Sunday, 19 January 2014

What I Wore | Animal Print Maxi Dress

I'm a lucky duck sunning myself in Fuertaventura, It's lovely getting a bit of Winter Sun, definitely worlds away from the doom and gloom in Dublin!  I've been here for one day, as I've already got a bit of a colour and a hella a lot of a burn. I don't know why I wore a factor so low, but I've definitely learnt my lesson! The weather is really warm and sunny, most of the time with a few clouds every so often! I don't care as well as I can swim a little and get a bit of tan! I've brought clothes that are easy to wear, and that aren't too fussy! This maxi dress is a God send, and It's so light and easy to throw on, plus it doesn't take up too much room in my suitcase.
On Holiday's I keep my hair and makeup really simple, as well as accessories. I've only brought a couple of necklaces and a ring, to dress up some of my outfits at night. I've no jewellery on here,as there is some little studs around the neckline. I hate wearing jewellery on holiday especially during the day, it's far too hot! As for makeup, I'm just wearing a tinted lip balm here as I like having a little bit of colour on my lips, but don't want to slap on lipstick, that could easily dry out my lips! I have a few from "Catrice" a budget makeup brand, picked up in Penney's and I have a few of Revlon's "Lip Butters" Both are really hydrating!
 The huge sunglasses cover up most of my face anyway! I bought them on Ebay for about €5 a couple of weeks ago. I used to have a similar pair in brown but they tragically broke and I've been looking for a pair similar for ages! This Yours Clothing* dress is floor length on me at 5'6 but isn't too long, that I'm tripping up over the ends. I got it last Summer, so unfortunately it's not available any more, but I'm sure this Summer, they'll have loads of new and pretty ones! Anyway I just thought I'd say hello! 

Hope you're all having a nice and relaxing Sunday! 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy Friday

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, ask anyone. I'm pretty sure I've a mild case of OCD, but that's for another day. I've lost countless times, where I don't publish photo's because I'm not happy with them. It might be for a number of reasons. Location, Quality, outfits.. . I know I'm not alone but it's really beginning to bother me. I suppose that's the reason I've been writing more, and more beauty posts. Don't get me wrong I'm a beauty junkie too,and I'm constantly stocking up on the newest products, but I'm beginning to loose sight of why I started this Blog in the first place. I started it as a Plus Size Fashion Blog, but now I feel it's more beauty! I'm off on holiday's tomorrow, so I wanted to showcase you all a new favourite jacket of mine! I've been wearing it to death over the past little while, but haven't liked any of the photo's I've taken, including these. 
I don't know why, though! I love the outfit, the dress was a very kind gift from my lovely friend Isha, and the Jacket was very kindly sent to my from Yours Clothing! I'd my eye on it at Plus North, so I was so happy when I got the chance to review it! The outfit is really simple. I'm not wearing any jewellery. This Quilted Jacket*is a great addition to any wardrobe. It really break the boundaries of Plus Size fashion, as I haven't seen any jacket like this, in any of the other Plus Size retailers. The fit is great, and the jacket itself is really soft. It's definitely one of my favourite jackets! I've worn this so many times, and it's got absolutely no sign of wear, a great testament to Yours Clothing. I want to put a little disclaimer here though. I work quite closely with Yours Clothing, but it never changes or alters my views of the company or product. They're an absolute pleasure to work with, and I've never been disappointed in the 18 months I've been working with them! So if you haven't tried them yet, I really urged you to! They've even expanded their sizing in some of their clothes up to a 36! The dress Isha sent to me is absolutely amazing, and I love it! It's not something I'd ever pick out myself, but I'm so glad she did! It's so pretty, and looks just as nice with flats as it does with heels, and is a great change from the black I've been wearing 24/7 lately.  I've worn this on a night out with a fitted blazer, and statement lippy and got so many compliments-so thank you Isha! 
Anyway, What I'm trying to say is I think I'm over critical of myself. I criticise my self for not working too much, than working too hard. When my photo's don't turn out right, yada yada. The more I look at these pictures the more I like them. Sure it's not the best angle, sure it's not a full body shot, and the quality could be better, but I'm the only one who probably zones in on that. I look really happy, and carefree. I like my smile, as my da says, I'd want to for all the money he spent on braces! I'm off now for a week of Winter Sun, I've a lot of thinking to do, so I hope I can clear my head for a fresh new start. I'm going to take outfit photo's when I'm away to get back into the swing of thing, and I'm excited. As it was a last minute Holiday, and the fact that I'm broke there's nothing new but I don't think I've dug these outfit's out in a long, long time so you probably won't even remember! Anyway, I'll be posting over there, if the Wi-fi is any good, so hopefully I'll chat to you soon! 

