Thursday, 23 July 2015

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Review

Another beauty post from me today! Sorry, I've been sporadic with my posting with my new job it's all a bit hectic at the moment, but I'm pushing through. Blushes are one of my favourite things to buy and test out. When these babes landed in my post box I was thrilled. Being honest I always kind of skip over Max Factor in terms of makeup, I think all Irish teens had a run in with Max Factor's infamous Pan Stick..
I tested out three shades, but I do believe there are 6 in the range. I was sent "Nude Mauve","Seductive Pink" and "Gorgeous Berries". They are quite similar to the Milani Baked Blushes that have been taking the states by storm for quite some time! My first thought on the packaging was good. It's nice and compact and the lid isn't too hard to open, I find half the time I'm fiddling trying to open a product - especially if I've fake nails on! It doesn't take up too much space in your makeup bag either - which is always good!
I got the perfect mix of colours, one I'd used for a very natural look, one for when I want a bit more colour to my  cheeks and the third if I'm going out on the town! As they're multi-tonal pigments they blend effortlessly giving you a gorgeous flush of colour no matter what colour you chose. I use my Real Techniques blush to apply and it's literally a dream to blend - you only do need a little bit of product however!
Nude Mauve*: A gorgeous golden shimmer, perfect for when you only want a little bit of a colour. If you're looking for a nice natural look then this is the blush for you. If you've a nice tan you could also wear it on your cheekbones as a highlight! As it's a marbled effect, once swirled it leaves a gorgeous soft glow on your cheeks. What was at my first initial thought my least favourite became my favourite almost instantly! 

Seductive Pink* I'm a huge fan of pink blushes. The majority of blushes I own are pink, and this was the one I gravitated towards first. It's a lovely natural pink colour with a subtle shimmer to it, which highlights your cheeks beautifully. A little swirl of your blush brush is all you need as these Creme Puff Blushes are really pigmented, so don't go overboard or you'll end up looking a bit cray ladies. 

Gorgeous Berries* On first inspection I loved this, it's right up my street. My coworkers all loved it too, and was their favourite out of all the bunch! It's a beautiful berry colour, again with a nice subtle hint of a shimmer. I find this blush is definitely an evening blush or it would be more subtable for Winter. It's still absolutely gorgeous though, I'm just not used to having a darker colour on my cheeks! 
Overall, I'm really impressed. The blushes are priced at €11.49 each and I'd definitely fork out for them again! I really want to see what other colours they have in their collection!

You can pick 'em up in Boots!


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