Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog and GIVEAWAY!

Man I must be getting old, I missed my Blog's second Birthday. For whatever reason I had it in my head that it was the 4th of February 2012, when in fact it was Yesterday! It both feels like a lifetime ago, and only yesterday that I started this Blog.   Not a lot of people know but I did start a Blog back in 2010 (It's long since been deleted) but it wasn't the right time for me, and I'm glad I waited and restarted when I did.  I go into a lot more detail in my first Blog anniversary, so if you're relatively new to this Blog, then you can read it HERE. I'm not going to get too soppy on y'all so don't worry! I just want to thank each and every one of you for all your support and kind words over the course of two years. I read, and reply to every comment, email and tweet as I want to always be approachable and interact with you all whenever I can. I can honestly say the Plus Size community especially are so kind, so so supportive of each other, and I'm glad to be a part of it!
I'd consider myself a "Plus Size Fashion" Blogger more than anything else, even after two years, and countless beauty reviews! It's where I started from and I want to bring it back to what it originally was. I started this Blog as there wasn't really any Plus Size bloggers in Ireland, so I wanted to try and be something different, I want to show other Irish Plus size girls, that they can be fashionable! I love all the UK Plus Size beauties but sometimes I find myself beating to my own drum all the way over here. I feel I don't really fit in with the beauty gals or the fashion gals. Saying that though I've only had great experiences with Irish Bloggers! They're extremely welcoming and lovely and I call a lot of them friends and I love going to events and discussing new products with them! It's difficult to explain, but sometimes I feel I just don't fit in in any specific area. I've learnt that's okay, I don't need to fit into one specific area, I can be a floater! Anyway, moving on! :)  I'm going to try my best to have 4 outfit posts a week, and a couple of beauty posts, as I really do enjoy them too, but I don't want to loose site of what I wanted back two years ago! So for now, I'm trying to be more predominately fashion!

 Anyway enough of my Jibba-Jabba! As a little thank you, for all your lovely comments, and your constant support I'm doing a Giveaway! I only like to do Giveaway's when I reach a Blog milestone or anniversary, so it's more special, and I can get a better prize! I've thought long and hard about what I wanted to the prize to be. I think to what I'd love to win so I've decided on the Naked 3 Palette. Everyone seems to love it, and my review went down a treat last week. It's a nice mix of colours and it's a colour that suits all skin tones, so everyone will be a happy camper! As I have a broad audience and a lot of my readers aren't plus size, I think it's best to choose some Make-up, as I don't want to live anyone out! My Giveaway will be open internationally! I will run this competition until the 3rd of March, and will announce the Winner on the 4th of March.  I've chosen Rafflecopter to host my Giveaway and it's fair and easy to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck Everyone! 

Sian xxx

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Frugal February Challenge Update: Week One

So week 1 has gone by, and being honest, it was easier than I thought, but I've learnt to space out spending a bit more, as Monday and Tuesday I probably spent the most! It's tough, not shopping and I've avoided Asos like the plague but, being honest I don't need anything at the moment! All in all, this week has been interesting, it's not as hard as I thought it would be, and I like challenging myself! It's really thought me that I've been really frivolous with my cash, and although I'm comfortable each month, I can make it stretch a lot farther than I use to. I can now save a lot more than €400 every pay cheque, if needs be! I'll be closer to doing what I want, and going where I want to go. It also taught me that I can still go, out and enjoy myself. Next week, will probably be more interesting! I did a few nice things this week, and didn't feel I was missing out on anything!
Monday was the first day, and it was easier than I thought. Normally every Monday I go to Nando's with a friend in Dundrum. It's a ritual that we've gotten accustom to. It's a nice way to start the week, and have a weekend catch up. It works out a little bit cheaper as we both work in Dundrum Town Centre, and we get a free drink, plus all the times we go, we've racked up a lot of free chicken, so it's only a matter of time before we get another free meal! It came to €12.10 for a single chicken wrap and spicy rice, so not too bad. I also picked up Stellar Magazine, a Curly Wurly and an Apple for after work costing altogether €3. Monday was probably the best day to start this as I was out and about, and I was forced to buy and make better choices. I forgot how much money I spend on little bits and bobs, and it really does add up! I also want to point out that I haven't gone into Boots or Penney's at all this week, which is a huge accomplishment for me ;)

