it in the morning on my way to work to keep me warm. I love the Aztec feel to it, as it's not too in your face. It's also a nice and bright cardigan to throw on on these dull days!I've gotten great wear out of it already, and I've only had it little over a month :D It's a really generous size too, I'm wearing the size 16 here, and still have loads of room, and could easily size down, so never rule out any shop if you think they don't cater for you, as sizing varies between stores and can run two or even three sizes bigger!I'm really loving all this bright knitwear I've seen in the likes of Topshop and H&M lately, it really gives your Winter wardrobe a nice lift, yet still being warm! As you can see I'm extremely fickle in terms of my style. Yesterday I was digging black and grey, and today I'm loving neon knitwear...I'll soon make up my mind :) But for know who knows what I'll be wearing tomorrow :D

S xxx

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50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Gray

Black is one of my favourite colours to wear. I love nothing more than wearing all black, it makes me feel sophisticated and is definitely one of the easiest colours to wear. Since I began blogging, I've made a conscious decision to limit myself in terms of  the black clothing I wear. Now don't get me wrong, I love my mad vibrant colours and I love being all girly in pink or all summery in neon but sometimes a girls got to go back to what she loves. 

With the weather becoming increasingly colder, I feel myself reaching more and more for the black in my wardrobe. It's just effortless, and especially good for me, as I'm most definitely not a morning person, and always want to look somewhat put together. So I've come to a little compromise with myself. I've decided if I wear black and don't feel like adding a brighter colour I should mix grey in with it, giving me an equally sophisticated look. I decided to conjure up and outfit that I'd wear, and how I'd incorporate grey in with black. This outfit is all sourced from Evans, and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit in love with it.

So tonight while doing my usual browsing of all the online retailers, I felt myself clicking on Evans. Now I've a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. I find their clothes can at times be dowdy, and just not as fashion forward as I desire. Of course this is down to personal preference as I love fast fashion and am really trend led in terms of the clothing I like. I often see other bloggers rocking Evans(and looking only gorgeous!), clothes so I think maybe I haven't given them enough of a chance. Their recent collaborations with Clements Ribeiro is just wonderful and a great step for plus size retailers, and has to be highly commended. Truth be told nothing really has ever popped out at me,if it wasn't in a collaboration.

But my mind has been changed. I really love the coat and this instantly stood out to me. It definitely has a designer vibe to it and for under £50, you can't go wrong! I think this would be great to add to a plain black outfit, as it gives it a little lift, yet retaining a more muted look. I also love the ankle boots(with wider fitting, thank you!) and the Sheer "Cold Shoulder Top" which definitely is fashion forward!I would feel a million bucks in this outfit and all items are definitely on my Santa list, so Evans, I want to apologise for writing you off so soon :)

S xxx

Guys, what are you loving in Evans at the moment? :)

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Cheryl Cole

Last night Cheryl Cole played in the O2 in Dublin. If you didn't already know, she is my Idol :D I just LOVE her. She's gorgeous, has impeccable dress sense and was extremely sweet when I met her at the Xfactor in 2010. I'm not going to lie. She's not an amazing singer, but boy does she put on a show. We literally didn't stop dancing. People were giving out saying she didn't stay for very long, but to be honest, what else did they expect? She hasn't got that many songs! She was so interactive with the crowd, I couldn't believe it. This concert has only heightened my Obsession love for her. We were so close to her and I got some amazing pics. She started the show wearing this absolutely stunning gold jumpsuit. Some hated it, but for a show it was unbelievable. It was so sparkly and it looked amazing with her dancing on stage. Her necklace was the ultimate statement, and I need to get my mits on something that big pronto.I wanted to wear something Cheryl-esque so I ordered this dress off Asos like a mad woman on Monday night, before it was too late to get the express shipping! I toyed with the idea to buy it for awhile, and I was debating whether or not to opt for the black version, but my lovely Twitter follower's advised me to get this one, and I'm delighted I did. It's not too summery, and can be worn with black tights now, yet bare legs in the summer months. Although it is quite short and I can't bend down whatsoever if I don't want to flash the world my pants ;)
Guys who's your guilty pleasure?

