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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Primark/Penney's Spring Summer 2013

Primark Penney's

Hey Lovelies, 
Hope you're all doing well :) I've been addicted to Polyvore lately, and decided to show you guys my tops pics for Penney's/Primark's! As a girl who is always buying clothes I love Penney's you can pick up items in there for as cheap as chips and can update your wardrobe for next to nothing. Every fashionista's paradise no? As you can see everything is so cute! Those denim dungarees how cute would they be with a cute tee under them? Or if you're brave enough a crop top! The yellow dress is absolutely perfect for Easter and can be worn now with tights, or cute sandals when the weather gets a little bit warmer! 

I don't know whether you've noticed or not but Penney's denim section has gotten so much better in the past few months. They have an array of jeans in every colour and for less than €15! Last month I got these gorgeous leopard print jeans with pastel green and pink throughout and cut gold zips and they set me back a grand total of €17! They're absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them with a pastel green blazer :) As always the selection of swimwear is great! Not great if you've big boobs but for all the slimmer girls, get your mitts on them before April is up or you'll miss out on lovely bikini's for your holidays. 

As always accessories are bang on trend. If I'm ever looking for a particular necklace, ring or bracelet I check Penney's first before I look anywhere else as they nearly always have what I'm looking for at a fraction of the cost of River Island and the likes. I always  get pumps in Penney's too. I go through flats like their going out of fashion, and with working in retail you can never have enough pumps. They always have cute ones with bows(always a plus!) in a wide variety of colours too. Lately they also have amazing cute blazers in every colour and style you could wish for. As someone who rarely leaves the house without a blazer this is great news. They have gorgeous summery colours too, which is much more S/S appropriate that my usual black ones! 

Are you guys as obsessed with Penney's/Primark as I am? 

S xxx
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway (Now Closed)

Untitled #41

Hey Lovelies! 
I've been meaning to this little giveaway for well over a month, and since I've finally got a day off  I decided to finally start this competition! With my blog being 1 year last month I wanted to do something a little special. I can't believe how far my blog has come, and can't believe how much I thoroughly enjoy it, so I just wanted to say a little thank you :) I'll be giving away the ever so popular Urban Decay BASICS palette, 3 Rimmel Apocalips, and an O.P.I nail Polish of your choice. Just for a little disclaimer I'll be purchasing these items by myself! :)

 To enter you Must be a Follower of my blog though Google Friend Connect or BlogLovin.

To further your chance of winning you can also:
Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)
Like my Facebook Page (1 Entry)
Tweet about my Giveaway (1 Entry)     
(I've just entered @Bow_Fabulous giveaway to Win an Urban Decay Basics Palette and more! :)

 So that's a total of 4 entries! This giveaway is open internationally, so everyone can take part.

 After you've entered please comment below in the comment box with how many times you've entered so I can keep track of everyone!

Best of luck to everyone! 
Competition now closed.

S xxx 

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spring Wish List

Top:New Look,Perfume:Marc Jacobs "Daisy", Crop Top:New Look, Jumper:New Look, Shorts:River Island, Bag:New Look, Necklace:River Island, Lip Balm:Cath Kidston, Maxi dress:Fran ans Jane, Floral Crown:Etsy, Heart print skirt:River Island, Pumps:Topshop.
With Spring fast approaching, and with the slightly longer nights,I'm getting in the mood for spring. I'm ditching my black and opting for more pastel tones. At the moment I'm loving pink and mint green. There's something so fresh and girly about both of them, that makes me want to wear it everyday! I know for sure I will be buying a few floral crowns, I think there's something so whimsical about them and fun! I would wear one everyday if i could! I wanted to inject a bit more sunshine into this blog, so thought I'd come up with my favourite bits and bobs from a selection of my favourite stores.

I can't wait for it to get warmer, who knows I might be brave and tan my tummy and rock a crop top/high waisted skirt combo? We'll see.. ;) I love this one it's fun, girly and would be perfect on holiday's! I saw this pretty skirt last night while popping around the shops after work, and I love it. It's a cute little inexpensive skirt that would look just as cute with a bare leg, or with tights. A perfect transition piece for your wardrobe. I'm thinking a little bit ahead but when I saw this beautiful maxi dress in Fran and Jane, my jaw nearly hit the floor. It's a gorgeous mint green, is an extremely flattering cut and can be dressed up for a special occasion like a ball, or worn slightly more casual on your summer holidays! If you're not a huge fan of pastel colours but still want to keep up to date, the best way to do it is with accessories, you can never  go wrong with a statement necklace or statement earrings or even a cute bag! Primark/Penney's/New Look and River Island would be my go to places. 

