Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What I Wore | Forever21+ Floral Dress

Happy Tuesday Guys!
Hope you're all enjoying this lovely sunshine we've been lucky to have. I've been soaking up the rays in my garden making the most of it, as we all know next week it might be raining cats and dogs.It's also the perfect weather to take outfit photo's in, so hopefully it will stay put as it would make my life a hell of a lot easier ;)
I'm going to make a concious effort from now on to take photo's of my ever day life and my everyday style. I read so many wonderful and amazing blogs in amazing locations with amazing outfits. I want to be as cool and as glamour as them, but who am I kidding! I'll never be, I'm just your average normal girl! I take photo's outside my house and my lovely dad snaps pictures! I'm off on a bit of a ramble now but I kind of forget why I started this Blog and I need to remember why I started. Sharing my love for fashion with y'all! As you've may have noticed my outfit posts haven't been as regular as they used to be, so I'm going to take quick pictures everyday and show you what I'm wearing whether it's exciting or not and get back into the swing of things! As always I'll also have heaps of beauty and skincare products thrown in for good measure.

Today was a gorgeous day and after working out I lay out in the sun and caught some rays! I'm on a health kick at the moment. Just getting healthy and making healthier choices. I'm off for a trip to Asia, New Zealand and Australia in 2015 and I want to be a fit as possible going. As carrying a backpack around the place won't be an easy feet! It's not to do with my appearance, more of how I feel. If any of you are interested in snip bits of what I'm doing (nothing drastic and definitely not a diet, just healthier choices and exercising more) let me know, as I'd happily share what I'm doing. Although this will never be a health and fitness blog, it's always going to be about beauty and fashion and that's never going to change. Anyway, here's what I'm wearing tonight. I'm off to my friends house for some food and a catch up. This dress is donkey's years old and from Forever21+ it's a great shape and everything about it I love. The sleeves, the empire cut and the print! I added sandals from Penney's again from donkey's years ago. To accessorize I opted for this amazing statement necklace my lovely friends bought me for my birthday last year. It's so amazing and I'm getting more and more obsessed with it. I threw my hair up and added some huge shades and I'm set to go!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening <3

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Plus Size Festival Looks

It's that time of year again, and while I'm only going to a day festival (Longitude) I may try to squeeze in another one. When you're plus size getting looks together for a festival can be a little more tricky. I've put together a few looks that can be easily created for plus size girls!
Festival Look #2
Festival Look #1
This is my first and favourite look! Every girl has a floral dress in her wardrobe (If not Asos Curve and New Look Inspire have loads!) and a leather jacket, so this is definitely an inexpensive option! If you're going to a festival in Ireland or the UK chances are it's going to rain at some point and a good pair of wellies are essentail. If you've a wider calf Jileon have you sorted. They come in an array of colours and patterns so you're bound to find a pair that works for you! For the festival vibe a floral crown is a must. They're absolutely everywhere at the moment from Primark to Claire's Accessories and you can pick them up pretty cheap. Of course I always had a statement necklace and this gorgeous necklace really glams up the outfit! An across the body bag is also an essential to keep your belongings safe and secure and the fringing is bang on trend too!
Festival Look 1
Festival Look #2
Kimono's are all the rage at the moment and all the High Street stores are stocking them! The great thing about Kimono's is that a lot of the time they're generally "Free Size" so most girls can wear them, so don't be afraid to look into store you'd never really venture in to. Festivals for me scream one thing Kimonos!We all have a pair of jeans we no longer wear, and if you're a bit thrifty or any way creative you can turn them into shorts and destroy them the way you want. The Beauty of this is that you can make them as short or as long as you want. I personally love the destroyed look with rips, here, there and everywhere! You can find loads of Step-by-step tutorials online and you'll be a dab hand in no time. For shoes I love cut out boots. They're sturdier then sandals and they look a bit cooler!. Add a Statement necklace and a bright lip and you're good to go! Just Don't forget the Sunscreen! 
Untitled #103
Festival Look #3
If you're going to a more laid back and relaxed festival, then this is the look for you. Khaki pants are a staple wardrobe piece in my opinion. They're incredibly versatile and translate well in all seasons. I've seen paits in New Look Inspire, Asos Curve, Evans and Simple Be so keep your eyes out for a pair! Add a basic white tank, which I'm sure everyone has for a nice contrast. I always buy mine a size or two bigger to give it a more relaxed feel, especially if I'm wearing them over tighter trousers or jeans!Keeping in the neutral tones this crochet open cardigan is divine. Available from Ebay and Amazon! It's open and looks loose so a size L will accommodate a lot of ladies! Finish off the look for a nice loose chain, a cute Tribly Hat (Claires Accessories have something similar!) and a pair of neutral sandals.
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

They're Real "Push Up Liner" Review

Every now and again a product takes the beauty world by storm. I'm absolutely rubbish at liquid eye-liner and have tried countless times and countless products. The Pens worked a little better for me, but they dried out ridiculous quick and I wasn't bothered repurchasing. When I heard Benefit was bringing out pretty much a fool proof eye-liner, I was sceptical! However after using this religiously for a month I've formed a very strong opinion on it! 
Now I don't know about you, but those little angle brush and the pot of gel liner, wrecks me buzz. I've never gotten the hang of getting the perfect flick and in the end I've always given up, as I could never get the line right. In the end I'd have to redo my whole face as it always got everywhere. So this little Pen is a lifesaver. It's literally so incredibly easy to use. Like Honest to God ,you'd nearly be able to apply this in the dark, it's that easy!
The Pen has a twist cap, and has a Accuflex Tip, which makes applying the "flick" so effortless. It hugs the lash line easily and the tip enables you to give the perfect "flick". You can make it as dramatic or as subtle as you'd like. You twist up the formula and can apply both eyes with the product. Most importantly it's smudge proof. I'm constantly touching my face throughout the day, and this literally doesn't budge. The only thing I will say is if you want it jet black, I'd recommend to apply two coats! 
As well as the They're Real"Push Up Liner"*, they also have brought out a They're Real Remover* which is a cream based eyemakeup remover that takes off not only the "Push Up Liner", but also "They're Real" Mascara, which is great as I "They're Real" proved a little bit tricky to remove! The Push Up Liner comes in at €25. It's a little bit more expensive than I'd spend on a Eye-Liner, however after trying this out I will 100% be repurchasing this. I'm so impressed with this product I'd claim this baby at my all time favourite Benefit Product!If you're absolutely useless at applying eye-liner/simply aren't bothered with the hassle this is the product for you. I can personally vouch for the effortless application and will be recommending this to everyone and anyone who will listen! Now all I'm waiting for is Benefit to release a few more colours, and I'll be a Happy Camper! Fortunately for you guys, you don't have to wait too long now for the release as it's being released on the JUNE 28TH. Clear Saturday now girls! ;)

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