S xxx
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tan Organic Review*

"TanOrganic is officially the first and only Aloe Vera based sunless tan in the world to be Eco Certified, having just been awarded with the highest eco standard. Produced in Ireland, TanOrganic, the most successful ever Irish Dragons’ Den investment is now set to be the biggest worldwide Dragons’ success story, with distribution in Kuwait, Chile, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and across Europe."
 Last month I was lucky enough to attend the Tan Organic Ego Cert Launch, where Noelle O'Connor the founder and her business partner Gavin Duffy were in attendance, talking about this great news. It's such wonderful news that and Irish tanning product is the first of it's kind in the world to be certified organic. It took Tan Organic 18 months to gain the Ego Cert, as it's a very long process with extensive auditing. Noelle told us that "There was an audit on everything, the ingredients farm, the raw materials, the manufacturing plant, the filling plant and it didn’t stop there. Our office and financial department had a full audit so that every invoice and purchase could be related back to an organic and reliable source". The Ego Cert is supporting 1,000 companies so when you think about how large the beauty sector is, it's a relatively minute number, so hopefully other companies will follow suit.
 As a fake tan lover myself, this is brilliant news. Truth be told I'd never really thought of what the chemicals in tan were doing to my skin, I just slapped it on and hoping for the best, that I wouldn't wake up looking like a Oompa Loompa and smelling like digestive biscuits. With tan Organic I get a really positive tanning experience, and I need to share it with ya'll.
 Pretty Cupcakes..They were too pretty to eat though ;)
I recieved the Tan Organic, Oil Arganic,Tanning glove and the Tan-Erase.
 I applied the tan, the following way with the Self Tanning glove, and found it very effective and gave me amazing results.
  • Shake a two euro size amount of Tan Organic onto a tanning mitt and apply the product all over the body in circular motions, blending in well. Using the special tanning mitt you will use less.
  • Always leave the hands and feet until last. Hands and feet are a dead giveaway if too much product is applied.
  • The trick is to apply less and then when the first coat is dry apply another coat if required and so on until you get the desired colour.
  • Let to dry completely. Remember that Tan Organic contains no harsh drying agents or alcohol like other tanning products, so it takes a little longer to dry in.
  • Use moisturiser often to prolong the length of the tan. 
  Now Of course it's not a miracle tan, and I'm not a professional so I did have a bit of excess tan on my hands and my knees. But I used the "Tan-Erase" in gentle circular motions to buff away the tan, and to give me a more even coverage. To Moisturise after I spritzed the Oil Arganic over my body, leaving me with beautifully soft, glowing skin.Over all I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and will definitely be purchasing this again. I feel like I've gotten a spray tan every time I used it. 

S xxx
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sunday Best

Dress:Asos via Ebay,Pumps & Necklace:Primark, Bangles:Fran and Jane,Bag:Louis Vuitton, Nails:Barry M #308

Hey Beauties,
A Few friends and I go for a few drinks and dinner ever Sunday night, to have a general catch up on our week. It's starting out to be a lovely tradition, as at this point everyone seems to be busy with work and going on to do Masters. We go to a pub, which is in walking distance of all of us, so it's perfect. Plus the food is always delicious. I love living where I do, it's so nice and quite, yet only a 15 minute tram ride into the City Centre, giving me the best of both worlds. I wanted to wear something pretty, yet comfy at the same time. I bagged this baby on Ebay a few months ago. I really wanted it at the time,but it sold out rather quick. It was only €20 so it was a total bargain! I of course didn't just wear this I wore a plain black cardigan over it and a scarf, just so I didn't freeze to death! I love the Hi-Low trend and this one isn't too dramatic so it can be worn casually.

I know I've been slacking in the blog department lately, a number of factors have been the contributor but I'm back in full force :) and will be having a giveaway veeeery soon, to thank you all for your continued support <3

S xxx
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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cosy Knits

Everything from Primark(Penney's)

Hey Guys,
I'm really loving having a few more weekends off, working in retail over 4 years It's definitely a rarity, but hey, I 'aint complaining ;) I wore this just bumming around doing some errands yesterday. As it's pretty cooooold as of late, I wore my new chunky knit. I love Winter clothes. I far prefer it to summer. I love being all cosy and wrapped up. I love this burgundy colour. I actually just bought a Coat in Primark the same colour, with a faux fur collar-it's so cute. I'm really loving Primark at the moment. I'm always seeing loads of nice things and for once, my bank balance isn't hugely annoyed ;) I decided to vamp up my casual outfit with these Suspender Tights, I know people either Love 'em or Hate 'em but I'm obsessed with them all over again. For €3 you can't go too wrong and I think they give this outfit a sexy hint without being too out there.