What are you guys looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?

S xxx
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Spring/Summer Wish List High Street Edition

Hey Lovelies,
Haven't done a wish list in a while! As a plus size girl, who is obsessed with fashion, I've never confined myself to Plus Size stores. My style is definitely trend lead, and I love keeping up to date with all the latest trends and styles. Unfortunately some plus size retailers aren't quick enough off the mark. Now don't get me wrong they has been massive changes with Asos Curve, Simply Be,Yours Clothing and Evans becoming a lot more trend driven, which is great. But as there not on my high street here, I tend to stick to the shops that are, and if I'm purchasing from one of the above companies I do so online. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I try everything I like on, regardless of the size and have found some gems, that I still treasure to this day! It's all about experimenting and trying different styles on girls :)

River island wishlist

River Island 
Going up to a size 18, River Island is great for plus size girls on the smaller end of the scale. Their sizes can be quite generous, and they often have loads of elasticated waisted skirts, and over sized tops! They're my go to shop on the high street for Blazers, pretty skirts and amazing accessories. The Beaded Headband...ERMAGAWD. I Love the Chanel inspired jacket, it will go lovely over a plain black dress and heels for night time, or equally as nice with jeans, and a white tee for during the day! The Pink jumper is very similar to a WildFox one, I had my eye on but for less than half price, I think I may have to pick this one up instead! Demin/denim look skater skirts are everywhere at the moment, and I love this one here! You can wear now with tights, but when the weather gets warmer it would be lovely on it's one, with a nice tanned leg!

A lot of plus size girls loathe Topshop, I know they stop at a size 16, but that doesn't mean you can't go in and try things on! Some people have been ranting saying they get "funny looks" by the sales assistants in there, but I for one have never experienced that. I think people are being a bit paranoid. Anyway... Here's what I'm looking at the mo from Topshop! I love their basics range, I've a couple of these dresses now, and there so easy to wear, they're flattering. They always have gorgeous knitwear, with funky motifs and colour! The crop top, is making huge comeback, and I'm just contemplating if I'm brave enough to rock this one! I'd pair it with a high waisted skirt, and little flats on a hopefully hot day during the Summer! I'm getting more and more into body con dresses as of late, and love this graphic print one! There's one thing you can't beat Topshop on, and that's their body con dresses!
Untitled #35
New Look
New Look in my opinion has come on leaps and bounds. It has it's own Plus Size Section Here, and there normal range goes up to a size 18. There price points are definitely the lowest out of these three, and their quality is on par.  Their clothing is very similar to both River Island and Topshop, so It's worth a look to see if you can get something similar with them. I for one, love their jeans! I'm not normally a jeans girl, but I just so happy to love the fit of these jeans! Their jeans are all good quality, and wash really well! Their jewellery is nothing short of amazing at the moment, and hopefully I'll pick up a few gorgeous pieces when I'm in London next weekend. I love this multi coloured speckled jumper, it's perfect for Spring, when it's still cold out, but you don't want to wear dark drab colours! 

 Well that's my Wishlist done for another week! I found it so hard narrowing them down! 
 If you would like me to do a plus size version, with all the plus size stores and my favourite picks, please let me know :)

S xxx
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Thursday, 17 January 2013

H&M Wish List

Untitled #33

Hey Lovelies,
It's no secret that I love H&M. It's definitely one of my favourite stores on the High Street. Whenever I want to update my wardrobe with a funky shirt or knitwear I head to H&M.After work everyday without fail, I pop into H&M as it's on my route home! They always have great knitwear in an array of colours, mainly pastel which I love! Their prices are excellent, and I've never ever had an issue with their quality. It's definitely leaps ahead of other High Street stores in terms of price. Their Spring/Summer stuff as predicted is gorgeous with an abundance of floral, neon and pastel. It's definitely got me in the mood for Summer! I'm a huge fan of their leggings, and am thrilled that they have floral versions, as their much more comfy and easier to wear than jeans! They have gorgeous little tops to match, so if you wanted to get a jumpsuit effect you could, giving you numerous looks from two pieces! Their accessories as always are bang on price point and trends. As much as I love Topshop's Jewellery sometimes it is a bit expensive compared to H&M, who very often have similar stock! You really can't beat H&M for their sizing too, I've loads of size Mediums from here, when no Large's were in stock and the fit me fine, it just shows you do have to try on everything! They always have loads of funky over sized tops too, so it's definitely well worth a look :)

What to do you guys think of H&M?

