Sunday, 7 April 2013

Asos Curve

Hey Lovelies, 
Continuing with my posts on Plus Size retailers Asos Curve could not be excluded. The plus size section of the popular clothing site Asos it was highly anticipated when it was set to launch in 2010.Asos Curve is by miles the most on trend plus size retailer. With their great quality, reasonable prices and new items constantly being added, it's not hard to see why. Ranging from UK18-26 they cater for a wide variety of plus sizes, and with their sizing running big, they can cater for women above that bracket. The Curve line has everything from Sequin tops, to short shorts. They're not your typical plus size range at all. From pictures their Spring/Summer line looks absolutely amazing with floral dresses, short crochet shorts, and even a pair of gorgeous short dungarees. Definitely every plus sizes girls one stop shop! Since it's launch it's been highly raved about, and I can really see why...

Asos Curve

I've picked my favourite dresses online at the moment. It was quite difficult as I pretty much wanted everything, but I managed to narrow it down to the most versatile ones. I included a "Almost Famous"T-shirt that has my name all over it. I'll buy a few sizes bigger and wear it over sized over white skinny jeans and aviators in the summer! Whether you're looking for a body con dress, or a pretty summer one you're guaranteed to find one that suits your style and budget here. I especially love the Aztec print Body con. I think it would look gorgeous with a tanned leg and a pair of Jeffery Cambell "Lita" boots. I'm heading to a concert next week (P!NK) and thinking this may just be my outfit. They also have an array of Little Black Dresses in all styles. Perfect for when all you want to do is put on a black dress. We all know how important is is to have a LBD (or two!) in your wardrobe.

I think Asos Curve has paved the way forward for other plus size companies, they really pushed the boat out for this line, and with things being sold out left, right and center it explains itself really.

What do you guys think of Asos Curve?

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Saturday, 6 April 2013


Hey Guys!
Hope you're all well, and enjoying the sun. It's still cold but at least the sun has got it's hat on ;) In honor of the sun, I thought I'd rock out some sheer. It's no secret that my tummy is my least favourite part of my body, so thought I'd challenge myself after seeing this gorgeous top on Asos. It was too cool not to buy! It's bold and daring but still being covered up at the same time. I paired it with simple black leggings and pumps to keep the outfit simple. I'm always up for taking risks in life and in fashion so I bit the bullet and ordered it. It's quite daring but for days when you're feeling a little bit more conscious you could wear it with high waisted trousers, and only show off a teeny bit of your tummy :) I hate when you're told bigger girls can't wear, *enter in mile long list* Okay, my tummy isn't a toned as I'd potentially like it to be, but WHO CARES?!
I kept the rest of the outfit simple and went for an all black look,with a statement necklace. I'm obsessed with these Primark sunglasses I love the circle shape and at €2 you can't go too wrong! I also picked up a pair in tortoise shell! Penney's are my go to shop for sunglasses. I break them so easily, by either dropping or sitting on them so when they've cost so little, you don't mind too much!
Top&Necklace:Asos, Sunnies:Penney's/Primark

Hope you all have a great day :) 

S xxx
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Shutterbug Vintage Kilo Sale

Last Saturday myself and two friends got up at the crack of dawn and headed down to Kilkenny for the "Shutterbug Vintage Kilo Sale" I'm not a huge fan of vintage, but I do love a good bargain so with €40 burning a hole in my pocket we headed off. We arrived there just in the nick of time, before the que became crazy! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm incredibly inpatient and hate waiting! We were in the que for 10.20, with the doors opening up at 11. The time actually flew in with a few laughs from my friends! Doors opened up bang on time, and I was surprised with how quick the place filled up! People were everywhere, pushing, shoving and grabbing everything!I am not an aggressive shopper and was nearly trampled! There were over 60 racks of clothes, loads of sequins and fur coats, and jeans, you name it! I was lucky and saw one lonely sequin top hanging on the rail and it fits! It's baggy (Surprise Surprise) and a gorgeous oversized Faux Fur coat, all for the grand price of €39.98!
As you can see the coat is a gorgeous brown/grey colour and will work really well integrated into my wardrobe. It's got huge shoulders and bell shelves which I love. I'll get a wear out of this for the next few weeks, and then hopefully I can put it into storage for next Winter! I can't wait to wear this next year! It's the warmed Coat I own! It's really over sized but I don't care, you can layer where it with so many colour! I think it would look so chic and classic with a nice black dress and black over the knee boots and a statement necklace.I'm getting excited and planning my London outfits already! They said the coats were priced individually, but truth is I just grabbed it and hid in a corner, blowing a recuse whistle (Friends anyone?!) Regardless it was an absolute bargain! 
I absolutely love this top. It's tack-tastic! I love everything and anything tacky, so this top all on it's own was calling my name! I snatched it up and headed to the fitting room, thinking it wouldn't suit! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on to see it was nice and baggy! It's got big shoulder pads and the sleeves come down to my elbow! It will be perfect for Christmas time! My only regret is not rocking this baby when it was the Millennium!

Do you guys vintage shop? Let me know your favourite bargains!
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