Anyone else rocking this trend? 

Yours Clothing have amazing Plus Size Versions <3 Although The Large in the Primark one's are roomy enough! :)

S xxx
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Friday, 14 September 2012

Khaki Lovin'

Jacket & Hairband:Forever21,Dress,Scarf & Boots:Primark
[Whole outfit came under €80!]

Hey Lovelies,

I don't know about you, but I'm totally loving the military trend this A/W. I will put my hands up and say I use to HATE it with a passion. I don't know why, I just didn't love it. But now I want to get my hands on as much camouflage and khaki green as possible. I got this dress and scarf in London.The Primark at Marble Arch is AMAZING. I'm sure all you Londoner's already know that. I just wish it wasn't so packed and crazy. At one point I just wanted to crawl under loads of clothes until the place emptied! The only good thing, is you're never waiting any length of time to pay. Now that another one is opening up at Tottenham Court Road, I hope it takes some of the people away, so I can bargain hunt in peace, next time I'm there ;) I've said this a gazillion times, but I need to live in London. I'm really in love with the city, and feel at this phase in my life, it's the best place for me to be. All I have to do now, is save,save,save and go from there :)

 I went to the Tan Organic Ego Cert launch yesterday and this is what I wore (minus the hair bow) It was an easy option, as I was out the night previous gallivanting! I wore it again today just popping into work. I love this Pleather jacket, it's so comfy, is nice and cropped and has this season's biggest trend studs. I hate to say it lads, but studs are becoming the new bows for me..well almost ;) I'm currently choking with a cold, and feeling awfully sorry for myself. I'm no energy and just literally feel blah I've the weekend off thankfully and plan to just do nothing and recuperate. I plan on eating loads, watching crap movies and telly and generally getting TLC off the Mammy. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, I'll live vicariously through you all :D

S xxx
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Current Favourite Beauty Products

Hey Lovelies,
I've compiled a list of the beauty products I'm loving through out the Summer and at the moment :) It's always nice to mix things up a bit! ;)

Liz Earl "Hot Cloth Cleanser":Holy Grail of Cleansers. No explanation needed really! If anyone would like me to do a full review, leave a comment :) It makes my skin feel amazing.
E45 Cream: I use to use this when I was a tween back in the days. It was cheap and cheerful. I've had really stubborn dry skin on my face as of late, and this is the only moisturiser that has cleared it, and for under a fiver, you can't go too wrong.
Soap&Glory "Righteous  Body Butter": I've been using this for well over a year, and I keep on repurchasing it. It literally makes my skin feel like butter after using it, and it's smells absolutely amazing. It's thick and sinks right into the skin. I'd recommend this to anyone, with dry skin!
Benefit "Moon Beam" It was perfect for the warmer months as the golden shimmer complimented my tan,and gave my skin a nice shimmery glow. I'll still continue to use this coming into Winter, and I'm a tanned girl, all year round ;)
MAC "Ambush": I love this lippy, not too red, not too pink, it goes with pretty much any outfit, and gives your lips a lovely sheen. In case you haven't noticed I love bright lipsticks, and this is just perfect for days when I can't decide if I want red or pink!
 Victoria Secret "Bombshell"Perfume: This scent screams "Summer" to me. Although we're venturing into Autumn, I'll still smell like Summer! :) It's so light and fresh and doesn't over power you.
Rimmel "Wake Me Up" Foundation and Concealer: This is always the foundation I come back to. For me the coverage is excellent, as is the staying power. I love how it gives me a lovely dewy glow and doesn't make me look caked. The Concealer is as good. Leaving my "Boing" by Benefit Concealer gathering dust!