S xxx
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Years Eve Outfit Inspirations

I don't know about you, but you either love or hate New Years Eve. I'm one of those people that hates it. I've always have, and probably always will. I just feel the night holds such great expectations, and you're setting yourself up for disappointment. But of course, never one to be unprepared, I've come up with a number of outfits depending on the occasion!
Party: If there's any night of the year when you can go a little over the top it's New Year's Eve. I've taken a simple black dress, tights and shoes- which every girl has in their wardrobe and accessorized it. This cape from River Island is gorgeous, and would be perfect for the occasion.You don't need any necklace, and adds instant glamor to a plain black dress. Keep everything else simple with stacked bangles, and a gold/neutral eyeshadow, with lashings of mascara. Top it all off with glitter nail polish for an extra bit of sparkle.


House Party: Now for me personally House Parties are great on New Years. There's not a lot of pressure to have the "best night of the year" and you can just have fun with friends. If I go to a house party I'd love to wear something like this. This Topshop pleather skirt, is a firm favorite in my wardrobe, it's a flattering style and can be worn dressed up or down. I'd love to pair it with a purple sequined T-shirt, black ankle boots, stacked rings and a funky baseball cap. Not to everyone's taste I know, but I fricken love the baseball hat trend, and will continue to rock it ;) I'd wear cool green nail varnish to compliment the purple and tone down the outfit with a neutral toned clutch!
 Fancy Affair: If I had somewhere mad fancy to go on New Years Eve, I'd go, regardless of how I felt about the night. Truth be told I love dressing up in evening gowns,I feel so sophisticated and elegant in long dresses and wish there was more occasions to wear them. This gorgeous dress is from New Look. The colour is so rich, and red is such a festive colour, making it perfect for the occasion. The Hi-Low hem is still very much on trend, and gives you a chance to show off some skin, while still being demure. I've paired it with a blazer for a bit of warmth. To compliment the dress I paired it with gold accessories. I'd opt for earrings over a necklace on this occasion as I feel it's more dressy, and tie in the whole outfit with a fully sequined bag! To keep the outfit classy a nude lip, and nails would be perfect!
Dinner and Drinks: Since a lot of people are like myself, and would perhaps just go out for a dinner and a few drinks with their friends or other half. I've no solid plans as of yet for the night but I'm swinging on wearing something like this! I'd love to rock floral leggings, and a sexy sheer top, with either pumps,ankle boots or my well loved wedges. It's an effortless look, that's comfortable and easy to throw on! Add a statement necklace, and nails and you're ready to go! Don't forget to wear a nice bra, as there's nothing worse than wearing a sheer shirt, with a bad bra! 

What's everyone's plans? Whatever you do, I hope you have a safe and fun night! 

S xxx

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Gift Idea's For Everyone :)