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Facebook Body Bashing.

This post has been floating around in my head for awhile, as it's not a new problem.  I'd throw down some words and see how it goes. Not one for major rants but I think some things in the plus size community needs to be addressed. There will probably be no structure to this post, but never one to be quiet, I thought I'd chip in my few cents and write down all these thoughts swirling around in my head.

Over the last two days, on two different plus size Facebook pages,that both websites featured two of my lovely Blogger friends on their Facebook pages, and some comments are less to be desired. As a self confessed social media addict, I'm constantly trawling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I find social media fantastic to connect with like minded people, and have met some wonderful inspiring women through  it. I've of course like most Bloggers have encountered the odd internet troll, but that comes with the territory and quite frankly it's something that now goes over my head, and I would strongly advise others to do the same. I've learnt the hard way, that you'll never win a battle with Internet trolls. You may defeat one, but they're will always be more idiotic, uneducated moron's that you shouldn't waste your breathe on. It's a sad fact about Social Media, but it's one we all need to expect. As a plus size Blogger, a lot of the time the negative comments are to do with your weight, in the past I've always naively assumed it was coming from someone who wasn't overweight, who just wanted to put other's down about something, that didn't affect them directly.

However over the past while I've noticed an alarming change in the Internet trolls.  These trolls aren't these "picture perfect" women I'd foolishly assumed were the bullies, a lot of them in fact are also plus size. They're normal people who themselves are overweight. Society already tells overweight women that they can't wear certain clothes, and still look good (along with million and one other things) and  It really bother's me that some other plus size women agree with this. Not only agree with this, but  try and reinforce it onto other plus size women who want to break free of those rules and want to rock whatever they bloody well feel like. I know not everyone is as confident and daring as other women, and that's okay! Variety is the spice of life, and you're entitled to wear a swimsuit, as much as I'm entitled to wear a bikini. However what's not okay, is letting these women know, that they don't fall into the categories that you feel is appropriate for plus size women. All you need to do is look on the Simply Be, Yours Clothing and Evans Facebook pages, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Nearly every single time they feature a Blogger "modelling" their clothes, there's a string of  awful body shaming comments, from other plus size women. All these brands, they do delete a lot of them, and they try their hardest to prevent such negativity, but it's inevitable, that some will slip through the nets. I'm just so baffled onto why women who have more than likely received some criticism about their appearance in the past, wilfully project such negatively onto similar women.

The only obvious reason is that these women aren't comfortable and confident in themselves, and believe everything that the mainstream media tells them about plus size women. That overweight women are nothing but  "fat", "lazy", "unattractive" (I could go on, and on). However, does that give them the right to try and tear another woman down, tell them publicly that the article of clothing they're confidently and happily wearing "Doesn't do anything for her" and is "Awful"? I don't think so. Nothing gives someone the right to try and tear someone's self esteem down, purely because it's not something you'd personally wear.I wonder how they would they feel, if the tables were reversed? A lot of it more than likely comes down to a deep rooted insecurity within themselves. A lot of us forget, that just because we're all happy with ourselves, not everyone is, and some other plus size women are crippled with this insecurity and self hate. This of course is no excuse for their bullying tactics, but you can at least try and sympathise with them. They have no self confidence or self esteem and can't grasp the concept of other women, embracing their bodies and sticking the middle finger up at society. I know myself, there's something's I wouldn't be confident wearing, but I'd be inspired by other women who are brave enough and would applaud their courage. Just because you're not comfortable wearing something, doesn't mean you have to pass on your insecurity to those who do. What I find most upsetting, is these women don't see anything wrong with what they're saying. The only thing, we can do is just keep being ourselves and hopefully we'll encourage more women to step out of the box.

 I find a lot of the time people see Bloggers, and put them up on these imaginary pedestals. They see them posting pictures online,showcasing different looks from different brands and the feel like they have the right to remark on it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I understand everyone's taste is different, but that still gives no one the right to comment in such a negative and detrimental way.  Blogger's are normal girls, there's nothing special about us! They have feelings and 9/10 it's a hobby for them, not a job.  Yes they're consenting adults, and post pictures of themselves online, but that still doesn't give anyone the right to tear them apart and be critical of what they're wearing, and how they;re wearing it.  When Blogger's are featured on these Facebook pages, we're showing how the garment fits on different bodies, so we're actually doing them a favour.  I don't understand, that if they don't like the garment, don't buy it! Again everyone different tastes, and preference, and like I said you're entitled to it, just stop this disgusting body snark. 

What are your thoughts?

Sian xxx
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