Hope you guys are all well :)

S xxx

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Thursday, 6 September 2012


Woah, that's a lot of photo's! Well today I officially graduated from University! I majored in Sociology and History. Although it was never what I wanted to do, I'm so glad and so proud that I finished it. From my Second  year on, I begged and begged to switch and do something in fashion, every time, I had a bad day in college. My parents, told me to stick it out, and once I finished it, I could do whatever I wanted. When I was having particularly bad days, my Dad would tell me I wasn't a "quitter". Well Dad, I'm not, and I hope I made you both proud today :) and thanks for all the proof reading you've down over the three years.I clearly didn't quit, and I'm glad I didn't. I'm a true believer in everything happens for a reason, and I know now I wasn't ready to venture into fashion at that point, and still needed to further my academic education. Now I do have a few regrets. I regret letting the negativity of not wanting to be there, hinder my results. I've grown up and realised that it was an immature way to act, and a foolish thing to do. BUT I can leave UCD with hindsight. A wonderful thing isn't it? I can use my experiences with it, and go forth into life knowing, that no matter if I hate what I'm doing, I still should give it 100%. Now don't get me wrong I'm still delighted with my results, and did fairly well considering, but It's definitely taught me a life lesson of giving everything my all, and maybe that's why I was meant to stay.

I had a lovely lovely lovely day, starting off with getting my hair done in Dundrum in Peter Mark, I opted for a curly blow dry, and my hair NEVER stays straight and I wanted a lot of volume, for €30 it's not too bad, and will definitely last me another day or two! I wanted to wear a sophisticated dress that I felt good in. I got this dress in Fran and Jane. Normally I'd steer clear of tighter dress, as I'm a bit conscious of my tummy, but I loved this dress, and felt amazing the whole day. It clung to my curves perfectly and was so comfy. Now I'm not going to tell porkies, I did wear Spanx,  but only up until the ceremony as they were too uncomfortable so I whipped them off before dinner, and this dress was so well made, that it looked the exact same , with or without! One of the best dressed I've purchased in a long while. Since I was in all black, I wanted to incorporate some colour with my bag and shoes. I love these shoes, as they have a floral platform. They're funky yet appropriate for the occasion. My two lovely friends came down to meet me after the ceremony, it was so sweet! Thanks Lynney and Rach :) I love you guys!

Anyway I'm off to London in the morning!  I can't wait to hit the shops, especially Topshop and Victoria Secret! I won't be gone too long I promise! :D

Chat to you all soon :) 

S xxx
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Monday, 3 September 2012

Dundrum Blogger in Residence:Challenge 3

For the third part of the Dundrum "Blogger in Residence" our task was to write  about any one of the fashion shows that were on over last weekend. I attended the last show on Saturday at 4.30 The show started  exactly on time and it was fantastic! The audience were made up of all all ages from Lolly-licking Children, all the way up to Grannies.. All age groups were crowded along both sides of the catwalk. The Catwalk wasn't overly big, and you were able to really get a good glimpse at all of the pieces on offer in Dundrum. If I wasn't already excited enough about this A/W, I am now.

 As soon as people started to gather, the atmosphere became what you can only call as energetic. The music was pumping, the models were ready to rock the runway, and the audience were waiting in anticipation.  Everyone received a printed handout, and on it was a running order of the show, with all the essential information you needed, e.g what the model was wearing, how much the individual items cost, and of course where it would be available to purchase. It came in extremely helpful, as the show was fast paced, so it gave you the chance to enjoy the show, and not worry about writing information down. The professionalism in the show, was exceptional. I can only imagine how difficult a show like that is to orchestrate, but the organizers truly came up trumps.

It was fantastic, that everything shown on the catwalk, was available to purchase in Dundrum Town Centre that day. I've lost count of how many times, I've come across a item I loved  in a similar fashion show or magazine, only to discover that the garment in question isn't out in stores for another two months, so the customer was definitely kept in mind, throughout.
As you can see in the images above, a number of different looks were shown. Items from the Luxurious Harvey Nichols, to everybody's favourite Penney's were shown. They showcased gorgeous coats, comfy casual wear and gorgeous, glamorous sequin cocktail numbers. My favourite dress, was the full sequined gown from Jovani in Harvey Nichols,(Trust my magpie like tendencies and expensive tastes!)but judging by the audience's reaction, it wasn't just me! The Show was categorized into different trends and styles. "Coat Story", "Military Parade", "Jean Genie", "Lady Like Chic" and "Glam Nights' Party Wear"

 For me, my favourite was a toss up between "Coat Story" and "Glam Nights' Party Wear". With the dark nights, seem to be creeping in, ever so fast, I'm on the look out for the perfect coat. The Electric Blue over sized coat from H&M really caught my eye, as did the tweed coat from Fran and Jane with the faux-fur cuffs. For Glam Nights' Party Wear, the girls looked very glam in short sequined numbers, while the boys looked very dapper in their suits. It definitely got me excited for the upcoming party season!

