Monday, 4 January 2016

Lessons I've learnt in 2015

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's not longer 2015, where does the time go?

2015 will forever be the year I travelled the world, changed career and got bit by two monkeys. It will also be the year I found my passion for Social Media and formed life long friendships with people I would never have the pleasure of meeting if I hadn't taken the step to travel the world.

I'll leave you with a lot of lessons I've learnt over the last year...

South East Asia (Jan/Feb)
  • Travelling will teach you to be kinder and be more patient. 
  • You'll meet so many people. Some you'll like, some you'll love and some you'll never want to see again. Not everyone has to like you, and that's okay. 
  • You'll learn to live by the saying "You'll sleep when you're dead" but girl, you'll NEVER, EVER, EVER be a morning person.
  • You'll learn to become an expert traveller. Hint: When the drinks cart comes around say you're a nervous flyer and you'll get a few G&T's.The magic rule is to always be polite and in doubt a little Irish charm goes a long way. Who wants to wait another three hours until they come around again!
Australia February/March
  • Befriending girls who don't speak fluent English will lead to a wonderful friendship! You'll learn to communicate through laughter and kindness, the basis of all good friendships, right?
  • Saying Yes to things that scare you will lead you to things you'd never thought you'd experience. I said "Yes" so many times this year and it lead to me jumping out of a plane,  swinging on the highest swing as well as landing me an exciting new career!
  • Take kindness when it's given to you. Accept offers to stay at friends houses and accept an authentic Aussie BBQ too they'll turn into great memories
  • Always, always check flight times and dates! (This one is a no brainer really..)
New Zealand March/April
  • Going to things on your own isn't as scary as you initially thought. Again use your Irish charm to your advantage and when in doubt offer someone a drink! 
  • Always wear suncream and keep topping it up. Your stomach will probably forever be a slightly different colour to the rest of your body thanks to not being so careful!
  • AVOID MONKEYS. Yes Monkey Island was a lesson learnt, but then you wouldn't have that story you just love to bore people to death with. You'll forever love to show off your scars at every possible opportunity (Bonus arse pic below!)
  • Hostel living 'aint so grim, but it's still not up yer street.
Thailand -  April
  • You'll never forget the kindness of strangers and then friends especially after said Monkey attack. There are a lot of kind and selfless people in the world.
  • You'll learn not to sweat the small things and be more optimistic. 
  • Enjoying your own company was mandatory with all the solo flying so you've learnt to be okay and be resourceful on your own!
  • Disappointment is just part and parcel of life. You'll get over it, but girl GET IT NEXT TIME.
  • Travelling parts of Ireland can be just as wonderful as travelling the rest of the world. The Cliffs of Moher are truly beautiful.
  • Equality Day was a pretty big lesson in love this year and you'll never be more proud to be Irish.
  •  The only lesson I've learnt in regards to fitness and getting healthier is to never give up. People falter, but that doesn't mean you're weak or you're a failure it just means you're human.

  • Getting involved as much as you can with the Refugee Crisis will be so rewarding and something you'll want to dedicate more time to in 2016. 
  • Travelling more of the Europe with some new and old friends is mad craic. With true friendships, it really doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen each other or how long you've been friends! 
  • Your friendship group will grow stronger this year, and you'll realise how remarkable your friends are. 
  • Always be present in the moment, but take too many photos. If only something to look back on and make you smile on shite days.
  • Getting Naked for Stellar Magazine will always be a lesson in loving your body the way it is now.
  • Taking a leap into a new career is still scary, and is still very much challenging trying to find your feet but the rewards are slowly coming. 
  • You make still be broke, but you're richer in so many, many ways.
  • Ultimately you can always count on your friends and family, no matter how many mistakes you make they'll support you and your friends especially will always try and show you the funny side of things.
So I learnt a lot this year. This year will be forever imprinted in my brain as my "fun" year, I didn't take life seriously, I lived life to the full and I took risks (Most risks were worth it!) It's been a jam-packed year and one that I don't think I'll be able to top easily. 2016 will pose some challenges I'm sure, but I've never been more excited to see what adventures I'll have. I don't really set new years resolutions, I prefer to set goals, although this year my sole goal this year is to be happy. 

I want to take this time to wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy 2016 and I hope all your dreams come true X

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