Friday, 28 February 2014

What I Wore | Jeans and Leather Jacket

Jeans are a staple in every girls wardrobe, my pair that I got nearly three years ago from Forever21 have just ripped, and I was a little bit gutted If I'm honest! They were incredibly comfortable and felt amazing against my skin. They had a little bit of stretch in them, and I felt they gave my a great shape! After mourning them for a few days, I was delighted to get my mitts on these babies from Yours Clothing. I was a bit sceptical at first, as I didn't know how their jeans would look and feel on, but it's safe to say I shouldn't of been worried!
 When I first slipped on the Indigo Stretch Skinny Jean* I fell in love instantly! They have a decent amount of stretch, and really hug your curves in all the right places. I can't believe I haven't tried them before! Every girl no matter what shape or size needs a good pair of jeans in their wardrobe, in both Indigo and Black. I have a great pair of black ones from Fashion World, that I love, so I'm delighted to have a lovely Indigo pair. It also helps that the jeans give me a whopper looking bum, and I'm not going to lie I wiggly it when I walk in them! If you're a plus size girl and sceptical about skinny jeans, I can 100% say they're the most flattering type of jean to wear. Long gone are the days, when we were told that Bootleg was the jean to go for! Skinny jeans really hug your curves, and can be dressed up or down. 
I wanted to go a bit Rocker Chic and wear a faux leather jacket, also from Yours Clothing. It feels extremely soft for a  a faux leather jacket, and I love all the Zip details. Like jeans, every girl needs a leather/faux leather jacket in their lives. It's an extremely versatile piece, and again like jeans can take you from day to night. What attracted me to the jacket was all the zips. I have a faux leather jacket with silver hardware, so I was on the look out for one with gold hardware, and loved the extra couple of zips, as it gives the jacket more of a rocker edge. This Black Biker Jacket with Zip Details* is really reasonably priced at €65. Considering similar ones on the High Street start from €60 upwards. I can personally vouch for the quality of this one, and feels a lot more then €65. Granted I haven't had it long, but like I've mention in a precious post, I've been working closely with Yours for over two years now, and all the quality has been nothing short of fantastic.
To compliment the jacket, and jeans I went for a really simple top. This Black Waffle Textured Top* is so lovely on. I picked it up a couple of sizes bigger to give it a more comfy casual look. I'm not really, a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but I really, really love this outfit. To finish it off, I added a statement necklace and some heels, which although are sky-high are surprisingly comfortable! Sometimes you need to mix up your style to keep things interesting! I'm still trying to avoid clothes shopping as it's looking like it will be a "Miserable March" now instead of "Frugal February"! Oh well, at least I can take solace in the fact that my savings, are growing and growing! Over all I love this outfit, and I really do think it both the jacket and the jeans, will 100% becoming staples in my wardrobe! 

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post last night, I was a bit busier than I thought I'd be! Hope you're all happy it's Friday, I know I am! I'm off shopping with my gal pal Ashling for a bit of shopping, and then off for a night of dancing and debauchery with my girls! 