I've decided to put together a few Christmas Idea's for y'all. As a fashion lover, beauty junkie and a girly girl all rolled into one, I decided to compile a few idea's for you. There's nothing I love more than giving gifts, especially ones I know the person will love! As Christmas can be expensive all of these gifts are under €40! With most of them being under €25! So you're guaranteed to make someone very happy, without breaking the bank :)
 For all those Fashion Lovers out there!
For the ultimate fashion lover, I discovered this Vogue Portrait on Esty, It's a fashion lover's dream, and I can pretty much guarantee it would be hung up immediately in their bedroom! These Suspender tights, from "Pretty Polly" are a cool and quirky, and these ones are One Size, fitting most girls, eliminating the dilemma of what size to get.  Jewellery, as anyone worth their salt knows can transform an outfit. River Island, Asos and Topshop all have quirky up to date pieces that are pocket friendly, and make excellent gifts! Style Guides are always greatly appreciated, from Gok Wan to our own Lisa Fitzpatrick you'll find a book to suit your fashionista! Skull's are still very much in trend, with no signs of dying out just yet, this clutch from channels Alexander McQueen, It comes in both black and this gorgeous Silvery colour, which is perfect for the festive season, and looks a lot more expensive that it actually is! I've seen ones retailing in stores for much more. 
Stocking Fillers 
Cute little stocking fillers for the girliest of all girls <3
 For girly girls, anything pink or floral (or both!) are the perfect gift! Yankee Candles are not only affordable but smell divine, you can get any scent you can imagine. You can never get enough pairs of gloves, especially if you live in Ireland or the UK. With the weather plummeting you need to stay wrapped up. These gorgeous knitted ones from Accessorize would be an ideal gift! Girly Heaven is located within the walls of Cath Kidston, where you can buy gorgeous mugs, lip balms, makeup bags,hand creams in an array of gorgeous floral girly colours. For all you Irish folk, hot foot it to Avoca, where you can buy gorgeous girly gifts. You can pick up lovely soaps, cute aprons and girly kitchen wear- perfect for mammy! I don't know about you but I'm a cold creature and am freezing all the time, so this cute hot water bottle would be a very welcomed gift to any girl who is freezing all day, every day. Not to mention it's fricken adorable! *hoot hoot* Again Channeling Alexander McQueen this gorgeous Scarf from River Island is cute and girly, yet incorporating the skull motif. It's a great length and the colour is fab, as not only can you wear it now, you can wear it coming into Spring/Summer.
For all those Beauty Junkies out there!
Okay, so if you're friend/sister/mother/grandmother is in to beauty, you better believe they'll have quite a stash of makeup/beauty products. These cute little idea's might be something a little bit different to what they'd normally buy for themselves. The 120 eyeshadow pallet which has been highly talked about, the staying power and the pigmentation are supposed to be amazing for the price (approx €19.99 on Ebay) You get every colour under the sun, in both matt and shimmer, making it a great gift for any beauty lover! You can never have enough makeup brushes, and for me personally they feel like a bit of a splurge. My personal favourite are Real Techniques which you can pick up for as cheap as chips in all Boots Pharmacy's. Lush Cosmetic's are probably the best Christmas present's for beauty junkies! Everything smells divine, they have ready made gift sets and you can spend as little or a much as you like. Smaller gift sets retail from around €13 so you can pick up something within your budget :)

Men's list
For the men in your life <3
Men are always quite difficult to buy for. Be it you Dad, Boyfriend, brother or Friend. You really can't go too wrong with aftershave, original no, but lets face it, they most likely need it ;) The likes of Topshop have lovely zippy hoodies and rucksacks all for a reasonable price, as well as now doing mens shower sets! With River Island having cute Christmas Jumpers! Primark(Penney's) have great Christmas jumpers too, as well as novelty socks which are great stocking fillers! Headphones are always a good buy too, you can get decent ones in HMV, and aren't are pricy as you'd imagine! :) For a funny gift, perhaps a Kris Kindle these funny Moustache's will give you all a good giggle! You can get them for about a tenner in Urban Outfitters! Hat's and glove's are also good present's, again not original, but with this weather being bitterly cold, again it will be welcomed, and used!

S xxx
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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

Victoria Secret Pink T-Shirt,Hollister Men's Tracksuit pants, DSLR Camera,Nars"Orgasm"Blusher,D&G:No.3 Perfume,Benefit Eyebrow kit,,YSL:Lipstick,Benefit:"Hello Flawless" Foundation,Burgundy Vans, Real Techniques Makeup Brushes,Naked2 Pallet,Sequined Ugg Boots.

As I know Santa reads this blog from time to time, I thought I'd help him see what I'd like for Christmas :) I've had my beady eyes on a DSLR camera so I can take better pictures for this blog and to turn photography into a bigger hobby. I've always wanted to try the Benefit "Hello Flawless Foundation" as  I've heard such rave reviews, and running low on foundation. As a lover of the comfort of Ugg boots, but not so much on their appearance I love these sequined ones. They really cute and don't look as Uggly ;) My stash on perfume is getting rather sparse now so the D&G number 3 would be lovely! I'm obsessed with it :)

I've already started my Christmas shopping, and I can't wait to give out my gifts, as I've put a lot of thought into them this year, Giving is always better than receiving! I'll be doing a few Christmas Gift
posts over the next week or two, to share some idea's with you, so stay tuned :)

Happy 1st of December! Can you believe how quick time is going this year?

