Monday, 6 January 2014

Goals for 2014

Okay, so today was officially the most depressing day of the year. I for one wasn't affected as working in retail you don't really get a Christmas! I was lucky and got a few days off, but I've been back to work since the 28th, but I do sympathise with everyone who went back to normal today. I've let things settle for a while before I wrote my goals for 2014. I say Goals, because resolutions are impossible to stick to. I want 2014, to be a complete life overhaul for me. I want to change a lot of things and the only way to do it, is to be proactive about it. Anyway I thought I'd share my goals with you all, since I seem to share most things with you!
  • Learn to Drive 
  • Apply for my dream job.
  • Try as many foods as possible, variety is the spice of life, right?
  • Travel as much as your funds will allow.
  • Organise all my make-up, and store it easier and more functionally.
  • Continue saving €400 a month, and try make it €500
  • Get up at  a reasonable time every weekday. 
  • Complete a Make-up Course. 
  • Be more organised .
  • Be Healthier, both Physically and Mentally.
  • Blog on a daily basis, starting from February.
  • Get back into taking regular Outfit Posts-I miss those!
  • Complete a Photography Course.
  • Take as many photo's as possible, and put them in Photo Albums.
  • Make albums of all photo's, and actually do it this year. 
  • Visit my Grandparents more.
  • Get my nails and hair done, once a month. 
  • Donate/Sell all my old clothes. 
  • Read more books.
  • Go to more concerts. 
  • Learn how to use my DSLR Camera properly. 
  • Stop swearing as much, it's most un-lady like. 
  • Be more spontaneous. 
  • Organise my Office space  

There all I can think of right now, what are your goals for 2014?

Sian xxx
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Friday, 3 January 2014

Sleek "Face Form" Contouring and Blush Palette in "Light"

It's no secret that Contouring or Sculpting has become a beauty bandwagon that we've all hopped on. If you don't do it right, you can end up looking down right ridiculous. I normally use a blush or a light brown to contour my face, as I feel it gives me a more natural look, and doesn't leave any obviously lines. I like to use a nice golden highlighter too, and not just a pinky tone as I feel this can look to cold for me personally in Winter. When I was at my Cousins's Wedding in Glasgow back in October I popped into Superdrug and picked up the much coveted Sleek Contour Palette in the shade "Light". I've heard so many good reviews of this bad boy, I was so eager to try it out. 
First things first, the packaging is lovely and minimalistic. I find a lot of drug store brands have cheap looking packaging, but this isn't the case for Sleek makeup. It's plain black and not fussy in the slightest. It's also the perfect size for your makeup bag, and doesn't take up much space at all! Inside it you get a beautiful trio of products. A matte bronzer, A golden shimmery highlight and the most beautiful blusher "Rose Gold", which is a well known dupe for Nars "Orgasm" I've raved about this blush to all the girls in work, and they went off and ordered it, it's THAT nice.
 The matte brown is perfect for contouring. it's not too dark, nor too light. I've been using this now for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it. It's so easy to work with, and blends into the skin beautifully. I blend it into the hollow of my cheeks, my temples. and the outside of my nose. The Highlight isn't too shimmery and doesn't stand out too much on the skin, it just gives you a nice healthy glow. I sweep it on my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose to get the look I want. The Blush is probably my favourite part and product in the palette! It's a gorgeous Pinky/Coral toned blush with hints of sparkles. It gives me a lovely natural colour and is a great dupe for Nars "Orgasm".
Over all this is a great low budget product, and truth me told it this palette was double the price, I'd still repurchase. The quality of Sleek is fantastic for their price point. Whenever I go into a Superdrug in the UK, I heavily stock up. I use their Eyebrow kit on a daily basis as well as one of their bright pink blusher "Flamingo" (which I'll review soon!) If you're a newbie to contouring or don't know what kit to go for, I couldn't recommend this kit more!
As you can see, these products really are "Light" I've actually got the medium palette, and it's really more of a Summer palette for me, who's Casper the Ghost over here, at the moment! More often than not, Contour powder's are darker than my skin requires, but I've finally found the right one! If you want a review of the "Medium" Palette, please let me know so I can do a post on it, and you can compare the two!

You can pick up Sleek in Superdrug if you're in the UK, or you can check it out on  Sleek's official website

Sian xxx
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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Things I've Learnt in 2013..

So it's finally 2014! I can't believe how fast this last year has gone, it was a good year and I was reminded how lucky and blessed I was to have such a great family and friends. For 2014 I'm changing a lot. I want to change and be challenged and I don't know how to start this journey as of yet. All I do know is I'm going to put in 110% into everything I do, and hopefully I'll look back on 2014, with pride and satisfaction
With a New Year comes new hopes, dreams and goals. I don't do New Years Resolutions as I don't think I've ever stuck to one for more than a week, and a sense of failure the second week of January is not a very good start to what's essentially a blank page. Last year I did my goals for the year, but this year I'm doing something a little different. I've decided to include a couple of things I learnt in 2013 and share them with you all.  My 24 things I've Learnt in 24 Years went down a treat, so I hope you enjoy this one, just as much! 

  • People change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.
  • You'll learn that pulling all nighters in Uni is a lot easier than doing it when you're 23. This will become evident when you're project is due the next afternoon for College and you fall asleep half way through the night. 
  • Old friends are good ones, never forget that. You mightn't see them as much as you'd like but when you do, it's like nothing changed. 
  • You're always going to be busy, but make sure you always make time for friends and family while you can. 
  • If something/someone's not worth it any more, get yourself out of the situation and don't look back.
  • Don't judge people so quick, They'll  turn out to be great friends, and they'll give you endless laughs.
  • However some people are just Dicks. Plain and simple. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, no one is perfect, and neither are you. 
  • Relax about the boy situation. One-night stands aren't your thing, and from what you hear, you're definitely not missing out. 
  • You won't get an opportunity you really wanted. Why you didn't get it, will actually be the biggest blessing of 2013. Everything happens for a reason and this will cement what you believe firmly.
  • You bounce back quicker than you think, so don't sweat things. Everything works out in the end.
  • Once you start a savings account, you'll delight in watching it grow and you'll encourage yourself to save more and more. 
  • Sometimes staying in is a hell of a lot better than going out. 
  • Always prepare for everything when you travel, especially when you're on your own. Always have spare cash, and don't ever rely on a £20 note to get you home, ever again! 
  • Life is really precious, so don't waste time doing something you don't love. 
  • Always, always have dinner before you drink any sort of spirits or any alcohol for that matter. Hate to say it babes, but you're getting too old for this Malarky!
  • Life can be just  plain and simply shit at times,and everyone's fighting a different battle. Support your friends unconditionally, as you know they'd do the same for you. 
So there you go! I feel like I learnt a lot this year, and I'm ready to take on 2014 :)

Did you learn anything valuable last year?

Sian xxx
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