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser" Review

Another day, another cleanser review.This time it's the "Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser" by Super Facialist Una Brennan. I've had this product quite a while, and hadn't really made up my mind on it, until now, I think it's because I had so many on the go, I didn't commit to it fully, but over the past few weeks I have. I'm always mixing up my skincare routine in search of my Holy Grail cleanser, and I've come across so, so many that I love and that I thought I'd repurchase but time and time again I get a new Sample give it a go and like it just as much, if not better than the one before! As I've mentioned I have used this a number of times over the past couple of weeks, and actually quite like it! I don't know why I was a bit hesitant at first. 
Una Brennan is and Irish gal, living in London, and is known to many as one of the best facialists around. Great to support successful Irish women!. She's well known in the land of Celeb, so if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me! I was thrilled to hear of her range that's available in Boots. Giving us mere mortals the chance to get in on the action. As a lover of Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, I was looking forward to trying this out, as like the Hot Cloth Cleanser, it's a creamy cleanser. I've read up a bit about this Cleanser when I first got my mitts on it, and it seems like it is the star product of the change, with many a rave review. I was probably most excited as it smells absolutely divine.Whenever I go into Boots, there's only a couple left on the shelf, and at under a tenner, you can see why this product in particular is quiet popular.
As the name suggests it's a hydrating cleanser, which suits my dry skin perfectly. My skin is especially dryer in the Winter, and I like to use as many "hydrating" products as possible. Another selling point is that it contains some Rose. I love all things floral scented, and personally I love this smell, a lot if you've a sensitive nose you may want to give this a miss! It contains both Shea and Coconut Butter, as well as marshmallows(interesting!) All of these ingredients work to make your skin soft and moisturised. It definitely aimed at dry skin as well as sensitive. I have both, and my skin has reaped the benefits of this cleanser. The directions are to "Cleanse daily morning and night. Apply generously to fingertips and using circular movements gently massage onto face, neck and decollete " If you're looking for a more deeper cleanse, I'd recommend taking it off with a Muslin Cloth. 
Una Brennan "Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser"*€9.99
Over all I really do like it. It's a great price point, really hydrating and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smelling of roses. Do I love it more then Liz Earle? Probably not, but if I wanted a cheaper alternative, this would win hands down. It's perfect for sensitive skin, and it really is "calming". Definitely a great little product for the price!

If you're interested, you can buy it from Boots stores :)

Sian xxx
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I Wore | Leopard Print Dress

I feel a bit matchy-matchy in this outfit, but I feel good in it, so why not? I originally bought this dress to wear on Christmas Day, as It's comfortable and loose! I haven't really worn it since, and as I'm not able to afford anything new (for a few more days!) I decided to style is another way. I originally wore it with Tights and Heels, so I went for a more casual look yesterday. 
I wore this dress out with a friend, where we went to the Port House for a bite to eat, and then we went to the Cinema to see "Philomena". If you haven't already seen it, it's absolutely fantastic, and I'm already 100% going again with my Mum. I suppose because my Grandparents live near where part of the movie was based, made me even more interested in it, as it's a lot closer to home! Anyway I wanted to be comfy and casual, as by the time I was leaving my house it was cold and miserable! My New Look Boots have seen better days, but they're really comfy and paired with thick fluffy socks, keep my feet nice and dry! Like I said before next year, I'll invest in a really good quality pair that will last be a few years! But for now these will do nicely! 
I decided to go for the Leopard Print and red combination. As the dress is a swing dress, I wanted to give it a bit more shape, so I added a red belt to give it more shape and structure. It shows off the smallest part of my waist, and gives a lovely flattering silhouette. I wanted to inject more colour so I went for my red Hobo bag, that I picked up for €20 last Summer in Bulgaria. It's nice to add a splash of colour every now and again. I kept my makeup really simply with my Rosaliac CC Cream, and MAC Lipstick in "Syrup" I love this lipstick as it's a darker nude, and doesn't look like you're wearing concealer on your lips! 
Over all it's an easy outfit to put together. Red and Leopard Print can be a bit over the top though, and you have to be careful how you pair them together. Two accents are fine, but any more I think it's a bit over kill! I finished off the outfit with a black coat, so it looked more coordinated and I was ready to go. The Dress is a little bit longer than I'd normally go for, so the belt hitches it up a bit more, giving my my desired length! I find myself gravitating towards more tunic lengths then dress lengths, as my legs aren't the longest, and I want to make them look a  bit longer, then they are! 
Sian xxx
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Monday, 24 February 2014

