Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Tag

Hi Lovelies,
Apologies again for the lack of posting, I've been up to my eyes most days, and even when I have had a moment to breathe, blogging took a back seat. I'm however back in full swing, and can't wait to jumper back into it. This is the longest I've ever gone without posting, and although I haven't posted I'm on my blog everyday, and reading all my favourites! It's nice to take a  break every now and again, but being honest, it's harder to get back into the swing of things than I expected. This post was really enjoyable, and I'm happy  I eased into things with a Christmas Tag! I really enjoy doing these, and you guys get to know me a little bit more on a personal level! I can't believe it's the first of December! This year has flown by at lightning speed, which is terrifying! 
What's your favourite Christmas Movie?
I'm a bit of a film buff, and love pretty much all Christmas Movies! On the top of my list would have to be The Muppet Christmas Carol, Jack Frost, A Nightmare before Christmas,Love Actually,Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and New Years Eve, to name a few! Also Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Yes, technically not Christmas movies, but you're guaranteed to catch them on Telly at some point! 

Do you stay in your PJ's or get dressed on Christmas?
First of all I make sure to buy new PJ's a few weeks before Christmas, so I get the one's I want. I make sure they're extra baggy and extra snuggly. I'll stay in my PJ's (Festive inspired and ever,so fluffy) until my Parents and Grandparent's get up. We all come down in our Jammies, and have some breakfast, and I eagerly await present exchanges! I stay in them until about 1pm when the family come over. After dinner, I get straight back into them and lay on the couch like a slug, stuffed to brim full of turkey and somehow managing to munch on Cadbury's Roses.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Jaysus, I'd never have the guts to ask to open them on Christmas Eve. My Mother would have the wooden spoon out, ready to bate me! We open them about midday on Christmas Day, when I get up. Unfortunately long gone are they days where I get up at 6am! These day's I'm likely to be far too hungover from the previous night, and no amount of shiny new present's would make me want to leave the comfort of my cosy bed! I'm beginning to show my age here...
Favourite Christmas smell?
It has to be any of the Yankee Candle Candles. They all smell so yummy! I always make a point of getting one and last year, we had a collection of three miniature ones, that smelt divine! My favourite was "Christmas Cookie" I'm also extremely fond of the smell of my Christmas Tree! Funny enough as it sounds, I also love the "Christmas Air" I love wrapping up warm, and going on a walk and really taking it all in! 

What is your favourite Christmas Song?
Without a doubt "Fairytale of New York" I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been listening to it for well over two weeks. It's a great song and the atmosphere when you're out and it's playing in whatever Bar you're in, you can be sure that there will be a big over the top sing-song! All I Want for Christmas would be another favourite, and I love to sing it like I'm Mariah Carey on a night out. Shame I sound more like Mariah Scary..

What is your Favourite Christmas Drink?
I'm quite boring, and this isn't your typical Christmas Drink but I love a bit of Malibu. It was something I'd only really drink on Christmas, but that slowly became my go to drink! I don't drink it as much any more, so I really look forward to have a sneaky bottle over the Christmas Period! However I'm not a fan of their Limited Edition Snow Flake Bottle, with shaved Coconut, it's not too appetising. It's just harder to drink! In terms of a hot drink, nothing beats a Butler's Hot Chocolate! 
Favourite Christmas Meal?
A Big slap up lunch, with all the trimmings, hold the ham! I love nothing more than tucking in to a big roast dinner, with lashing of gravy! I love to drown all my potatoes in thick gravy, it's my favourite meal of the whole year! I'm even partial to the odd Brussel Sprout or two (My cousins are still baffled by this!). My Mum always get's a lovely desert too, so I look forward to that! Last year it was a Toblerone Cheesecake! No matter how much turkey I munch on, I always make sure I've a little bit of room left for some! 

Wrapping Presents-Love or Loathe?
LOVE, LOVE,LOVE! I've recently bought loads of cool and quirky gift wrapping from Penney's/Primark, and I can't wait to wrap all the presents! If you're looking for inexpensive wrapping paper, head there! Wrapping paper is such a waste of money, but if you only spend a couple of quid on it, it's not too much of a travesty! Last year, I made the rookie mistake of leaving everything to the last minute! NEVER AGAIN! I spend a fortune, a mistake I'm not willing to make again!  

Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?
Absolutely everything! I love spending time with my friends and family. I love relaxing in my fluffy PJ's and watching movie after movie while chomping on a selection box! I also love Ice Skating with my pals, spending time with my Grandparents and I love going out in Dublin a couple of nights before Christmas, as the atmosphere it electric! I also love decorating the tree, and dressing my Doggy up in cute outfits (He loves it!)
Christmas Tree Real or Fake?
Well I've never had a fake tree, so I'm going to be biased on this one, and go for real. Like I mentioned above, I love the smell of Christmas Tree's and wouldn't swap it for the world. I know those little pine needles can be irritating but it would never stop be from getting a real tree! Fake trees although they're a lot easier to maintain, I feel they're not as festive! 

Handmade Cards or Shop Bought ones? 
I'm awful, and only give cards to a few people! I would rather spend the extra bit of money getting them their present! When I'm older, I will definitely send out more Christmas Cards, as I do think it's a lovely idea. However I will probably buy Charity ones, rather than making them myself! Although I like to think I'm artistic, I don't think I'm that artistic!However I use to make them when I was a child for all the family, if that counts at all! 

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
In the last 6 years, I've been working! I don't mind it, as the latest I've been off is 4 o'clock. I then rush home, quick change of clothes and go down to my local pub with my Grandparents,my Cousin's and Uncle. It's a lovely family tradition, that we all thoroughly enjoy! We get some bar food, copious amounts of drink and we come home and relax or in my case pass out from the combination of working in retail and a weeks worth of drinking! 
Favourite Holiday Memory?
I've been extremely lucky in life, and have always had a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and laughter. I've a lot of fantastic holiday memories, that I couldn't possibly pick! However getting my very first bike when I was a tot, was pretty epic and I was absolutely thrilled! It was of course pink, and I felt like the coolest kid on the block! A Kids first bike is probably everyone's favourite Christmas, no? I remember my Neighbour coming in to see it and to see how happy I was. I later Learnt that aSanta had left it in her house for the night for safe keeping ;)

When, and how did you learn the truth about Santa? 
I was 10, when I was in London with my Parents. I was acting up as usual, so my dad played a game with me while my Mum was off shopping in Duty Fee. The game was  to stare at this poster for 10 minutes without speaking and he'd buy me a magazine. The poster had a promotion on it , stating you got a free Teddy Bear with a purchase over £30. Low and behold the Teddy Bear ended up in my stocking and being the genius I am, I figured it out, Great thinking Dad! However I still believe there's a little magic around Christmas time, and every year, I eagerly await the sound Rudolph's hooves on my roof! 

Snow, Love it or Hate it? 
Bit of both! I absolutely love it when I've nothing to do, and no where to go. However when you're trying to get to work on time and the snow is coming down heavy, it's not exactly fun! I don't usually condone Ugg boots, but when it's snowing ,they're my go to boots, and along with fluffy socks keep your feet nice and warm! If I'm off for the day, I love nothing more than to have snowball fights and building snowmen! One year, I even built a "Snow Sian" completely with boobs and a bra!
Phew that was a lot of questions! I tag all you lovely ladies! If you do this tag, leave a link below! I'd love to check it out :) Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Luxury Wish List