S xxx
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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Topshop wish list

Topshop wish list
Hey Guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I've been mad busy as always, so apologies! I will have a few outfit's of the day for you this week :) I was in Birmingham this weekend for a photoshoot for an upcoming magazine. It was a great experience and I had so much fun! The issue will be out at the start of the New Year- so exiting times! I've more exciting news about the magazine, but I can't say too much at this point :) I'll write up a post soon with a few previews of the shoot  when I get hold of the pics. Anyway I've been really loving Topshop at the moment, and am really getting in the Christmas spirit. I'm going to get the Mistletoe jumper and red velvet skirt for Christmas Eve, it's just so Christmassy! You all know how much I love Topshop, and I always try on everything I like, sometimes the sizing is small and doesn't fit, sometimes it's big and does. I've loads of size 12's,14's and 16's from Topshop! So never limit yourselves to any shops! 

Hope you all have a lovely evening I'm off to relax in me friends house and watch the XFactor :)

Oh and the Winner of my Mac Giveaway is *Drum Roll Please* Nicola Sutton.
 Congratulations Nicola, please drop me an email at (You have one week to contact me, before I pick another winner)
I'll be hosting another giveaway when I reach 500 followers, so if you didn't win, don't worry you'll have plenty more chances :) 

S xxx
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

River Island Wishlist

River Island

Everything:River Island

Evening Lovelies :)

It's no secret here, that one of my favourite shops is River Island. I find them more trend driven then Topshop. I know where my paycheck is going this month. I find their prices have come down over the past year or two, and now just hope Topshop do the same! I need this coat in my life. I was on Twitter last night, and ask your opinion's, so I'm going to get it for a Birthday treat :) It's too amazing for words! Faux fur,pleather and tartan all in one-yes please. I don't know about you guys, but I'm digging the baseball hat! :) 

If you haven't entered my Giveaway you should do so now, before as it's it ends tomorrow at midnight.

S xxx
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Monday, 8 October 2012

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Gray

Black is one of my favourite colours to wear. I love nothing more than wearing all black, it makes me feel sophisticated and is definitely one of the easiest colours to wear. Since I began blogging, I've made a conscious decision to limit myself in terms of  the black clothing I wear. Now don't get me wrong, I love my mad vibrant colours and I love being all girly in pink or all summery in neon but sometimes a girls got to go back to what she loves. 

With the weather becoming increasingly colder, I feel myself reaching more and more for the black in my wardrobe. It's just effortless, and especially good for me, as I'm most definitely not a morning person, and always want to look somewhat put together. So I've come to a little compromise with myself. I've decided if I wear black and don't feel like adding a brighter colour I should mix grey in with it, giving me an equally sophisticated look. I decided to conjure up and outfit that I'd wear, and how I'd incorporate grey in with black. This outfit is all sourced from Evans, and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit in love with it.

So tonight while doing my usual browsing of all the online retailers, I felt myself clicking on Evans. Now I've a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. I find their clothes can at times be dowdy, and just not as fashion forward as I desire. Of course this is down to personal preference as I love fast fashion and am really trend led in terms of the clothing I like. I often see other bloggers rocking Evans(and looking only gorgeous!), clothes so I think maybe I haven't given them enough of a chance. Their recent collaborations with Clements Ribeiro is just wonderful and a great step for plus size retailers, and has to be highly commended. Truth be told nothing really has ever popped out at me,if it wasn't in a collaboration.

