Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Getting Festival Ready With Boohoo

Summer is nearly here, it's still cold in Ireland (surprise surprise) but that doesn't mean festival season isn't on it's way! I love festivals and I love fashion so put the two and two together I'm one happy bunny! Don't get me wrong I love a good gig but there's something about festival fashion that gets me so excited! When you're a plus size girl it can get a bit trickier to get trends at the time you need, sometimes you see them trickling down a little later than you want them too. have some awesome pieces all in plenty of time for festival season. I put together a quick and easy look here in case you're looking for some inspiration!

I chose this dress in a size 16, it's nice and loose and has a cool boho vibe to it. Tassels are so in this Spring/Summer so the tassels on the sleeve are a nice trendy touch, just without being irritating. I have a Kimono that I adore but the tassels get caught in absolutely everything and it just puts me off wearing it. These however, are positioned on the sleeve to avoid any awkward tangles! To compliment the look I rocked these extremely comfy lace up boots, they've a nice platform too, which makes them so comfortable meaning you could totally rock these all day without your feet getting sore! To finish the look I wore a statement necklace and added a fedora hat - it 'aint a festival without something on your head, no? And of course I added some token bright sunglasses! I picked up these in Phuket for next to nothing, I'm only kicking myself I didn't get a few more pairs.

Dress*: Boohoo
Necklace*: Boohoo
Fedora*: Boohoo
*Indicates a gifted item



  1. Love it Sian!
    You look stunning!
    I have a Kimono with lopped tassels that get caught in everything too, but I love it so much that I just suffer it ha.
    Im really loving a loose flowy kind of style lately. So laid back but beautiful looking.
    Those boots though. Need 💕

    1. And by lopped... I mean looped!

    2. Awh thank you! I know it's so annoying, the things we do for fashion, eh? x

  2. Very cute outfit! Festival-worthy. Meanwhile, love the sunglasses. Where from?

    1. Thank you, they're from Thailand but Forever 21 had a similar pair! :) x

  3. Love this outfit, looks gorgeous but really comfy!

  4. I love this look!! 😍 I really need to get a flat brimmed hat like that. An I's a music festival, something has to be on your head even if its a mountain of braids. Hope you had fun!



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