La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Cream Review

If you're prone to red skin, then please keep reading, as it may just change your life! When I take off the 'ol makeup I've a big red face. Always have, probably always will. I don't mind it, but when you want a make-up free day, but you want a more even skin tone, it can be hard. Now it's not too red, but it's red nonetheless and I would feel a little more confident if I could do something about it.
As much as I love BB creams (Dr Jart, being my all time favourite) I felt that they didn't do much for my skin, and I stopped using them, as fast as the trend came about. When I head about CC cream, I may have done a little eye roll. What's next? DD cream?. Anyway La Roche-Posay is my all time favourite skincare brand, so when I heard they were introducing a CC cream as past of there Rosaliac range I knew I would have to put my reservations aside and give them a whirl. I'm all for trying new products and seeing if it lives up to it's claims. La Roche-Posay have so many products, all of which are fantastic. Of course I haven't tried them all but all the ones I have tried are absolutely fantastic, and it's definitely my favourite skincare brand. I don't think they're too expensive either so, it's an easy accessible skincare brand, that isn't entirely out of your price range!
 La Roche-Posay have a line specifically to target redness in skin, including Rosacea. Now I do have red skin, but I wouldn't go as far to call it Rosacea.  I know a lot of of Irish girls suffer from it, as well as just having a flare up of red skin (Curse of the Celts!). La Roche-Posay are such a respected brand, and although the packaging is uniform, and nothing really jumps out at you on the shelves, it doesn't need fancy packaging to sell products, as all the products work. I've been lucky enough to try a wide range of their products, and I've not a bad word to say about any of them! Rosacea can vary from person to person and can have various triggers (Sun/heat, spicy foods etc.) La Roche-Posay have a whole line dedicating to combat Roseacea including, now a cover up for it. I unfortunately missed the Event where they talked all about it as I was in Work, but I'm lucky enough to still get to try it out. I find it great that La Roche-Posay have dedicated a whole line to trying to prevent and treat red skin, and I for one, want to try all the range now!
According to La Roche-Posay there are 3 main reasons why people suffer from red skin. Weather Conditions, Stress and Alcohol. Something which we've all suffered from. I know myself if I don't look after my skin, when I'm walking to and from work in the Winter, my skin will be in bits. It will be dry, flaky and will look dull and lifeless. Adding stress and the odd glass of wine(or 6) and you're skin will probably look like a strawberry(exaggeration much?!) Anyway, so with this CC targeting us Celts, who are prone to redness, flushing and is generally quite sensitive. There is a lot of science behind the product, which I won't go too into, as I know myself I'm more concerned with whether it works or not, and tend to skim over science bits in blogs posts. My skin as of late has been looking more red, mainly due to the weather, as I feel I don't protect it as much as I need to, but I'm making a more concious effort to look after it more. I've been applying cream both day and night, and already I've noticed a difference in how my skin is feeling. Now all I have to do is start wearing sunscreen everyday! 
Anyway, on to the CC cream. On first inspection it's a decent sized tube, I like a decent sized product. If you're paying more than the average, you want to get bang for your buck. When I looked at the colour, I was a bit apprehensive. It's quite dark, especially if it's catering for "Celts", as let's face it, most of the time we can look transparent. I was wearing a light later of Cocoa Brown tan the first time I used it, and felt that it blended in perfectly. I've tried it without tan, and didn't feel it was too dark for me either, like I said it blends in well, and doesn't give you the dreaded line! I think if you're more on the paler side of white this isn't a product for you, but if you're in the middle, I'd recommend giving it a whirl and I would  also recommend swatching it before buying. I feel this would be the most amazing product if it came in a couple of colours. If you read up about all the science you'll see that a lot of effort has gone into the product, I just think they need to have a colour selection, rather than one shade fits all. I think a lot of people would really love this if it was a little bit paler! 
La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream*€22.50
As for application, it goes on like a bloody dream. I used my fingers and it blended into my skin so effortlessly, and I'd say it would be even easier with a stipling brush. In terms of coverage this is definitely a medium coverage. I felt it covered my redness sufficiently, and gave me a nice dewy look. My nose always tends to be red, and I was surprised with how well it was concealed,and it didn't look cakey one bit. I mattified it with some powder, as I was going out for a longer period of time,and wanted it to stay in place all day. What I mostly like about this product is the fact that you don't feel you're wearing anything on your face. It's really light and airy. I can see myself wearing this well into the Summer instead of foundation!