What struck me most as a "Curvy Blogger" was the presence of gorgeous curvier models, showing that fashion isn't limited to any particular size.The variety of models in the show was encouraging as Older women were also represented,looking very elegant and beautiful.Overall the slim, curvy and older women provided a show that had something in it for everyone, giving the everyday Dundrum shopper, someone they could relate to. The boys weren't totally overlooked either with them sporting the latest looks from Jack Jones, Zara and Hugo Boss in a mix of casual wear and evening wear. Us girls won't be short on gift idea's for our fella this Christmas, anyway!

Overall the show was very engaging, energetic and informative. I enjoyed it immensely and hope Dundrum continue to organise such great fashion shows!

Voting is now open! I'd really appreciate all your votes again, to get me into the final 3! It would mean so so so much ! 
All you need to do is follow the link,scroll down and click on the last link! :)

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Friday, 31 August 2012

Good 'Ol Faithful

Dress:Asos,Scarf:LV imitation, Bag:Juicy Couture, Pumps:Primark,Bows:Forever21 and glasses:Fran and Jane.

Hey Guys,

First and foremost, I want to thank each and everyone of you, who voted for me yesterday. You all got me into round three *happy dance*. This is an absolute dream experience for me, and I'm really grateful for having such loyal followers :) I will be hosting a giveaway very soon.

Anyway, whenever I'm having a bad day, and everything makes me like like the elephant man, I revert back to this dress. Black, Empire cut, with a gorgeous lace detail. It can be dressed both up and down, and makes me feel good! I wore this the other day in a casual way. I paired it with a leopard print scarf, tights and pumps. Easy outfit for when you're out and about. The only thing is, you've to wear thick black tights, if you want to keep on to your dignity! I wear a little black body con skirt under it, just incase a gust of wind comes by! In other news, I've gotten my Graduation outfit. I'm graduating on Wednesday, and had ordered a dress from Asos, but yesterday I tried on an amazing ruched black dress from Fran and Jane. Now normally I don't like fitted dresses, and I've absolutely no bum! But I had to buy this dress when I tried it on. The fit, the length and quality are all excellent. Now I don't want to spoil the surprise for ya'll so I'll do a little review of it on Wednesday :) 

Now I'm off to watch bad TV, and fall asleep on the couch :) Hope your Friday night is more riveting than mine!

S xxx
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dundrum Blogger in Residence Challenge Two

For the second part of the Dundrum Blogger in Residence Challenge the focus was on Accessories. Every Fashionista knows that accessories are the easiest way to transform an outfit and an affordable way to incorporate trends into your current wardrobe.  For this challenge I've focused on my four favourite  stores, showcasing what they have to offer for Autumn/Winter.
River Island Set

      Whenever I'm looking for a funky scarf or a piece of statement jewellery, River Island immediately comes to mind. Their price points are reasonable, and they have a broad selection of accessories which seem to follow this season's trends religiously. One thing that I always notice that that their collections appear to be inspired by high fashion luxury goods.
            For example, this beautiful Rose Gold watch featured above, which has become synonymous with Michael Kors is now available for only a fraction. Similarly, the black and gold studded boots are also reminiscent of a pair that ChloĆ©, did a few years ago.
            What I love about this set, is that you could incorporate all these accessories into your current wardrobe as they are extremely versatile.

