Thursday, 30 July 2015

Boots | Botanic "Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm" Review

Everyone is obsessed with Hot Cloth Cleansers. They're one of the most efficient ways to take off your makeup. I find them really therapeutic too. I love the feeling of getting rid of all the makeup/gunk off my face. Whether it has been a long day or I'm just back from working out.  I do find, however, Hot Cloth Cleansers can be quite pricey, and there haven't been too many cheaper alternatives until now...

Boots Botanics range is a range I've grown up with so when I saw the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm on offer in Boots the other week. I'm coming to the end of my all time Favourite Merumaya Hot Cloth Cleanser and wanted to give this a whirl. It was under €7 so I dropped it into my basket and hopped for the best. Being entirely honest I hadn't read any reviews online or anything so I wasn't influenced by anything other than the price.
It comes in a nice neat package that is nice and light - so perfect for packing on holiday. It's solid at room temperature, but it melts in your fingers. Once applied your face looks like a grease ball. I like to rub it in for a few seconds before wetting my Muslin cloth with some warm water and then I like to see my makeup disappear. It removes my makeup with absolute ease. I do remove my eye makeup with a specific eye makeup remover first, however. As much as it removes all my makeup I'm a bit funny and like to double cleanse so I remove the rest with some Micellar water.

I can't recommend it enough - it's 97% organic and contains a blend of various oils including lemon peel oil, sweet almond and jojoba seed oil as well as rosehip. The main oil in the cleanser is Olive oil - but it really does work and it smells lovely too. If you're looking for a skincare treat, but don't want to break the bank and still want that indulgence feel then this is the product for you! It was 50% off when I picked it up (The offer is still on!) but it normally retails for €12.99. Still an incredible bargain if you ask me! This product gets a big thumbs up from me! 



  1. Can't find this in any Boots I've been in recently!
    May take a trip up to Liffey Valley and see if I can get it there!

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes xx


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