Tuesday I met up with my friend Roisin after work, and we went for drink and a nibble in 37 Dawson St, which is our favourite spot for a nice chat and catch up! It has been since before Christmas since we saw each other, so we had a lot of catching up to do! I took out €40 out of the ATM machine, and was adamant not to spend it all! Normally I'd spend every penny, and get two more drinks, but this time I behaved myself! We both shared this Foccacia bread with humous and pesto, which is our favourite, and we both went for the Chicken Skewers with rice, which we both devoured!  I was a bit naughty and got a Kopperberg Pear all in all costing €14. My Luas in and out was €4.60 and I picked up a Malteaster Bunny for €1, along with €4 Miscellaneous bits and bobs, that I can't remember, which won't be happening next week, as I was a bit careless this week.Since it's my first week, I'll go easy on myself!
Total: €24.60 

Wednesday was a bit of a chill day, well chill for me anyway! Normally I'm on the go 24/7, so it was nice to take it slow and relax. I got a baguette in the shop for lunch, which set me back €3.50 a rip off for some chicken and lettuce if you ask me, next week I'll make my own from home! Late afternoon myself and my friend Laura went for a walk around the Park. After we decide to go to Lidl, and I of course picked up a few bits! I love the Lidl popcorn so I picked up a multi-pack of that for €1.89, I also got some Clementines €1.99 and some Dental Floss for €1.80! I brought in the Popcorn into work for the rest of the week for a bit of a mid-afternoon snack! I also picked up a few bits and bobs adding to another €2. Lidl really is  such a great supermarket! I don't do food shopping much, but the prices are so much cheaper than Tesco, and the likes, and I will definitely be making a few visits her  before my month is up! 

Thursday morning, I got up with Blog things, and cleaned my room a bit! Another goal of 2014, was to keep my room clean, and it's not been too messy for a whole month-a record for me! Thursday evening I went to see The Wolf of Wall Street, the cinema in Dundrum especially is expensive! (Not as expensive as VUE in Liffey Valley, mind!) I suppose, long are the days when €5 would get you a cinema ticket! I love going to the cinema, and haven't gone since the Hobbit (I think?) so was glad to have an evening out, if I'm honest! It was an amazing movie, and although it is a little bit long it's entertaining and you didn't feel you were in the cinema for that long! As I'm not a student any more(Don't know whether to rejoice or cry!) my ticket cost me €10,instead of €7.50 and along with snacks it set me back €.7.50. If I had planned it better I'd of got a drink in the shop, as the snacks in the cinema are extortionate, but I was still within my budget for the week, so I didn't mind to much. 

I was working Friday evening, so I didn't have to worry about lunch out,which was great! I just made myself some food at home, who say's there's no such thing as a free lunch? Although I forgot to bring a bottle of water with me, and ended up having to buy one in the shop, setting me back €2! I need to remember my bottle of water everyday, as It's so easy to forget it, and ll those €2's add up! I also picked up a packet of chewing gum for €0.80! I didn't get home until late, so I saved money by not going out! I relaxed and watched a few movies and cuddled my baby Ralphy, he really is the cutest dog in the world! I'm cutting down on drink this month too, as a bid to save more money. I didn't drink to excess over Christmas or anything, but drinking out in Dublin is really, really expensive and the cheapest drink you'll ever get is €5! If I do go out this month, I will drink enough before I hit the town! I saved a lot of money by not going out this Friday or Saturday, and my liver is thanking me.

Saturday I was a busy bee, but didn't spend any money! I brought Ralphy for a walk and then I just caught up with some blogging bits and bobs, and then got my front room ready for my friends coming around. I had a really relaxing evening with two friends, and we just chilled in mine because of the awful weather (we were going to go out, but the second we settled down on the couch, we knew we weren't going anywhere!) The rain was crazy, and we could hear it loudly sitting in my front room! We ordered food, and we watched movies cuddled up in a duvet on the couch, and I can safely say, it was a million times better, then going out in the cold, and spending money on cash! We watch Hangover 3 and "Worlds End" if anyone wanted to know! Loved the Hangover, but Worlds End was a bit shitty. if I'm honest! My Dad gave me a tenner, so that went towards the food. so in reality I only spent €5, a win-win all round!
. Total:€5

Working again, and I was forced to go to Nando's again. Yep forced! Two against one, so I had to go along, not that I protested too much! I got the same again the Wrap and the Spicy Rice (€12.10). I swear they put something in the food to make it so good! I'm gone off their chips, but their rice is so nice, and I don't feel too guilty with having two in one week! I also picked up a bit 2 litre bottle of water in Tesco for €2.45. I'm absolutely shattered and up early tomorrow morning, so I'm laying low tonight, saving more cash! I also forgot to mention in my originally post, that  I don't need any money for transport as I live only a 15 minute walk away from work so that increases my weekly budget greatly! Although Sunday night TV, is awful! I'm never usually in on a Sunday night and I can't help but notice there's absolutely nothing interesting on. I'm stuck watching "Breaking Amish : Los Angeles" and it's sad to say it's the most entertaining thing on! 

