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Combating Dry Skin with La Roche Posay

I know you're probably sick of me harping on about my "Dry Skin" it's all you'll hear about this Winter again no doubt! Truth be told I do have very dry skin and it can be a problem in the Winter. For me when my skin is really dry, my foundation doesn't sit properly and my skin generally just looks bleugh. It gets really irritated and it's can aggravate me a lot. I definitely have been feeling a change in the air as of late so I'm thrilled these products landed in my door when they did!
My dry patches are my cheeks, my forehead and primarily my chin. I was in touch with the lovely PR team at La Roche Posay a little while ago and they kindly sent me out some products to try! I've been using these for little over a week and I feel I've made up my mind about them already. La Roche Posay is a skincare brand that I've come to know and trust and I've always had really positive experiences with their brand. 

I normally have a very good skincare routine and I haven't gone to bed in makeup in absolute years(Even if it's a makeup wipe job coming home drunk!) Nothing really has worked for me properly for a long period of time. I tried the Nutritic Intense Riche cream before and I absolutely loved it - It lasted me through last Winter but I never got around to repurchasing it, so I was thrilled when I got to test it out again.

I hadn't ever tried the Physiological Cleansing Milk* or the Ultrafine Scrub* so these were definitely the two I was most looking forward to trying.I am always on the hunt for a good facial exfoliant so I was so excited to give this a go! I find personally I need a 3 step skincare routine otherwise my skin doesn't get the best out of products. I love that these products all work towards combating dry and sensitive skin. I wouldn't necessarily class my skin as sensitive, but it doesn't hurt to add it to my skincare routine as my skin can go through sensitive phases every now and again!
UltraFine Scrub*: So first things first I start off with the UltraFine Scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells. I absolutely adore this scrub. I wet my face a little bit with warm water and then apply to my face in circular motions. It's really fine and it doesn't hurt in the slightest. The beads are so fine, but you can really tell it's working. It feels so nice and refreshing. It's great in the morning when you need to be woken up (anyone else?!) If you do have sensitive skin this won't aggravate it as it is really gentle and my face isn't one bit red afterwards, which is always a plus! I've noticed my face in general is a little less red and I'm hoping this will only improve as I keep using it - I will definitely keep you all updated, but so far so good!

Physiological Cleansing Milk* is up next. It's really simple to apply. Squirt onto a cotton pad (I get a big ass bag in Penneys for €2) and apply to the face. This removes makeup, but being honest I do a precleanse (never thought I'd be one of those now!) I mainly used my Micellar water from Bioderma.  So I mainly use this to get rid of the rest of my makeup. It's really nice and hydrating and a little does go a long way. I did find it could leave a little greasy residue, but that didn't bother me too much. Over all it left my skin nice and hydrated and got rid of every inch of my makeup that was still on my face. It's definitely up there on my favourite cleansers!

Nutritic Intense Riche Cream* is by far my favourite product- It's something that I will forever repurchase and I know now this is going to be my go to moisturiser this Winter. It's really thick but sinks into the skin effortlessly. I only really use this at night or if I'm bumming it around the house at home as it's too heavy in my opinion to apply in the morning. My dry skin patches although haven't been eradicated entirely have improved greatly! I know from previous experience after using this for a few weeks regularly my dry skin patches will be completely gone! If you've dry skin and are dreading the colder weather you need to buy this pronto - you can thank me later! 
Overall I think I'm very pleased with my skincare Regime at the moment and my skin is feeling ten times better! I'll update y'all on all my social media channels on how I get on in a few more weeks! I've always been using a Lush Face Mask that I'll review soon too! Watch this space! 

*Indicates a Gifted Item


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