Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Summary #2

Hey Beauties! 
Another week gone, This week was mad busy for me, yet again! I love doing my little Sunday Summary's giving y'all some insight into my life besides blogging :)
  • I attended my Visual Merchandising course on Tuesday which I loved! I have such a passion for it, and so many creative idea's that I just want to put into practice! I'm going to actively seek Visual Merchandising positions before my move to London, it's just the perfect job for me!
  • I'm keeping up to my promise of blogging as much as I can, I think the only day I didn't write a post, was the day I was in Birmingham, it pays to be organised! 
  • On Thursday/Friday I jetted off to Birmingham for the Curvaceous INC magazine launch. I'll be joining their team, and I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to tell you more about it soon :) 
  • Saturday night I was too exhausted to do anything, I just chilled on my couch with a duvet and watched movies! I'm way too cool for this clubbing malarky!
  • Today I met up with my lovely blogger friend Laura in Dundrum, we had YO!Sushi, then we headed around the shops, I'm lusting after so much at the moment, a tweed Biba clutch bag to be precise..
  • I'm now just back from bite to eat with my favourite pal Rachael. I hadn't seen her in yonks, so it was definitely a much needed catch up! 

Hopefully everything will get back to normal this week, traveling always throws me a little bit! I'm off to bed a little early tonight, so I can finally be nice and refreshed for the week ahead!

Hope you all have a lovely week <3

S xxx
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Saturday, 2 February 2013

School wear

Hey Guys!
I'm back with an outfit photo, I've been mad busy and had very little time to get my outfits snapped! These days, I'm wearing clothes that aren't too fussy, and can just be thrown on in a hurry, as my sleep is very valuable to me at the minute. I started my Visual Merchandising course this week, and wanted to wear something dressy, but also casual and easy to throw on after work. The night before I was running around my room, like a headless chicken not knowing what to wear, something I admit doesn't happen very often. In the end I settled on this Topshop dress, and most loved Fran and Jane scarf.
 The dress has glitter going through out it, but it's subtle enough to wear during the day. I've yet to wear this on a night out actually, but I definitely will, whenever I get a chance! I added the scarf, as let's face it, it's still absolutely fricken freezing! I really wish the weather would get at least a little warmer! 
Dress:Topshop,Blazer:New Look, Scarf,Bag&Glasses:Fran&Jane

I paired the dress with plain tights, and little pumps from Penney/Primark. To finish off the look I added my Birkin inspired bag, as it fits all my notepads, as well as all the other crap I carry on a day to day basis! It's the most versatile bag I've ever bought, I can't wait to pick up another colour! To add a little fun element to the outfit I wore my fake geek glasses! I get terribly slagging for wearing them, but I don't care :D

Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far!

S xxx

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Friday, 1 February 2013

Mac "Pink Pearl Pop" Lipstick

As an obvious lover of pink, I'm always on the lookout for new pink lipsticks. Whenever I'm looking for a pink Lipstick I head to MAC. Their huge collection always draws me in, and I almost always come away a happy camper. It was Payday, and I wanted some new makeup. Normally I don't spend an awful lot of money on Makeup, as my number one vice is clothes but today I needed a pink pick me up.
The colour stood out in the array of nudes, orange's and reds. I knew it had to be mine. At €18 they are a bit expensive,anyone else remember the day's when they were €14?! But the quality and staying power are excellent, and they last ages. Pink Pearl Pop is a gorgeous pinky corally colour, that's not too strong nor too light. It's very girly and subtly warm. It's the perfect Spring colour and really brightens up these never ending Winter days.
 "Pink Pearl Pop" is definitly going to be my Spring/Summer go to colour. It's a lovely vibrant pink, subtle enough for during the day. I love how easy it applies onto my lips, and how long it lasts.  As it's a cremesheen finish it's so moisturising on the lips. It does require touch ups after eating/drinking but that's really expected from Lipsticks. I don't believe any lipsticks stay put after food or drink. Please someone enlighten me if they do though! :) The only downside to it is, that you do have to apply a few layers to achieve a nice medium coverage, otherwise the lipsticks quite sheer.
Over all I love this lipstick, the colour is probably on of the nicest I own! You really can never go wrong with some lippy, when you're feeling down. I've a very busy month this month, and can't afford a lot so a little pick me up for under €20 is the perfect treat. I've just been in Birmingham for the past two days, and had an absolute blast! Absolutely shattered now so going to catch some shut eye, will fill you in on Sunday <3

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? :)

S xxx
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