Hey Lovelies, It's not lie that I like a bit of luxury every now and again. I work a lot and always put a little money aside each month (running away money!) so at the moment I don't have any spare cash to indulge in anything fancy. Every year I like to buy something nice and I haven't decided what item I'll choose this year. I may buy a designer handbag (Style and designer to be chosen!) or a nice pair of Black Louboutin's! I've still no clue yet, and it all really depends on how much Holiday pay I get if I'm honest! Anyway even though I'm taking a little break and not ready to dive straight back in, I've compiled a wish list of things I'd love to buy someday...
Christmas Wish List
I think everyone has the right to treat themselves without judgement. I know a lot of people who will roll their eyes at a €700 pair of shoes or a €1,000 handbag. A lot of people think it's extremely wasteful but ultimately it's no one's business,what someone else buys. I love even looking at things I know I couldn't afford. Like a pair of Chanel earrings or a gorgeous pair of Miu Miu sunglasses! I think Santa is going to be extremely good and give me money towards a brand new Iphone as my Iphone4 is on it's last legs! All Iphone's go downhill after two years, which is a bit ridiculous, considering how expensive they are! I'm looking to get the Gold Iphone 5s and I couldn't be more excited! I love new gadgets and I can be guaranteed to be playing with it all over Christmas! I love little luxuries like a nice perfume or a Jo Malone candle. As much as I'm a fan of Yankee Candles, Jo Malone are in a league of their own and I would happily forgo a night of drinking to have one of these babies lighting in my room. They also make fantastic gifts for any woman! Same goes for mini luxury nail polishes! You get a taste of designer luxury, and you get to test out a few nail polishes! Deborah Lipmann is probably one of the more expensive nail polish brands, and it's great, because you get a chance to test a couple of colours out. For me I only wear nail polish for a couple of weeks anyway before something else tickles my fancy so a mini-set is perfect for me, and would be a great pick me up or a lovely gift! 

I love window shopping Designer brands, and saving up all my pennies to buy just one!  :)

Sian xxx
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Friday, 8 November 2013

24 things I've Learnt in 24 Years

Today is my Birthday! I'm 24, and it literally feels like yesterday I turned 21! Twenty Three had been good to me, but I'm really looking forward to this year. I've no doubt new and exciting things will be on the horizon and I excited. My lovely and gorgeous friend Mark took me out and took the edge off turning one year older last night. The Prosecco and cocktails went down very nicely, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm not feeling great today! However with some TLC, Presents and a slap up meal in my favourite Chinese restaurant I'll recover. Getting older 'aint all bad! Last night I wore this Tutu dress from Topshop, myy much loved A|Wear Sequin Jacket and topped it all off with a statement necklace and a red lip! In honour of my 24th Birthday, I've decided to do 24 things I've Learnt in my 24 Years!
  1. Your family will love you unconditionally, and will always have your best interests at heart. 
  2. They will be this incredible support system that will fix everything from a broken heart to a broken spirit.
  3. Your friend circles will continue to grow, and new people will constantly come into your life. You'll eventually weed out the sly and awful "friends" but will be left with the best friends group of friends you could ever ask for. 
  4. Always fight for the underdog.
  5. University will teach you a lot more about life, than the actual subjects you studied.
  6. It will also teach you to cram for all your exams, pull all-nighters and how to drink shot after shot without getting sick. As well as that you'll learn that when you turn up to the wrong exam on the wrong day, the world doesn't end. A well constructed email to your professor and a large glass of wine will turn everything around. 
  7. You'll leave feeling even more confused then when you begun. but you'll be left with great memories and a lovely loyal friend who you met in one random Archaeology class.
  8. At times Life isn't fair, but you're just going to have to get over it. The sooner you learn this, the better.
  9. If people call you weight-related names, be thankful that's the only "bad" thing they can say about you!
  10. Don't follow your dreams, chase them.
  11. Your gut instinct is always right, Don't ignore it. 
  12. Own up when you've mad a mistake. You'll be far more respected than if you pass the blame on to someone else.
  13. Give people second chances. Everyone makes mistakes. However NEVER give someone a third one.
  14. Not everyone is going to like you, and that''s okay.
  15. Don't obsess over what people think of you, it's unhealthy. The people that love and support you won't ever judge you, even when you've done something incredibly foolish/embarrassing.
  16. Don't cut your hair yourself. It's stupid, and you'll end up looking like a mushroom.
  17. Don't ever settle for second best and It's okay to turn things down. People will think you're crazy but you know what's the best choice for you. 
  18. Success doesn't come easily and you'll fail more than once and probably more than twice too.
  19. Be kind to people. The people who aren't kind themselves, need your kindness the most. 
  20. Value and Nurture your friends, they're there for life, and you've got a good bunch there.
  21. Forgive AND forget. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 
  22. Don't judge anyone before you've gotten to know them. You've been proven wrong about people and now have the pleasure of calling them my friends.
  23. Cherish times with your grandparents, they won't be around forever. Same goes for your parents. They both do a lot for you.
  24. Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and your friends and let no one tell you, you're anything other than fucking fabulous.
Sian xxx
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