 Total: €14.55

Weekly Total: €91.35

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

Not everyone likes Valentines Day, and I get that. I'm a romantic at heart, and love it! I've yet to find someone to sweep me off my feet for this year, but I live in hope! I know it's only the first of February, but I'm ready for a new start! January seemed to go on forever, and ever and ever so I'm glad to finally be this close to Spring! As much as I love the dark nights coming into Winter, I'm ready for a bit of a stretch in the evenings!Anyway I thought I'd go along with the whole Valentines Fever, and compile some outfits for y'all. I would wear all these outfits not pretty much all the time. I did a good mix of outfit's so hopefully there's something for everyone here!

Untitled #83
Outfit #1
This is probably my favourite outfit ,as it's so simple! Everyone has a simply black dress and a leather jacket in their wardrobe, so it's only a matter of addimg accessories. For this look I wanted to go a bit more quirky. Adding a pair of heart printed tights, gives a nod to the day, but without loosing individual style, and the studded creepers make the outfit really funky. They studs will compliment the silver in the necklace, and your outfit will look put together without being matchy-matchy. As the outfit is pretty much black, I'd wear a bright pink lip and matching clutch with a statement necklace, for a less dark look. I love this one as it's multi-coloured and adds some colour to an ordinarily dark outfit. To finish everything off, I'd add a bowler hat. Worn with a curly blow-dry it's the perfect outfit for a casual date
Untitled #81
Outfit #2
If you're planning on having a date during the day, this outfit is perfect. The heart print shirt from Topshop(Asos Curve have a plus size version) paired with a high waisted skirt will give you gorgeous silhouette. The Skater skirt cinches you in at the waist and flares out over your stomach, great if you're stomach conscious like me! As it's still freezing, pair it with a nice warm gilet, and chelsea boots, for a fun day time look. To add a bit of sexiness to it the outfit rock a pair of Suspender tights (Asos Curve have a great Plus size pair too!). To compliment the outfit, add a red statement necklace over your shirt. I love button up shirts with statement necklaces it adds a bit of glamour to the outfit and can take you from day to night! This beautiful Michael Kors watch would love beautiful and with the outfit, and would definitely add a bit of bling to your wrist! 

Untitled #84
Outfit #3
There's nothing I love more than a Floral Blazer. This one from River Island is absolutely beautiful, and once I have the cash I'll be snapping this up! What I love about a blazer like this is that you can wear it with a dress or jeans for a completely different look. For this look, I decided to add a pair of pastel pink jeans. As the jacket is so vibrant I wanted to keep things a bit more mellow, and these jeans are perfect. they're not too light and not too dark! Trying to stay away from black, I paired it with a daisy print(big in for S/S) cream top from Topshop, topped off with a pair of nude shoes, and a nude tote bag. I completed the look with a light lip stain and a handful of blush pink bangles. 
Untitled #85
Outfit #4
This is definitely the most dressy, and would be perfect for a romantic candle lit dinner. This Coral dress from Monsoon is so pretty, a really great lady-like length, and the v-neck is really flattering to a bigger bust. I think it would be a shame to wear it with a black blazer or something along those lines as you'd loose the elegance of the dress, so I paired it with a beaded jacket from French Connection. It's perfect for a romantic meal and all you'd need to do is pair it with a simple silver necklace and a slick of coral lippy to compliment the whole outfit. I'd also add a very simple silver bracelet to keep the outfit elegant. This would be the only outfit where I wouldn't go mad for the statement pieces! I've opted for a black patent peep toe heel and a patent clutch, for a lady-like look. If you want to pamper yourself before the date, paint your nails and toe nails with a gorgeous shimmery silver to set the entire outfit off!

Let me know if you enjoyed these pics! 

Sian xxx
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