  •      You could funk up your LBD with a the cat ear hair band and leopard print wedge sneakers for a cute casual day look which could be seamlessly transformed with these thigh high boots and a statement collar or cuff for a more outrageously sexy night ensemble.
  •       The tribal inspired scarf and red leather bag could be paired with your everyday skinny jeans and a plan white tank top for an effortlessly chic nod to the current tribal trend. Alternatively, both pieces can be worn independently for a more tame approach.
  •          As much as I love the benefit of adding a few inches to my height, I have yet to feel the same way about the pain of wearing heels, the thought of which can sometimes be too overwhelming before I even put them on! Fortunately, the flatform shoe offers a compromise between the two that you can't help but love. They give you the height without the heel, allowing you to shop all day, pain free  As such, I am absolutely ecstatic that they are in for A/W 2012!
  •     Thanks to the late great Alexander McQueen, the skull motif scarf is still on trend. As you can see above, I chose the black and pink version, as it will go with pretty much any outfit, as well as provides a pop of colour, giving any outfit an instant lift.
  •     Neon jewellery is remains on trend this season and these collection of eclectic colourful bracelets are perfect for Autumn days, providing a little fun to play with while you're reminiscing about those longer summer evenings and want something to tide you over until next year.
  •    The white shirt is one of those essential pieces that every girl (and guy!) must have in their wardrobes. Why not funk up your everyday white shirt with a collar, like the one I have featured above, paired with a pair of black cigarette pants? Instantly on trend! Now you have no excuse to claim you have "nothing to wear" as you stare into your bulging, overfilled closet!

  I find that I can always rely on Topshop to provide an edgier twist on trend-inspired pieces than most other stores. One thing that I love is how you can nearly always find something alternative.
            Studded accessories are still huge for A/W this year, with everything from pumps to jackets being adorned with the shiny metallic nuances of Rock'n'Roll, and Topshop has certainly delivered!
            Their jewellery line ranges from pretty lace collars to the coolest of ear cuffs. A personal favourite of mine are their collars, which are definitely the most edgy I've seen around at an affordable price.
            I mean, Leather and studs. What's not to like?

  • For A/W in Ireland, you can't afford to not invest in a scarf! I've always found Topshop to be an invaluable source of the season's hottest colours and prints, while  the quality is exceptional! Not to mention that the warmth that they provide allows them to serve a dual purpose as both fashionable and functional, making them perfect for our Irish Winter
  •     I love these loafers, especially as the studs are bright gold, and really stand out against the black. Pair them on with a pair black tights or skinny jeans.
  •        There has never been a doubt that faux-fur will always be in style for A/W. This Faux fur cream hat is not only a piece that you can wear for a few years but it will also keep you toasty in the cooler months without compromising on style. I've also chosen to include the bowler hate as one of this A/W's must haves. Believe it or not but it actually suits the majority of people, working well with both curly and straight hair. Never fear though, it doesn't give you that awful "hat hair"!
  •    This season heralds the return of the Military trend, which means camouflage jackets are everywhere. If you're not too keen on investing in a piece of camouflage clothing, might I suggest you go for a pair of trainers? Cool canvas shoes in a camouflage print like these are probably your best bet. Not to mention they're affordable, up to date, and most importantly, can be worn with a variety of items in your wardrobe.
  •        Brothel Creepers aren't to everyone's taste, but with a cute pair of frilly socks, they're bang on trend. Wear them with barely black tights and faded denim shorts and you'll be rockin'!
  •       Crosses are still around for this year's A/W. As much as I love the dark silver ones, I find they do not complement my girly girl style as much as I would like them to. I do, however love the pearl version! It's an elegant, lady-like touch of glamour, yet it still represents the cross theme. This is definitely the most feminine cross ring I've ever seen!

 Harvey Nichols Set 
From Alexander McQueen to Yves San Laurent, Harvey Nichols, really is the holy grail of Dundrum Town Centre.
  Oh, if only I had an unlimited bank balance...
            Unfortunately I do not, but that doesn't stop me from wandering in and lecherously leaning over the glass counters, lusting over these designer goods!
            For the more financially... generous amongst us, this place is a literal treasure trove of all those beautiful things you've only ever dreamed about owning, and is well worth a look if you plan on treating yourself (and why shouldn't you? You probably deserve it!)
            Now, If only I could have the option of choosing between the gorgeous YSL hot pink clutch bag or an Alexander McQueen studded ring clutch.... hmmmm....

