Monday, 8 September 2014

Love This Sunday Jelly bean Swimsuit

I'm home and it's as awful as you can imagine but at least I have some photos to upload and have a look at. The next time I'll be flying again will be on New Years Eve off to Thailand which is a bit scary but exciting. I really wanted to show you guys this really cute swimsuit. Long gone are the days when Swimsuits are boring!

This Jelly Bean One Piece Swimsuit* is literally so cute. I'm a huge fan of quirky things and this swimsuit was literally made for me. Love This Sunday have recently expanded their Size Range up to a 3X which is fantastic! I'm wearing the XL here which is about a 16/18 and I'd say it fits true to size. If you're bigger in the bust I would suggest sizing up however!
It's comfortable and really cute. It's got a lower back and thick straps to support the girls! I rocked this look with a big hair-band I picked up in Claires Accessories. What's not to love, a bow and neon pink! I also wore my favourite sunglasses of the Summer these babies from Primark. Unfortunately they're sold out but I saw similar pair in Claire's Accessories when I was in picking up the Hair-band!
I think this is a fantastic alternative to a Bikini/Tankini. It's so fun and at $80 it's not extortionate. The quality is good and they've a few more quirky prints to chose from if Jelly Beans aren't your thang! I'll definitely be packing this baby for my Trip as you can even wear it as a Body with a pair of demin shorts over it, if you want to get creative!
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

France Day 5| La Rochelle

We went for a little stroll into the La Rochelle today. I wasn't bothered making that much of an effort so up went my hair and I threw on a slouchy T-shirt from Penney's/Primark and an Asos Skirt. I was clearing out my room when I saw this skirt and fell in love with it again! It's a little big on me but it's still totally wearable! The only thing is, it's not really a forgiving shape as it's a tulip shape, but I like it! 
T-Shirt and Sunglasses:Penney's/Primark, Skirt:Asos, Sandals:New Look
La Rochelle is a nice big town and has lots to offer. I raided Sephora and sat out in the Harbour enjoying people watching and a Coke Zero! So much nicer than both Coke and Diet Coke put together. It was a lovely hot day but my T-shirt was so nice and cool. It cost me €2 in the Penney's sale just before I went away. It's a really big fit. I'm wearing a 14 and have loads of room in it. It's so soft too, definitely one chilling in the house! Anyway until tomorrow, which is technically my last day, this week has flown far too quick! 

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gabi Fresh for Swimsuits For All

Today we didn't leave the house. I rocked the Gabi Fresh for Swimsuitsforall and topped up the tan. Ever since I saw this Bikini I needed it, as in right this second. It's a quirky print, somewhat highwaisted and as the cutest cut outs, which I love. I'm all for quirky swimwear in a wide variety of sizes. Gabi Gregg is my all time favourite Blogger and she even inspired me to start this Blog back at the start of 2012! She's paving the way for women of all shapes and sizes and giving women all across the world confidence. You can never have enough positive roles models in the world, and Gabi is definitely one of mine.
I ordered a US14 which is a UK18 in both the top and the bottom. The sizing is good. It hugs my curves well and shows off my shape. I've an hourglass shape although I'm lacking in the bum department. I'm at 38E at the moment (Possibly small back, larger cup! Need to get fitted pronto) and the top fits really well. It also has adjustable straps if you want to give your chest a bit more lift. As well as adjustable straps, they're also detectable so you don't have to worry about tan lines! The bottoms are nice and high concealing your tummy, but has these sexy cut out, which for me is really the selling point!
Another short and sweet post for me I'm afraid. I've been bitten alive and my face is covered in Sudocreme and I'm currently fighting off every living insect in France. I swear they're swarming towards me at an alarming rate! I really don't know what I'm going to do with I got to South East Asia and Australia. Other than hide somewhere safe and arm myself with repellent every time I have to leave the safety of my hiding spot! Anyway enough with the melodramatics. Over all this is a gorgeous bikini, made me feel great and isn't too expensive. I'm definitely picking up a similar one for my trip! 
On a more personal note I love doing these posts. I love showing women that you can wear what you want. I'm so far from perfect it's unbelievable, but that's okay. It's okay to be confident, even if you don't have the "perfect" body according to beauty standards. Sure my tummy and legs are wobbly but who cares? Like I honestly couldn't give two monkeys about what people think of me. It's taken me a while, but at the end of the day the only person you should be concerned about is yourself. If you're unhappy with your body I firmly believe you should change if. If you're happy then embrace it and it's as simple as that. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you're not beautiful or you're less than. As long as you're a kind person you're beautiful! 

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