Friday, 17 July 2015

Lady Voluptuous London | Phoebe Dress

My gorgeous friend George, who I'm sure a lot of you know as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has recently designed some amazing dresses for Lady V London. Her clothing line is called Lady Voluptuous and it has a style for everyone, whether you love a good bodycon dress or a nice flared skirt!  She's designed some amazing dresses in sizes 16-32 and it's amazing! A lot of plus sizes stop at a size 24, but George was adamant that she wanted to be as inclusive as possible and I couldn't be prouder.

The Phoebe Dress stood out to me most. I gravitate towards flared skirts more as not a fan of Bodycon dresses (But the Ursula Dress is UHMAZING). It's probably to do with my lack of any sort of bum though! My style varies a lot on my mood. Some days I want to rock converse and ripped jeans, but some days I want to dress up to the nines and the Phoebe is the dress for that occasion.  I absolutely love this dress, it was love at first sight. They have an awesome selection of colours, but for me it was between the Cream Pink Rose Floral or the Pink Flamingo. I, of course chose the floral though - so predictable!

 I ordered the 16 and it fit like a dream. I'm between a 14 and a 16 and the 16 fits well on my boobs. So if you do have a larger bust I'd say size up! They have so many gorgeous prints too. The quality is superb. It has been my first experience of Lady V and I'm so impressed. The dress is really well made and even comes with a little petticoat to give the skirt that bit of flare. I love the sleeves. I don't mind my arms, but in general I like a little cap sleeves. The sleeves are nice and loose so if your arms are bigger they'll fit comfortably. There is a little bit of stretch in the dress, which sits in and hugs you in all the right places. I haven't felt so confident wearing a dress in a long while. As I've mentioned I absolutely adore the pattern, it's so "me" and I feel so prim and proper in it.  I got a similar dress made in Vietnam with a white background and pink flower design, so it's definitely a print I love!
Overall I think it's an excellent venture that George has embarked on. You can tell how passionate she is about it, and all her hard work has paid off. Priced at just under €75 I found them extremely reasonable. The quality is excellent and the fit is second to none. I feel so fantastic in this dress, something I am struggling with lately as a lot of my clothes are too big and I just don't feel nice in them anymore. I only wish I could wear this dress every day! If you're after something more every day the Lyra dress is amazing. It can be worn for so many occasions and it would be the perfect wardrobe staple. My first taste of Lady Voluptuous has been fantastic and I'll be definitely picking up a few more pieces! 


  1. You look absolutely stunning! You really can't go wrong with Lady V dresses. If I could afford to, I'd own them all! xx

    1. Thanks Louise :) I absolutely love Lady V now! xox

  2. Wow. This dress is incredible. 100000% the style I gravitate toward, and I'm LOVING the length on it. I own a lot of dresses in this style that are too short for my liking.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, this one is just perfect! xox


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