Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Go To Summer Makeup

Okay, the other week when I coming home from work and my face felt disgusting. It was a hot day and I felt I was wearing too much makeup for the heat. I decided then and there to find the Perfect Summer makeup and I think I've found my favourite look. It's really easy, it doesn't make my skin feel heavy and it's also suitable for work too, A win-win. 
I've been meaning to test out some products for the longest time, so I was thrilled when these all worked to give me the makeup look I wanted to achieve. My face feels clean and isn't heavy in the slightest. I do have dry skin, so I skipped the powder as I wanted a dewy look, but if you're prone to major skine, you could totally just ad your regular powder for this look. 
 The Body Shop Wonderblur*€24.95
After I cleanse and moisturise I apply this to my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It gives me the perfect smooth base for my BB cream. It absorbs excess sebum and maintains a matte effect. I've found it works really well, but I do find that you need to solid skincare routine as well to get the best results. 

Bourjois Sun Illusion Blur Skin Perfector* €11.95
This wonder product has the benefits of a primer (It mattifies the skin), but this product gives a hint of a tan as well. Most of us want to look nice and sunkissed during the summer months so this is a must have. A little goes a long way and this colour here (fair) worked perfectly with my colouring. If you're on holiday's this would be perfect to wear on it's own! 

Bioderma Sensiblo BB Cream*€17.50
I'm sceptical about BB creams. I like them as in their light and if your skin is clear and even it works well for you. However, my skin is a bit red and I find BB creams can emphasise this and just settle into my dry patches. This Bioderma BB Cream in Light is a completely different story. I find it blends into my skin beautiful (I use my fingers for a more natural look) and conceals my imperfections. Sometimes if my skin is acting up I will choose to wear some concealer as well for extra coverage, but today I luckily didn't need it. It's also targetted for sensitive skin and comes with an SPF of 30. If you buy one BB cream this Summer- make it this one. 
Bourjois Aqua Blush in Pink Twice* €6.90
To complement my look I used this new Bourjois Aqua Blush. Normally I'm strictly a powder blush kinda gal, but I wanted this look to be for Summer, so nice and light. It's a liquid blush, so I squeezed a little bit out and blended it in. I used a blush brush for this so it blended in perfectly. It's not as long lasting as a powder blush, but I did look the natural look it gave me. 

NYX Eyeshadow Stick* €4.90
Now I'm not a fan of the NYX Eyeshadows, but I love their Eyeshadow pencils. I used this all over my lid and just blended it out with a big blending brush. I use the colour "French Fries" which is a gorgeous golden colour. It's quite neutral too and can definitely be built up for a more evening look. The staying power is really good and it's so easy to apply. The only downside is that you have to sharpen them and that can be a bit of a hassle. 

Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara*€10.49 and Bourjous Brow Natural*€9.49
I did like the Mascara, I've tried better ones, but I wanted to be as natural as possible. It's not very pigmented but it does the job. Brown Natural is like a felt tip pen for your brows. As a strict brush and powder girl, I was intrigued, but I found it incredibly easy to use. It's small so you can get every hair. If you're new to eyebrows this product would be very handy! 
Bourjois  Volume Glamour Waterproof Mascara*€12.49
As it's hot I always make sure I'm wearing waterproof mascara. This one is fantastic. It's easy to apply, doesn't smudge easily and stays on the whole day. It gives my lashes a nice lift, nothing too dramatic though - which is fine for me as I tend to wear this during the daytime. As far as waterproof mascara's go this is definitely one of my favourites. It gives me a nice lift, separates my lashes and doesn't smudge - especially in the heat!  

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipgloss* €10.99
To complete my look, I used a slick of lipgloss. I've been buying these lipglosses since I was 11, so it's nice to go back to my roots! They're nice, don't stick too much and leave a nice colour. I love these gorgeous peachy pink colour in "As De Pink". It leaves a nice sheen and makes my lips, extra kissable ;) Plus they're inexpensive you can keep a few in your handbag!

Bourjois Beauty Touch Eyebrow Highlighter* €9.49
Does exactly what it says on the pencil. It's a lovely pearly pink and I used it to subtly highlight my browbone. It's easy, not messy and you can direct it exactly where you want it to go. I also use it on my cupid's bow too and depending on my mood I'll use it on my cheekbones too. I like how precise you can be with it. It also blends easily with your finger. It's definitely one of my favourite brow products at the moment! 

*Indicates a Gifted Item

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