But my mind has been changed. I really love the coat and this instantly stood out to me. It definitely has a designer vibe to it and for under £50, you can't go wrong! I think this would be great to add to a plain black outfit, as it gives it a little lift, yet retaining a more muted look. I also love the ankle boots(with wider fitting, thank you!) and the Sheer "Cold Shoulder Top" which definitely is fashion forward!I would feel a million bucks in this outfit and all items are definitely on my Santa list, so Evans, I want to apologise for writing you off so soon :)

S xxx

Guys, what are you loving in Evans at the moment? :)

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dundrum Blogger in Residence Challenge Two

For the second part of the Dundrum Blogger in Residence Challenge the focus was on Accessories. Every Fashionista knows that accessories are the easiest way to transform an outfit and an affordable way to incorporate trends into your current wardrobe.  For this challenge I've focused on my four favourite  stores, showcasing what they have to offer for Autumn/Winter.
River Island Set

      Whenever I'm looking for a funky scarf or a piece of statement jewellery, River Island immediately comes to mind. Their price points are reasonable, and they have a broad selection of accessories which seem to follow this season's trends religiously. One thing that I always notice that that their collections appear to be inspired by high fashion luxury goods.
            For example, this beautiful Rose Gold watch featured above, which has become synonymous with Michael Kors is now available for only a fraction. Similarly, the black and gold studded boots are also reminiscent of a pair that ChloĆ©, did a few years ago.
            What I love about this set, is that you could incorporate all these accessories into your current wardrobe as they are extremely versatile.

  •      You could funk up your LBD with a the cat ear hair band and leopard print wedge sneakers for a cute casual day look which could be seamlessly transformed with these thigh high boots and a statement collar or cuff for a more outrageously sexy night ensemble.
  •       The tribal inspired scarf and red leather bag could be paired with your everyday skinny jeans and a plan white tank top for an effortlessly chic nod to the current tribal trend. Alternatively, both pieces can be worn independently for a more tame approach.
  •          As much as I love the benefit of adding a few inches to my height, I have yet to feel the same way about the pain of wearing heels, the thought of which can sometimes be too overwhelming before I even put them on! Fortunately, the flatform shoe offers a compromise between the two that you can't help but love. They give you the height without the heel, allowing you to shop all day, pain free  As such, I am absolutely ecstatic that they are in for A/W 2012!
  •     Thanks to the late great Alexander McQueen, the skull motif scarf is still on trend. As you can see above, I chose the black and pink version, as it will go with pretty much any outfit, as well as provides a pop of colour, giving any outfit an instant lift.
  •     Neon jewellery is remains on trend this season and these collection of eclectic colourful bracelets are perfect for Autumn days, providing a little fun to play with while you're reminiscing about those longer summer evenings and want something to tide you over until next year.
  •    The white shirt is one of those essential pieces that every girl (and guy!) must have in their wardrobes. Why not funk up your everyday white shirt with a collar, like the one I have featured above, paired with a pair of black cigarette pants? Instantly on trend! Now you have no excuse to claim you have "nothing to wear" as you stare into your bulging, overfilled closet!

  I find that I can always rely on Topshop to provide an edgier twist on trend-inspired pieces than most other stores. One thing that I love is how you can nearly always find something alternative.
            Studded accessories are still huge for A/W this year, with everything from pumps to jackets being adorned with the shiny metallic nuances of Rock'n'Roll, and Topshop has certainly delivered!
            Their jewellery line ranges from pretty lace collars to the coolest of ear cuffs. A personal favourite of mine are their collars, which are definitely the most edgy I've seen around at an affordable price.
            I mean, Leather and studs. What's not to like?

  • For A/W in Ireland, you can't afford to not invest in a scarf! I've always found Topshop to be an invaluable source of the season's hottest colours and prints, while  the quality is exceptional! Not to mention that the warmth that they provide allows them to serve a dual purpose as both fashionable and functional, making them perfect for our Irish Winter
  •     I love these loafers, especially as the studs are bright gold, and really stand out against the black. Pair them on with a pair black tights or skinny jeans.
  •        There has never been a doubt that faux-fur will always be in style for A/W. This Faux fur cream hat is not only a piece that you can wear for a few years but it will also keep you toasty in the cooler months without compromising on style. I've also chosen to include the bowler hate as one of this A/W's must haves. Believe it or not but it actually suits the majority of people, working well with both curly and straight hair. Never fear though, it doesn't give you that awful "hat hair"!
  •    This season heralds the return of the Military trend, which means camouflage jackets are everywhere. If you're not too keen on investing in a piece of camouflage clothing, might I suggest you go for a pair of trainers? Cool canvas shoes in a camouflage print like these are probably your best bet. Not to mention they're affordable, up to date, and most importantly, can be worn with a variety of items in your wardrobe.
  •        Brothel Creepers aren't to everyone's taste, but with a cute pair of frilly socks, they're bang on trend. Wear them with barely black tights and faded denim shorts and you'll be rockin'!
  •       Crosses are still around for this year's A/W. As much as I love the dark silver ones, I find they do not complement my girly girl style as much as I would like them to. I do, however love the pearl version! It's an elegant, lady-like touch of glamour, yet it still represents the cross theme. This is definitely the most feminine cross ring I've ever seen!

