Friday, 8 June 2012

Country Retreat

Pit stop before hitting the Motorway. It's not a Road Trip without snacks [I got BBQ Hula Hoops and Peanuts, if you're wondering!]
My Grandparent's lovely cottage <3

Neighbour's dog "Beethovan" He stuck his big head in through the kitchen door, giving me a huge fright, whilst I was in there getting something! Haha! I think he was a little peckish, so we gave him some dinner, he's adorable! 
My Grandparent's and I <3

Hey Everyone!

I'm back after a lovely night in the countryside. It's so nice getting out of the city, even though I live in the suburbs, Dublin's so small, that everywhere is close to the city! It's so nice visiting my grandparent's. I don't do it as often as I should, because of my work schedule, but I'm definitely going to visit them more :) I had a lovely time, being spoilt rotten by my grandparent's, eating Delicious Irish stew, and just enjoying the gorgeous scenery. My Uncle was also down, which was a nice surprise. I got my Mac-in-a-sac the other day while I was Primark. It fits nice and neat into the pocket believe it or not. It's so handy, and not completely hideous. It's a nice floral print with pink and yellow little flowers. It was an awful few days, so this was greatly appreciated. It's not one of my more glamorous outfits, but I like the simplicity of it.

I promise you'll get a proper OOTD tomorrow. Hope you all have a lovely Friday evening :) 

S xxx

OH AND [EDIT] I've created a Facebook page and I'd love you all to "like" it :)
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello Relaxation!

Top and Leggings:H&M,Sunnies and shoes:Primark,Bangle:Crystal&co,Bag:Axara Paris.

Hey Lovelies,

Today it perked up a little bit, the sun was shining! I wore this for a few hours today after work. I could of cracked a bigger smile though, I look soo moody ;) I'm not really that moody, I swear! It was such a nice evening, I just sat out in the garden and read a few magazines! I'm wrecked now though. I've a whole 3 days off in a row, so I'm going to relax completely. I'm planning on going down the country to visit my Grandparents and relax for a night or two so really looking forward to that. It's so nice to get away from the bustling of the city, as much as I am a city girl, at heart I adore the countryside

I'll speak to you all soon :)

S xxx
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Dress:New Look,Cardigan and sunnies:H&M,Sandals:Primark,Bag: Louis Vuitton

Hey Beauties,

Hope ya'll are well :) I had a lovely weekend, even though I was working most of it, Although I still got to play a little bit. After work yesterday I went to my lovely friend Sarah's house for a barbecue, the first of the summer. It was a lovely day and I was happy to get my legs out again, but at the end of the evening it was freezing!! So we all had cosy blankets and enjoyed delicious burgers. It felt so summery and instantly lifted my mood :) I kept it really simple. No jewellery, no nothing just an easy to throw on summer dress. I like having no fuss clothes, where you can just throw them on and you can fly out the door :) or maybe I'm just really lazy?!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! 

S xxx
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