Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Day Out in Powerscourt

Today I was up bright and early to spend time with one of my longest friends Laura! She's jetting off to Australia in 3 weeks so we decided to do something fun and decided to go to the gorgeous Gardens up in Powerscourt. It's around €8 to enter but the gardens are well , well, well worth it. I hadn't been feeling this blogging buzz for the longest time now, but I brought my camera along with me and enjoyed being snap happy and taking loads and loads of photo's! It was such a lovely day to spend the afternoon. If you're ever visiting Dublin I would wholeheartedly recommend this place. It's a bit outside Dublin but loads of companies do tours etc. I don't want to go on and on as there is a million photo's to get through! Hope you enjoy :)
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Friday, 9 May 2014

Plus Size Bridal | Bijou Bridal

Now before y'all think I've gone and got engaged I haven't, but that never stops me from planning my Wedding. I haven't come across too many Plus Size Wedding dresses that I love though! I've recently been introduced to Bijou Bridal wear and thought I'd share it with you! Bijou Bridal Wear is based in London and is a family run business specializing in Bridal Wear in sizes 12-34. They don't just sell dresses, they sell an experience. Marzieh has years of designing and styling experience and decided to start this business venture when she was buying her own wedding dress and was appalled at how a plus size bride was treated in comparison to her when she was a size 8. She handpicks all the dresses in her boutique and from speaking to her I can tell how passionate she is. 
This one is by far my favorite it's so classy and elegant. It would really flatter a fuller figure, and doesn't look so restrictive. As a girl with a bigger bust I like how although it's strapless it's still modest so you can rest assured you won't fall out of your dress! I love how it flares out at the bottom showing off the beautiful lace and giving you a bit of volume. It's the perfect dress if you want the "Princess" look without feeling too "Poofy". I'm all for a fuller skirt, but I prefer it a little subtle. I love the bling around the waist, focusing on the smallest part of your body. It really enhances your shape as well as giving the dress a touch of glamour. This would definitely be something I'd try on if I was a Bride to Be! 
This dress is quite similar to the first one but definitely more figure hugging, but equally as gorgeous. It's not over the top and looks absolutely beautiful. This is definitely far away from the traditional wedding dress, but is perfect for a Bride that wants something more form fitting to show off her figure! Again it's very elegant and it just goes to show you don't need a huge dress to look beautiful and for all eyes to be on you! I've done a bit of research and a lot of Plus Size bridal gowns look dare I say it, frumpy? There wasn't a lot like this anyway. Most had sleeves, and while I understand that's a concern for some women, it definitely isn't for all. I also love how this is styled! The hair is absolutely fierce and the model is only beautiful!
If you're anyway tummy conscious (like myself!) this dress will skim your stomach and cling to your curves in the right places. The side detailing and the fabric gathering is flattering on your torso as well as the V-neck if you've a bigger bust. As a bigger busted girl I'm always wary about strapless bra's and have yet to find one that's supportive enough so the pretty strap on this dress would be one I'd love to try. The straps are still pretty and delicate and don't detract from the beauty of the dress, but you can still wear a bra with it and feel as supportive as possible on your big day! Like the first dress it's got a fuller skirt and I've no doubt any girl wearing this would look and feel like a Princess!

Over all I think it's great what Bijou Bridal are doing and I can sense the passion behind it. If you're a Bride to Be they're having an open weekend on the 7th and 8th of June in London where there will be 15% off! 
Collaboration with Bijou Bridal Wear*
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Monday, 5 May 2014

Instagram Catchup

So the room was cleaned thanks my lovely Dad, and my charger is still no where to be seen. I really need to find it tonight as I'm working pretty much flat out for the next few weeks and want to keep my little space updated! I love reading these Instagram style posts, so I decided to do one myself! If you want to follow me I'm (BOWFABULOUS) It's been a bit of a hectic week all round, and the next two aren't looking too good either! However I'm just remaining focused as if I'm not I think I'll loose my mind and hopefully I'll find my camera charger!
The main part of my week apart from working was getting my huurr done. I know a lot of people are "over" the whole Ombre look, but I'm not one of  'em. I got it cut and coloured on Tuesday in Ozlo in Georges St Arcade by a lovely chap call Matthew. He listened to what I wanted and I was thrilled. It cost a bit of cash, but I got what I wanted and love the colour and the cut. I'm new to looking after Ombre so I'm looking in to see what products are great for coloured hair. If y'all have any recommendations please let me know! In the afternoon I was lucky enough to get a complimentary facial by the lovely Skinician in Harvey Nichols. My skin was in dire need of some TLC and you've no idea how grateful I was! I had the "Glycolic Peel" and my skin was left incredibly soft. Normally these facials cost €65 but Skinician are offering Facials for €50  in Harvey Nichols on the 28th and the 29th of May for €50, which is redeemable on all Skinician products. So if you're feeling like you're in need of some TLC I couldn't recommend the Skinician team more. I'm currently testing out two of their products and so far so good! I'll report back in two weeks and let you know my thoughts. 

Over all the rest of my week was a bit bland, I was just working. I went out on Friday night and it cemented the fact that going out just isn't go me any more. It's just something I don't enjoy any more and it all feels quite juvenile. I feel myself getting older and more sensible?! Now all I need to do is sort of my career and I'll be a fully fledged adult! Now don't get me wrong every once in a while I will let loose and go crazy, but for the most part I'm swearing off nightclubs. I've also gone off drinking too. I was never a huge drinker but for the most part I'm going to be teetotal! That does exclude one or two cocktails with my favourite girls of course! Over the past week or so I also had some nice food, most of which was demolished before I had a chance to get snap happy! As it was the 10 year anniversary of "Mean Girls" I watched it with my friends over the weekend and it never gets old! Parts of the week were lovely and it really made me ready for Summer! (It's officially Summer now, which is kind of crazy!) I've just checked the weather forecast however and it's not looking good for I was next week, which is a bit of a bummer. The sun really does lift everyone's mood and Dublin is such a lovely city in the sunshine, here's hoping the forecast is wrong! 

Anyway the Bank Holiday is nearly over so I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
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