Thursday, 13 February 2014

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Okay, I know I said I'd do more fashion posts, but me, being fickle I've decided to keep it the way it is, just try my hardest to do more fashion related posts! So apologies for me, being all over the place lately, but I've made up my mind, and I hope you enjoy the new posting. I plan to do 4/5 fashion posts a week, and a couple of beauty and lifestyle thrown in for a nice mix up. I also promise not to mention it again! ;)
 Now it's absolutely horrible outside, and my holiday seems like months, and months ago so I'm trying to recreate my glow. I've got my tan down with Cocoa Brown, but I have been quite undecided on a bronzer, for sometime now, until I found this little gem in my stash, that I'd completely forgotten about! I've been using Benefit for years, so it's always nice when you remember a little treasure that you use to love. Sweeping a little bit of bronzer over your face, gives you a nice healthy glow! Out of all the bronzer's I've used over the years, I always gravitate back to this one. I love the cute packaging and the colour is so nice and subtle and blends perfectly, so I'm left looking like I've been away for a few weeks!
I always forgot about bronzer as I contour with it my matte powder, I got in the Sleek contour kit, but sometimes I want to put a little more colour on my face than the places I contour. When I look for a bronzer, I want something that gives me a bit of colour, but isn't too heavy. A lot of bronzer's I've tried and tested are too dark, and "cakey" for my liking, especially for during the day. When I go out on the town, I wear dark Cocoa Brown tan, so I can afford to go a bit darker with my bronzer, but for every day use I want something natural looking.When I first tried Hoola bronzer years ago,when I was a little nipper I really liked it,and it was my go to bronzer for a number of years. I've rediscovered it again and it's become a staple in my makeup bag again. I've been using this since because Christmas, on a pretty much daily basis and I haven't made that much of a dent in it, which is great considering it's not the cheapest bronzer on the market!
The packaging(In typical Benefit style) is lovely, and really cute and fits in with the Hoola theme, very well! It's also a huge plus that you get a brush with it. I personally leave this for contouring and use my large powder brush from MAC to sweep it all over my face. Hoola is a matte bronzer, and is a lovely warm brown colour, not orange in the slightest. I'm always wary of this, as back in the school days I had some mishaps with bronzer, that had me ending up looking like an extra in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! It's incredibly natural looking, and would be perfect for beginners. You can sweep it all over your face for a natural look or for you can use it as a contour powder for a more defined look.  I really like how natural it is. It really just gives you a nice sunkissed glow, that doesn't look too heavy or dark. It's really perfect for this time of year, when you just want a healthy glow, and not look so ghostly! The reason this has been my go to bronzer is because of how natural is it. I've loads of bronzers, but I choose this one over anyone else because I just look so healthy when I wear it! 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer* €34

So like I said it's not the cheapest product,at €34 especially now when you can pick up a Rimmel Bronzer for under €10, but it really gives you such a lovely glow, and lasts forever, and due to the box it's in, it's really hard to break, so you don't have to live in fear that it will shatter, if you're like me and have butter fingers. As much as I like to have a bit of shimmer(mainly for nights out!) I prefer the matte look, so this really is the perfect bronzer for me, and I'm glad I rediscovered it. You can pick up Benefit in their Boutique on South William Street, in Debenhams, Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser! 

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We all need a bit of Sexy Lingerie in our lives..

