Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lollitint Review

Another Benefit review for y'all. They seem to be my favourite brand of the moment. I love everything about their products, and surprisingly have never had a bad experience with any of the products. I had a funny feeling about "They're Real" before I really gave it a proper go, and now It's my favourite mascara (like the rest of the worlds!) If you missed my review you can view it HERE. Anyway on to the new product of the moment Lollitint, and gals it's right up my street! 
Benefit have some fine tints, and I've been a huge fan of "Benetint" for donkey's years, ever since I purchased my first product "High Beam". It's been a love affair that's spanned 10 years so far! This shiny new product took the blogging world by storm, we all love a good tint! This new one is absolutely beautiful! I use it on my cheeks as opposed to my lips (I find it a little too drying on my lips, but with a  bit of lip balm it works quite well!). I absolutely love the look it gives me on my cheeks. It gives me a nice fresh, healthy glow and I constantly get asked, what blush I'm wearing, when I rock it. Fun Fact, Benetint was actually invented for a stripper to get pinker nipples- who knew! Anyway, today I'm talking to you about the newest baby to the tint family Lolli-tint.
 Pink to make the Boys Wink, or Sian wink! As everything pink I'm immediately gravitated towards, cliche or wha? I'm such a typical girly girl! Like all Benefit packaging it's so blooming cute. Pink and with polka dots on. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I judged this straight away and had crazy high hopes for it. I'm a really pink blusher kinda gal. If I could choose one product (excluding me brows, as let's face it I'm going no where without them) It would have to be blushes. They make me come alive, and more importantly look as fresh as a daisy, even when I'm not. I dip into coral tones every now and again but the majority of the times I choose a nice pink. Pink gives you more of a pretty, romantic healthy glow. When I first swatched this, I knew immediately it would be perfect on my cheeks.
 I tried it on my cheeks, and I absolutely loved it. Nearly as much as Benetint, and I really do love Benetint. It will always hold a special place in my heart! As I've mentioned  It's a lot more candy pink then Benetint, which I'd say is more rose toned, where this is a lovely orchid colour. After using it a lot more on my lips It really is more hydrating, so if you're like me you find Benetint a bit drying on your lips, give this one a shot. Although I still recommend wearing a bit of lip balm before you apply it. as if your lips are like mine they're constantly dry. which is a real plus. It can be built up to give you your desired colour, or left just to lightly tint your lips, if you're going for a more natural look. It also looks gorgeous with a nice clear lipgloss over it, for a real WOW factor. I love multi-use products like these, as lets face it girls, these tints aren't cheap. They do last for what seems forever though, so you won't need to repurchase this over, and over, and over again as a little does go a long way. 
I've been using this religiously since I got it a couple of weeks ago, and it's safe to say I'm in love. I love everything from the colour to the consistency. Like all tints, it's quite watery, but the colour that it leaves is fantastic. When I first swatched I was a bit worried about the colour pay off. I've been using this as a blush for a couple of weeks now, and it lasts at least 12 hours on my face - which is perfect for me, as I hate lugging around all my makeup on a daily basis! My bags always seems to be jam packed, and I'm always puzzled to what's making them so heavy, so I really don't need extra things to carry. When I use it on my lips, it lasts about 4 hours so, it's still a pretty durable product, considering most of my lip products last about an hour on my lips! Like I've mentioned before I would recommend using lip balm under it to keep your lips soft and subtle.
The bottle is the same size of the other tints, so you know it's going to last a good while. I love the shiny pink, it's so cute and girly. Benefit really are outstanding with their packaging. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and  I feel I haven't even made a dent in the bottle and I've been using it on a near daily basis. The colour is leaves on my cheeks is so pretty, and really unusual. It's like nothing I've ever used. It leaves my cheeks a nice candy pink colour, that's not too dramatic, we don't want to be looking like something out of a pantomime, do we?! Again it can be built up, so if you want a nice flushed healthy colour, opt for one application, but if you're going on a night out and want to look a bit brighter than go for two or three light applications, to build up your desired colour! 
Benefit "Lollitint"* €34.50

As you can see it's a gorgeous orchid colour when swatched(Colour of the year, dont'cha know) Once on my cheeks though I'd say it's more of a candy pink! It's extremely easy to work with, and I know it's going to be my go to blush for this Spring/Summer! Over all I'd say it's worth the €34.50, for two reasons. The colour is absolutely blooming beautiful, and it lasts for absolutely ages, so you're not going to be running of it any time soon. Definitely a product you should invest in! 

