Wednesday, 6 January 2016

MeruMaya Mud Marvels Mask Review

New Year, New You... blah blah blah.. 
The one New Years Resolution I can get on board with is looking after my skin a little more. I've always been meticulous about taking off my makeup, but lately I feel my skincare routine needs a bit more TLC. I used this Mask back in November and I kind of forgot about it if I'm honest. The other night I wanted a pamper session and was rooting through my mountainous skincare drawer, when I found this gem, and decided to give it another whirl.

I'm a HUGE fan of MeruMaya's Melting Cleansing Balm*, so I had high hopes for this Mud Mask. Anything that claims to "Detox" is something I want to know about! MeruMaya Mud Marvels Mask * claims to:

  • Decongest & Detoxify
  • Clarify & Deep Cleanse
  • Revitalise and Rejuvinate

First things first, as someone who has dry AND dehydrated skin (there's a difference) I always exfoliate my skin prior to this treatment as I do find this Mask does dry out my skin. My go to exfoliant at the moment is the Botanics one from Boots. It's cheap and cheerful and does that job. If you're prone to oily skin this one will work wonders for you. If like me your skin is dry and/or dehydrated just slather on your favourite moisturiser after application.
The instructions are easy to follow which I like. There really isn't anything worse than a long list of instructions. It's straightforward, apply and even layer to your face and neck and leave for 15 minutes to so. I tend to leave mine on for about 25/30 while I get engrossed in something on Netflix. It's difficult to get out of the tube, but once you do and warm it up in your hands it's easy to apply all over your face (I avoid my neck as I like to make the most out of my face masks!)
As you would guess it's quite thick, but I only used a little bit as I don't love the whole "Clay" feeling and also it was my second day in a row using it - I just had a bad hormonal breakout! It dried pretty quick and your skin doesn't feel too tight and it doesn't tingle which I like too.You can use it all over your face or use it on concentrated area's too. After your desired time I use either a muslin cloth or if I'm really lazy just good old fashion hands and water. Compared to other masks it's pretty easy to remove. I use their Iconic Youth Serum because I love it, but I also use a moisturiser too!
Once the mask is removed your skin feels instantly better. It feels smooth and clean, but again if you have dry skin it will be left feeling a little dry, so make sure to top it up with some Moisturiser or their Iconic Serum which is lovely (and smells divine) Overall I would rate this Mask a 7.10. I've used better and I've used worse. If you've dry skin like myself I probably wouldn't splash out on this as it is £19.50 but if you're prone to oiliness or if you're prone to breakouts I'd definitely recommend this product!

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