It's no secret that girls love Lingerie, the prettier the better, for me anyway!. When Yours Clothing asked me to choose something for Valentines Day, I knew which one I wanted. It doesn't matter that I'm single. I can still enjoy and appreciate pretty lingerie! I have a million and one pretty bra's that are great for everyday use, but I don't have something a little more sexier. I wanted to go for something not very practical but still supportive, so I choose this pretty number. The Black Lace Bra with Pink and Teal Floral Print Panels* really caught my eye. I love how it's not padded (a 38FF) doesn't need any padding, let me tell you, but yet its still supportive. It's sexy and girly and even nicer in person! 
Now the post only came today, but I wanted to show you all, in case you're looking for last minute lingerie in time for Valentines! (Yours Clothing now do next day delivery to the UK!). Unfortunately for us Irish and Rest of the World Ladies, it's a bit late to order in time for Valentines. However I think you should treat yourself regardless if it's Valentines Day or not! We don't need an excuse to treat ourselves to some sexy lingerie, even if no one is going to see it! I've tried on the lingerie set, and it's really,really comfortable. I didn't expect it to be so comfortable, especially the bra, as it's non moulded and it's lace. I actually sized up to the 40F, and while it's still nice and supportive the 38FF, would of fitted me a teeny weeny bit better. So this is definitely true to size. I'm a sucker for Florals and love how the bra isn't entirely floral, as the black lace is really sexy and sultry.
The cups fit me perfectly, and there's no gaps. It gives me a nice cleavage, and gives my boobs a nice lift, while remaining extra comfortable. The straps are adjustable so you can alter your level of comfort, and hoist up your boobs as much as you'd like! The lace is really soft, and feels and looks a lot more expensive than €21! My favourite part of the bra though is the floral pattern beneath the bust. It's what made me choose this one, over all the other bra's. It looks the most expensive as well, which is always a plus! It has two Hook and Eyes at the back, which if I'm going to be a bit picky, I'd prefer three Hook and Eyes, for extra support but that's only if  I'm being picky! It still gives me support, and makes me not slouch as much as I normally do! Anyone else, have awful posture?! Another bonus for this bra that is goes up to a 46E. A lot of the lingerie companies, don't go up past a 38 back, so if you've a wider back, Yours Clothing have you sorted!
The top of the cups on the inside have silicone strips so it stays in place, Making sure  once it's on, it doesn't fold over which is great, especially as it doesn't have moulded cups. It gives you that extra piece of mind knowing, the bra will stay in place! Over all the bra is really comfortable, and looks gorgeous on! The Black, Pink and Teal Floral Print Brief* to match are nice and comfortable and feel really soft against my skin. At €10.50 they're no exactly going to break the bank, especially because the set looks pretty together! I'm one of those girls, who loves wearing matching underwear, whenever I can, so when it's a set I always buy the matching pants, or two! They're slightly high-rise which is nice and they're so soft they don't dig into you at all. They have too lace panels down the front to compliment the bra and makes the pants a little more flirty.
To give me a bit of confidence in your undies, I always go for Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan* I've harped on, and on about this on here so many times, but it's my favourite tan. For a nice golden brown colour I leave it on for 3 hours, then wash it off. It's still not too dark, but it's dark enough for my liking. Tanned skin, makes you look healthier and slimmer, so if you want a bit of confidence wearing your sexy undies this Valentines Day, I would highly recommend Cocoa Brown! I know only being slim will make you look slimmer, but if you want a boost of confidence and if you want to feel like a sexy, tan Goddess,then this is your product! Cocoa Brown is available everywhere! Primark/Boots/Superdrug/Pharmacies you're never too far from a bottle! To complete the look I'd do a nice pink hot lip and you'll be smokin'!

Sian xxx
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What I Wore: Oversized Scarf

Well today's weather has been a bit crazy, hasn't it? One minute it was sunny, the next there was snow! So hence my sunglasses in this outfit post. I had a busy morning, running around the place doing bits and bobs, and then had some admin things to do, which is always fun ;) Today's outfit was really casual, and I wrapped up warm, as it's so fricken freezing outside! Like most of my outfit photo's these days, I've throw in some out takes!
I've had this River Island Tunic for donkeys years, and it's actually got cut out shoulders. I wear an awful lot of black, so it's not to have grey to mix things up, yet keeping everything simple. I wore my Forever21+ jacket, which I've gotten so much use out of! It's so warm, and although you can't really see, but it's got gorgeous studded detail on the shoulders, giving it a real designer edge. As I'm always bloody cold( and the fact that it's absolutely bitter outside) I wore this extra warm hat, that I picked up in the Summer(Planning ahead is my forte!) in Primark in London. I love the style and felt it would go with a lot of my wardrobe! You can never go wrong with a black hat! I love the studded detail, and the cut bobble on the top, it's cute and edgy all rolled into one!
I got this scarf for my Birthday and I absolutely love, love, love it! It's from ASOS and it's so big, warm and snuggly! You can wrap it around you a couple of times, to keep yourself extra toasty! I like it because I like to wear black a lot, it breaks up the outfit and adds a pop of bright colour, which is desperately needed on days like these. I also wore my Over the Knee boots from New Look to keep my feet toasty, but I've to brave the outdoors tonight (I've got a nasty throat infection or something!) so I may be the most fashionable person and rock my UGG Boots. Love them or not, they're so bloody comfortable and keep your feet nice and toasty! I've only rediscovered them recently, while cleaning out my room and they still look as good as new(I've the Black Tall Ones) I picked them up 4 years ago in Orlando, so I'm well chuffed with myself.
Tunic:River Island, Jacket:Forever+,Boots:New Look, Hat and Sunglasses:Primark/Penneys

Over all this is a perfect outfit for the cold weather.If you're extra cold, you can add a light cardigan under the jacket to keep extra, extra warm! I only hope the sun comes out more and more and the snow and rain and everything else stays away so I can enjoy Spring, and not wrap up so warm!

Sian xxx
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