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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

Victoria Secret Pink T-Shirt,Hollister Men's Tracksuit pants, DSLR Camera,Nars"Orgasm"Blusher,D&G:No.3 Perfume,Benefit Eyebrow kit,,YSL:Lipstick,Benefit:"Hello Flawless" Foundation,Burgundy Vans, Real Techniques Makeup Brushes,Naked2 Pallet,Sequined Ugg Boots.

As I know Santa reads this blog from time to time, I thought I'd help him see what I'd like for Christmas :) I've had my beady eyes on a DSLR camera so I can take better pictures for this blog and to turn photography into a bigger hobby. I've always wanted to try the Benefit "Hello Flawless Foundation" as  I've heard such rave reviews, and running low on foundation. As a lover of the comfort of Ugg boots, but not so much on their appearance I love these sequined ones. They really cute and don't look as Uggly ;) My stash on perfume is getting rather sparse now so the D&G number 3 would be lovely! I'm obsessed with it :)

I've already started my Christmas shopping, and I can't wait to give out my gifts, as I've put a lot of thought into them this year, Giving is always better than receiving! I'll be doing a few Christmas Gift
posts over the next week or two, to share some idea's with you, so stay tuned :)

Happy 1st of December! Can you believe how quick time is going this year?

S xxx
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