  •         This Michael Kors tote is an affordable designer bag, considering it would make a great investment purchase! I recommend to buy it in a neutral colour such as tan, so you could wear it season after season, with a variety of different ensembles. 
  • The other accessories that I have chosen are not specifically for this A/W, but can instead work for all seasons, as let's face it, if you're going to splash out on a designer item, you want to be able to get as much wear out of it as possible to truly get your money's worth.
            Word to the wise,  you may spend much longer in store than anticipated upon reaching the shoe section, but don't be embarrassed should you find yourself being pried away from them by the security guard upon closing time. It happens to the best of us ;)

            "Penneys, thanks" is a phrase that every Irish girl knows, whether she heard it from her own mouth or someone who she just complimented.
            Synonymous with inexpensive, on trend fashion, Penneys, the Irish brand of Primark remains to this day one of my favourite places to shop, especially for accessories.
            Considered by many as "throw-away" buys, I have found most of their products to be of high street quality, with a thrift store price tag (hurray!)
  •        This shimmering gold satchel is an absolute steal. This  shoulder bag, inspired by the famous Cambridge Satchel, is just as beautiful and more cost efficient, and will work with nearly any outfit. Wear with to work. Wear it to school. Wear it to college. The possibilities are endless.
  •  These studded black slipper shoes continue the stud trend I discussed early, and make for a less expensive alternative to the "Vectra" by Topshop flats above should you find yourself on a budget before pay-day. Combine them with the black studded tote an you have an instant on trend look
  •        I absolutely love these floral ankle boots (surprise, surprise, I love something floral! Shocker!) They are perfect to add a pop of colour and femininity to any outfit. The ankle boot is a big motif this A/W, and this pair are to die for! 
  •      Alternatively, choose the grey or tan ankle boots above for a more neutral approach to the trend. These both look much more expensive than they are and will get you through the winter.
  • Yellow is a big colour this season. These gloves are the perfect shade of mustard for Autumn, which is as pivotal as canary is for summer. It is provokes the images of leaves falling to the ground at this time of year. Similarly, burgundy is also prominent in fashion this season, also bringing to mind the same image. This necklace and glove combination would be a fabulous addition to your accessories collection to accent your coated outfit with nuances of autumn to complement the trend.
I'd really really appreciate a vote, you all got me into the second round, and I'd really love to make it into the third :)
And Scroll down to the bottom and follow the link :) Thank you all so much :) xxx
S xxx
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blogger in Residence Challenge

Hey Lovelies,

A bit of an unusual post from me today! I recently entered the Dundrum Town Centre Blogger in Residence Challenge. Dundrum Town Centre is less than a 10 minute walk for me and when I'm not working I'm pretty much spending my time (and money!) there.  I'm not normally one to enter into competitions as I feel I'd be a small fish in a rather big pond, but with the encouragement of my lovely friend Lynne I just went for it. It would be an amazing opportunity for me and of course the prizes are fantastic. Now, here's where you, my friends come in. All I need you guys to do is Follow the link and vote for me. It takes less than two minutes, and it would make a bloggers dream come true :) *D'awh, sappy moment*

Anyway here's the link:
Clickity Click :)

[Ignore the Facebook and twitter links, click on where it says "Would you like to Vote.."] :)

Thanks so much :D

S xxx

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What to wear when..

If you saw my last post I went to Belfast yesterday, and I took a few snaps :)

Of course I had to make a wee trip to Topshop, got a gorgeous knitted jumper, with hearts all over it!

Dress:H&M,Hoodie:Topshop, Tank:Dunnes Stores

What to wear when the weather is as crazy as you? I don't know about the rest of the world, but Ireland is behaving rather boldly lately. One minute it's freezing cold and you're trudging into work in a huge jacket, the next you're leaving work, said jacket in hand, sleeves rolled up dying to get home as the heat is making you want to rip off your tights. I've come up with a solution. I wore this the other day, when the weather looked rather miserable but actually turned into a beautiful day. I threw on a floral sundress, and added my favourite comfy hoodie that's light enough yet, cosy for when it turns windy again. [Note to self, DO NOT wear granny pants with this dress,as you might be as unlucky as me, and have the wind blow it right up!] I also changed up my lippy a bit, by using Barry M's Lilac shade! It's something I wouldn't normally wear, but I Love it. I plan on wearing it with EVERYTHING :)

S xxx
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