Sunday, 29 April 2012

London, Fabulous Magazine Shoot


Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the absence, I've been in London. I've really missed Blogging, it's been the longest I've ever gone without doing a post, Slight withdrawal symptoms I think. I was very kindly contacted by the people at "Fabulous Magazine". It's a great magazine, that I must admit have only started to read. It's absolutely brilliant and very engaging. I will definitely buy the Sun on Sunday's just for this little gem, and I'd recommend you lovely ladies to read it too!Anyway I was contacted by them a little while ago, in regards to an article on the rising trend of Plus Size Bloggers. I don't want to go into too much detail, as I want you all to read it. I know it's going to be an amazing article,written by the very talented Isabel Mohan. There were three Bloggers contacted. Myself, Bethany and Georgina. Two absolutely beautiful women, who exude confidence and who both have different, yet equally gorgeous styles.

I was lucky to be flown out and put up for the night. Everyone was beyond helpful, and I was looked after extremely well. I stayed in the Guoman at Tower Bridge, and the view from my room was absolutely gorgeous. It was so nice I slept with the curtains open. I had an amazing day. The outfits were gorgeous, the hair and makeup was done beautifully and everyone was so friendly and super nice. We were all totally relaxed and we had so much fun.They were kind enough to book me on a later flight, so I could hit up Oxford Street. I am completely broke now, but It was totally worth it. The Topshop has such a wider selection than Dublin (obviously) and they had loads of 14/16's which is hard to find in the Dublin Store. I've the day off tomorrow so, I'll do a haul post on all my bits and bobs, as I love love love everything.

Until tomorrow pretty people <3

Sian xxx
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Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy Monday!

Hey Lovelies!

Happy Monday. Although it was a horrible, horrible morning, that resulted in me getting drenched on the way to work. Thankfully it turned into a lovely evening :). I wore this today with my faithful black boots, which have clearly seen better days. I love love this tunic. It's not something I'd usually wear, but I love it. The bat wings sleeves cover you're arms just the right amount, and the cut out shoulders, are bang on trend, and add a little something different. In the morning I just paired it with a plan black blazer, as I think the print stands out nicely against black.

Tunic: Chelsea Girl, River Island
Leggings and sunglasses: H&M
Boots: Evans
Bangles: Primark

Anyway I'm off for a walk now, So I'll catch ya's later

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lioness hair, leopard print outfit

Hey lovelies,

It's nearly half two, and I'm still wrapped up in a duvet, scoffing down some soup, and waiting in anticipation for "The Secret Garden" to start on telly. Some may call it as waste of a day but I don't care, it's the perfect hangover cure.

I've crazy hair, on many occasion's it's been compared to a lion's mane, hence my post title. I love big hair, it's almost like my security blanket, as well as my "scouse brows" I feel naked if I leave the house without either! Makeup I don't care, but brows and hair  I do ;)

I love this top, I got it in River Island before Christmas. I love when I do a big clear out of my room and rediscover clothes I forgot about (Terrible I know!)

Top: River Island
Necklace: Forever 21 
Leggings: H&M
Bra: Marks and Spencer!
Wedges: Primark

I love the sheerness of the top. I think it's sexy without showing too much skin, and I love the fact it's longer at one side, giving it some a little bit different!. I just paired it with black leggings and a black bra! I swear I wouldn't know what to do without leggings. I live in them. Here's hoping they never go out of fashion ;)

Anyway hope you all have a lovely Saturday <3

Sian xxx
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