 Harvey Nichols Set 
From Alexander McQueen to Yves San Laurent, Harvey Nichols, really is the holy grail of Dundrum Town Centre.
  Oh, if only I had an unlimited bank balance...
            Unfortunately I do not, but that doesn't stop me from wandering in and lecherously leaning over the glass counters, lusting over these designer goods!
            For the more financially... generous amongst us, this place is a literal treasure trove of all those beautiful things you've only ever dreamed about owning, and is well worth a look if you plan on treating yourself (and why shouldn't you? You probably deserve it!)
            Now, If only I could have the option of choosing between the gorgeous YSL hot pink clutch bag or an Alexander McQueen studded ring clutch.... hmmmm....

  •         This Michael Kors tote is an affordable designer bag, considering it would make a great investment purchase! I recommend to buy it in a neutral colour such as tan, so you could wear it season after season, with a variety of different ensembles. 
  • The other accessories that I have chosen are not specifically for this A/W, but can instead work for all seasons, as let's face it, if you're going to splash out on a designer item, you want to be able to get as much wear out of it as possible to truly get your money's worth.
            Word to the wise,  you may spend much longer in store than anticipated upon reaching the shoe section, but don't be embarrassed should you find yourself being pried away from them by the security guard upon closing time. It happens to the best of us ;)

            "Penneys, thanks" is a phrase that every Irish girl knows, whether she heard it from her own mouth or someone who she just complimented.
            Synonymous with inexpensive, on trend fashion, Penneys, the Irish brand of Primark remains to this day one of my favourite places to shop, especially for accessories.
            Considered by many as "throw-away" buys, I have found most of their products to be of high street quality, with a thrift store price tag (hurray!)
  •        This shimmering gold satchel is an absolute steal. This  shoulder bag, inspired by the famous Cambridge Satchel, is just as beautiful and more cost efficient, and will work with nearly any outfit. Wear with to work. Wear it to school. Wear it to college. The possibilities are endless.
  •  These studded black slipper shoes continue the stud trend I discussed early, and make for a less expensive alternative to the "Vectra" by Topshop flats above should you find yourself on a budget before pay-day. Combine them with the black studded tote an you have an instant on trend look
  •        I absolutely love these floral ankle boots (surprise, surprise, I love something floral! Shocker!) They are perfect to add a pop of colour and femininity to any outfit. The ankle boot is a big motif this A/W, and this pair are to die for! 
  •      Alternatively, choose the grey or tan ankle boots above for a more neutral approach to the trend. These both look much more expensive than they are and will get you through the winter.
  • Yellow is a big colour this season. These gloves are the perfect shade of mustard for Autumn, which is as pivotal as canary is for summer. It is provokes the images of leaves falling to the ground at this time of year. Similarly, burgundy is also prominent in fashion this season, also bringing to mind the same image. This necklace and glove combination would be a fabulous addition to your accessories collection to accent your coated outfit with nuances of autumn to complement the trend.
I'd really really appreciate a vote, you all got me into the second round, and I'd really love to make it into the third :)
And Scroll down to the bottom and follow the link :) Thank you all so much :) xxx
S xxx
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Topshop: Shopping for a curvy girl

Topshop: Shopping for a curvy girl
Everything Topshop!
Hey Beauties!