Sian xxx
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Monday, 3 March 2014

Happy March

So it's officially March. I'm so over Winter it's unbelievable. I want some sunshine back in my life, and for me to ditch my big Winter coat. The other day it was quite warm, so I decided to break out a floral blazer, and really try and embrace Spring, that's crawling up ever so slowly. This is a real Spring inspired look for me, and a casual one at that. Ever since I got these Jeans* from Yours Clothing I can't take them off! 
I'm normally a dress kinda gal, but more and more recently I'm trying to break up my style. It's more fun to mix and match! I've been getting so much wear out of all my wardrobe, since I'm not really buying new clothes (I did buy a few bits yesterday in New Look, Topshop and Yankee Candle though!) My wardrobe and rails, are threatening to break with the weight of all my clothes, so I'm really trying my best to be more resourceful with my wardrobe and bring you new and exciting outfits. It's proving to be pretty easy at the moment, but I don't know how long it will be until I run out of outfit idea's!I know I've been saying this for ages now but I really am going to organise a blog sale, as I've so much clothes, that need good homes to go to!
The Focal point of this outfit is the Blazer. I've a million and one blazers, and plan to grow my collection. They're just so chic and can dress up or down any outfit. I love wearing them with pretty skater dresses, or with jeans. I picked up this blazer this time last year in Penney's/Primark. I was extremely lucky, as when I went up to pay for it it was only €9! I love the sale section in Primark, you'll never know what you'll find and the prices are really rock bottom prices. It's quite flimsy, so it's definitely a late Spring, early Summer blazer, but I was so anxious to inject some floral into my outfit I didn't care about being cold. The sun has been out over the past couple of days and the Vitamin D is really giving my a mood boost. 
As the jacket is a bit busy, I kept the outfit really simple, with a peplum top from Asos, and my Yours Clothing skinny jeans*, paired with cute bow flats. It's a perfect outfit for me to be running around doing my bits and bobs. I love this peplum top. It's a thick jersey material, has sleeves to the elbow and the peplum starts at my waist which is really flattering for any figure, especially if you're an hourglass. Peplum style is still in fashion, and although not as much as it was the last couple of season. This style of top can really take you anywhere. If you added a sexy body con skirt you've an outfit for a night out, or if you pair it with jeans you've a more casual look. It's such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.
To complete the look I added a statement necklace. I've actually had this necklace for donkeys years. It's from River Island and it was a recent rediscovery. It goes with a lot of things, and especially brightens up a plan black outfit. I first thought it might a bit too much with the outfit but I actually really like it. I think it really completes the outfit, and ties it all together. I'm still unpacking for my Holiday (Yes, the one back in January!) and I found these sunglasses again, and I was delighted with life. I picked them up on Ebay for about €6 and although they're huge I absolutely love them. I had a pair similar back in the day that sadly broke, so I'm glad to get an extremely similar pair.
It's a really easy outfit to work with. Jean,Top and Blazer. There is so many different combinations you can do. It's a timeless classic combination that, never goes out of style. I quite liked being a bit more polished, it's a nice change! 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Benefit's "Gimme Brow" Review

So it's no secret that I love big eyebrows, I've been filling mine in for as long as I can remember. They really do frame your face, and give your a more put together polished look. I know not everyone likes the whole thick eyebrow look, so when Benefit brought out "Gimme Brow" I was intrigued. Being entirely honest at first I wasn't sure I'd like it! I like a really full effect, and I didn't think I'd be able to get my desired look from one tiny tube. I was eager to give it a go, and I'm shocked with the results! 
 Like all Benefit Products the packaging is uber cute! It comes in a teeny, tiny package, but don't let that fool you. Good things come in small packages, right? Now before Gimme Brow, I've heard of a few different brow mascara's and after reading up on them they got really mixed reviews,so I was really sceptical about another brow mascara. All the Benefit products I've tried, I haven't been disappointed with so I had high hopes for this little wonder, and hoped it would really be as good as everyone said it was. I'm always sceptical on new products the claim to do amazing things, so when I got the chance to test this out, I was so excited.
 It claims to be a "Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel" adheres to the skin and hair, creating brows where there weren't any to begin with. If you look closely at the brush you can see tiny fibres that look like little hairs.As someone who has two different brows, meaning ones more sparse then the other, I couldn't wait to give this a whirl, and see what it would to do fix my brows! It builds up extremely easily to create thick fuller looking eyebrows without looking too dramatic. It's also easy to build up, so if you're able to achieve the look you want depending on the occasion. It really has transformed my brow routine, and I've been reaching for this little baby more than my Sleek brow palette, which is really saying something. 
 It comes in two shades, "Light" and "Medium/Deep" as I like my eyebrows dark, I obviously went for the deep, but if you're not a fan of filling in your brows, but you want the shapely effect I'd recommend going for "Light". The "Medium Deep" is more of an ashy brown which makes it look a bit more natural than if it was a darker brown. I find the "Medium/Deep" to suit my colouring perfectly, and on first application it looks nice and natural and not too dark. Some days when you don't want to wear makeup, but you want your brows filled in (For me it's all the time, I've no problem not wearing makeup but I do have a problem not wearing brows!) this product is absolutely perfect. 
 It comes in this teeny tiny tube. It looks like your typical brow mascara from the outside, but once you see the little wand, you'll see it's completely different, as the brush it so tiny. What I love about the tube is that it slips into your makeup bag, and doesn't take up any room, as lets face it, most of our makeup bags are brimming with products. Although I haven't had it that long, I've been using this for about 3 weeks now, and love it. I've used it on a pretty much daily basis and I still feel I've loads of product left. A little goes a long way and If you're going for a really light look one pump can cover the two eyebrows, in one sweep. I've included a picture below when my eyebrows have been filled in using a couple of applications as I wanted a more defined and dark look, as I was going out!
Benefit "Gimme Brow"* €24.50

Over all this is a fantastic product and I'd highly recommend it to everyone, who wants to frame their face and add a bit of definition to their eyebrows. It's available from today at all Benefit Counters!

Sian xxx
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