Monday, 11 June 2012

Every Day Outfit

Top and Skirt: H&M, pumps: Primark

Hey Beauties,

It's sunny again in Dublin, so I popped on this number this afternoon after work. I bought this top and skirt for €19.98 last summer in H&M. I remember because my grandmother was up in Dublin and slipped me a sneaky €20 note and said buy something nice. Instead of my usual squandering it on magazines or hair bows, I picked up this little outfit. The top has little cute bows on it, and the skirt has accents of coral so it ties in nicely. I love the change of seasons, as I discover little gems like this, that I haven't worn all year. I'm a bit of a clothes hoarder, but I genuinely try and wear them all as much as possible. I like posting my outfits as much as possible here, as you guys can get a good indication of my style, as some day's I'm dressed up where others like today it's a very simple outfit, albeit colourful.
P.S Wow Guys this is my 100th post! How times flies, when you're having fun! I couldn't imagine how much I'd love blogging, but I really do. I really appreciate everyone who reads this little blog :) So thank you all so, so much <3

 S xxx

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pink to Make the Boys Wink ;)

 Top:Fran and Jane.Cardigan:Dunnes Stores,Belt and Pumps:Primark,Jeans:Asos

Hey lovelies :) 

Here's my oh so summery outfit! I bought this jeans for my trip to Miami last January, and haven't gotten a chance to wear them too much but thought they went perfect with my top. I'm normally such a dresses girl, but I must say I love these jeans. I wish they were a bit tighter though, as they stretch in the waist and thighs, but not too much so it's not really that noticeable. The top also has little specks of grey in it, so I added a grey cardi to keep the look bright. I had a tendency to throw black over everything, a habit that I've thankfully broken, this blog would be a hella-a-lot more boring!

I'm on the hunt for new pretty lingerie, and while browsing my local Dunnes Stores I came across this lovely set! It was only €16 so it aint gunna break the bank! It's so pretty I just want to frame it in my room! Irish big boobed gals take note as this is in the D+ range! Whoop, so you can get cheap cute bra's in bigger cup sizes! [Size goes from 32D-40E]

Until next time folks ;) 

S xxx
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Neon Lights

Clothes, shoes and bangles: All Primark, Bag: Louis Vuitton.

Hey Beauties :)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Last night myself and a few pals went out to celebrate our friend Hazel's Birthday [Happy Birthday Hazel :D] We have a great night, danced our little bums off and just had a nice catch up! Malibu was on promo, a drink I've been in love with since I was 18 (or 16 if I'm to be honest!) My outfit tonight, is all from Primark. Cheap as chips. While I admire other fashion blogs, with gorgeous girls wearing gorgeous designer clothes, I just can't afford it. Although I am partial to a designer bag, although as a very special present on a very special occasion or when I save and save and save [Think, working 23 days straight to afford my last Louis Vuitton!]So I love sharing cheap looks on my blog. Some may hate this outfit, but I thought it was so fun. At the end of the day fashion is meant to be fun, and an expression of yourself, and I think this outfit epitomises ME :) I know the first two pics, aren't the greatest but please bare with me, They're taken on my mum's Samsung camera, and I can't work it to save my life! I'm in the process of picking out a nice snazzy one, when funds will allow!

Anyway Loves, I'm off to work :) 

Chat to you all soon :) My outfit is so girly today! Can't wait to show you! 

S xxx
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