Sorry it's been a couple of days, I've been a busy little bee. but you'll have an Outfit tomorrow, I'll make sure of it! I often shop at TopshopNow sometimes I go in and find NOTHING to suit my shape or fit over my boobs or tummy! I'm not going to lie, sometimes you do get disheartened, but I've learnt some tips along the way and I'd be more than happy to share them with you gorgeous girls.
  • OK, I'm pretty sure you're all sick of me saying this but you have to try everything on. Most of my clothing from Topshop are size 14's as the 16's fly out in their flagship store in Dublin. 
  • Jersey is your friend. I love jersey, it's really comfortable and stretches nicely to fit your shape, and I find it very flatter to my curves.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. I recently wore the deep V mesh dress, and I got so many compliments wearing it. I never thought it would look anyway decent on or if I'd even have the guts to wear it, but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love! If I hadn't bothered trying it on, I would of seriously missed out!
  • Wear their shirts open. I have this problem all the time. While shirts could fit my tummy, my bust would pop out, which isn't a good look. So I wear them open with a tunic and leggings, for a casual day time look. 
  • Always looks out for over sized bits, it's still a big trend, and it works extremely well for bigger girls.
  • Their Footware is always spot on, and a rather wide fitting! If I am to buy one thing from Topshop this Winter is a pair of boots. Last year I missed out on the Oh-So famous "Ambush" boots and this year I will not happen again. I will buy them next month if I have to! 
  • I got a pale pink sequins dress the same as the silver one above, it's an empire cut with jersey on the lining giving it a little more stretch and an open back. It's still got plenty of room on me in a size 16!
  • Which leads me to my next point. Ignore tags, and go with the cut and fabric. A-line/Empire Line are your friends as are mesh, knit and jersey :)
  • Crop top jumpers are great if you're like me and have a tummy. I plan on wearing the pink one above with a high waisted skirt and boots when it get's cold(er)!
  • The have the most amazing comfy jumpers. I have a lilac one which I got in a size 14 and it's roomy on me!, they're brillant for lounging around, going for walks or just chilling in general. I chose to showcase the black one above, which I plan on wearing with those cross print leggings and a tunic with my converse. I need to get paid pronto! 
  • Aztec print it still very big, and is lovely in knit twear. I choose this cardi because it's open and a big fit. I also love it as it's brightly coloured to make those cold, rainy wintery days a little more fun ;)

Hope you get inspired by some of these tips and if you guys have any tips for me, please let me know! :)

S xxx
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Saturday, 9 June 2012

River Island Summer Wish List

River Island Summer Wish List &lt;3

All River Island
Hey Lovelies,

Happy Saturday! I'm working all day, but I decided to schedule a post of all the pretty things in River Island I've been coveting. I bought the white and pink dress, as I'm sure you've already seen, and I've bought the paisley kaftan, but saving it for my hols!Only a few weeks left, until I'm sunning myself in a Spa hotel in the Czech Republic :) I get a few emails about River Island and their sizing, so I just thought I'd delve into it a bit. Sometimes River Island's sizing can run big, sometimes it can run small. I've gotten pretty good at eyeing up which pieces will be more forgiving to the curvy figure. For example. The Kaftan is a size 14. It's Empire cut, elasticated waistband and it has an A-line flair which skims my tummy so this baby was a winner for me! The dress was a bit more tricky for me but I LOVED it so much, I had to make it work. I was at my local River Island and tried on the 16 but surprise surprise, it was too tight on my boobs, a common problem for me! They didn't have any 18's left so the next day I popped into town to get it. Now I must admit the 18 was still a teeny bit too tight acorss the boobs, but I decided to go with it regardless, as it isn't too noticeable. 
I love everything on this wish list, although I do think the studded bra let is probably a bit ambitious for my lovely boobs to fit in! haha It's so pretty though, oh well I'll report back and let you all know :) The moral of this post is really to try things on. I know I've said this numerous times before, but seriously girls, hear me out!! I purchased a size 12 Kimono there the other day to wear over my Monif C bikini on holidays simply because it was the last one. It is over sized but the arms fit absolutely perfect, so I'm delighted! You'll have an OOTD of it and my Bikini from holiday's. Although I must dispair. I am lusting a Neon pink blazer from River Island, and the arms of the 16 are a bit too small. I've searched high and low for an 18, but they all seem to be sold out! It goes perfectly with a pink and blue lace dress I got in London. I'll keep looking though, I haven't lost hope yet, as nothing else is seems to go with the dress!Cross your fingers for me girls :)  

Chat to you later :D 

S xxx

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Wants of the week

Wants of the week
Scarf: River Island
Top: Asos
Boots: River Island
Dress: Topshop
Lavander Cropped Jeans: New Look
Sun Dress: River Island
Pink Tee: Wild Fox Couture
White Tee: Topshop
Clutch: River Island
Shoes: River Island

Sian xxx
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