Monday, 22 June 2015

The Body Shop | Virgin Mojito Range

Just in time for Summer - Ireland do you hear that? The Body Shop has recently launched a Summer collection called "Virgin Mojito". I'm a fan of all sorts of Mojito's so I was thrilled to get my grubby mitts on some of the collection. It's the perfect scent for Summer and has be excited for going away- when that will be God only knows ;) On first sniff I was instantly transported to the beach, sipping a cocktail and watching the sun go down. This uplifting energising fragrance is all you need for Summer. This legitimately smells like a Mojito just minus the sugary scent. If you're a lover of Mojito like me, then keep reading!
Body Scrub*
I love a good body scrub. I suffer a lot with dry skin and I'm always looking for something that grabs my attention. This was the first product I used and it was a great introduction to the range. I let the shower warm up and I scrub myself pretty much head to toe. I find using this on dry skin gives you a stronger effect. If you've got sensitive skin, I'd try using it in the shower on wet skin. After I'm suitably scrubbed I hop into the shower and wash it off. My skin was left a little bit red but that's no biggie, all in all my skin was left nice and soft and ready for some Body Butter to be applied. 
Body Butter
If you're acquainted with the Body Shop, then you're acquainted with their Body Butters. They've been a staple in my beauty stash for many, many years. Many other's have come and gone, but none keep me interested as much as these ones. They make your skin feel like a baby's bum and they all smell amazing. This particular body butter is definitely going to be my go to during the Summer. It's zesty, rich and deeply nourishing. I love to bang  this on after the shower and go to bed and I wake up with the softest skin known to man! The scent really pulls me in though. You're transported back to holiday's and let's face it, who doesn't want that?
Body Sorbet*
Okay first things first. This is NOT a shower gel. It's a body sorbet. Last week I was getting ready for work and I grabbed it and hopped into the shower, not thinking too much in my sleepy morning haze. It didn't lather as much as my normal shower gel, but it made my skin smell amazing so I thought nothing of it. I later found out that it wasn't a shower gel, but a moisturiser. It's a good thing I'm not a regular beauty blogger! Anyway this is the perfect product to pack for your holiday's. It's light, sinks into your skin quickly and again leaves your skin smelling incredible. It's a funny consistency for a moisturiser but it would be incredibly refreshing after a long day out in the sun. 

If you're a lover of fresh fragrances then check out The Body Shop - But hurry it's a limited collection. I'll fight you off for that scrub! 

*Indicates a Gifted Item


  1. These look amazing! I'll definitely be getting!xx

    1. I actually thought of you! Can't wait to see you next month! xox

  2. I give these a smell the other day in store and they smell incredible! Really want to grab the body butter, perfect for summer!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

    1. They smell amazing don't they! The body butter is sooo good! x


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