Sian xxx
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Frugal February Challenge:Final Update

I know we still have more or less a week left in February, but I've done this for four consecutive weeks, so that pretty much sums up a month. Plus I get paid in a few days, so I won't be scrimping and saving as much as last month (although I've learnt a lot and know that I don't need to buy clothes or makeup every month!) Over all my updates have been primarily well received, so if you'd like me to do more personal posts, let me know! I can't believe it's been four weeks already, time really flies. Although it feels like a lifetime ago since I was on my holidays! I've learnt to control my spending this month, and I'm curious to see how much I spent! My budget was €500 for the four weeks! 
Monday I caught up with admin, which can be quite tedious! I had a meeting in work, and went out with some work colleagues for Dinner afterwards (€12), I then met up with my friend and we went to the Cinema (€10) to see "Endless Love" I personally loved it. I'm a huge fan of soppy and romantic movies, and I bawled pretty much the whole way through.If you're looking for a cute love story that you can just mindlessly watch, this is the one for you! In Dundrum on a Monday with any adult ticket you get a free Popcorn and Drink with your ticket which is great, considering Dundrum cinema is quite expensive! I'm actually going again tonight, so Frugal February is still alive and kicking in my mind.  It was a lovely start to the week and it's nice catching up with girls I haven't seen in ages! 

Tuesday was another busy day for me! I had a few errands to run in the morning and then went to Kelly's Hotel on Greater Georges St(Really cute Boutique Hotel!) to see what Schuh had in store for Spring/Summer. I'm a shoe and bag freak, so you can imagine I was thrilled to have a look around all the gorgeous shoes. After that I met up with a friend for a bit of lunch (€10) on Camden street for a catch up, as she's on an internship in town and I don't see her as much as I used to. We went to "Camden Rotisserie" having never been there before I was pleasantly surprised, it was so yum! After coming home and blogging, I went to see my pals and we watch Tangled and I was cooked a lovely Dinner. Nothing beats your friends looking after you! They're all pretty amazing <3  I also spent €5.10 on public transport.
Total: (€15.10)

I can't really think what I did on Wednesday! I know I blogged a new outfit post, and I ran around doing bits and bobs, no rest for the wicked, eh? I don't think I spent a lot of money at all today, I went up and got a plain bread roll and a magazine(€3), so a relatively cheap day for me. I watched Lord of the Rings in the evening, and just really kicked back and relaxed. I also attempted to keep my room clean, but that was a failed attempt after seeing how much I had to do with it. I think you need to be in a mood to clean your room, and I was not in that mood at all. Blogging on a regular basis is proving a little bit harder than I thought. Not writing the posts, just getting the time to take outfit pictures, and product photo's. I'm slowly getting into the hang of it! 

I was working all day, so went for Lunch with a friend (€10)and then bought a bottle of water (€1.45) The water is purely out of habit. Working in retail with brighter lights when give me bad headaches so I like to get a 2litre bottle of water for every shift I do, just to keep hydrated. It normally lasts me a shift and a half so I only have to buy a big bottle every other day. I've noticed a dramatic different in my skin as I've been doing this for a number of months now. I really should buy a reusable water bottle, as it would save me a lot of cash in the long run. I got home quite late at half 9, so I didn't do anything else. I'm usually exhausted and just finish a Blog post for that day, and then relax by watching some You Tube Videos, what an exciting life I lead! I'm glad I didn't spend too much money today, as I spent a hell of a lot more than I anticipated on Friday night..
Total: €11.45

Friday night I was going to lay low and relax. My friend text me on my lunch (I brought lunch in with me today) and asked me if I was up for a few drinks. I hadn't seen her in ages, so I was like ah "YOLO" and she met me after work at 9 in Dundrum. Knowing full well that TGI's have the strongest Long Island Ice Tea's I suggested there. 4 Large Long Island Ice Tea's and a bit of Grub later (€40) we were giddy and having the time of our lives! We think went on to Winters in Dundrum for another Drink (€10) Normally If I'm going out to town I monitor how much I'm drinking, as let's be honest I'm past the phase of getting blind drunk and waking up with a hangover from hell! On Friday however, I didn't feel how much I was drinking until I went outside, and it hit me like a truck. Needless to say, Saturday was a wipeout...

So I'm never going to recommend TGI's Long Island Ice Tea's again. They're incredibly strong and we hadn't noticed until we'd ordered what seemed like a million. I spent the morning/afternoon in bed trying to sleep off my ferocious hangover. I've certainly learnt my lesson! I had promised my friend I'd go for lunch with her at 3, so I hauled myself out of bed and went to Dundrum, where I got a stir-fry. If you're ever stuck for what to eat in Dundrum, I love the Stir-fry (€10) in their restaurant upstairs. They always have two choices and it's yummy, and probably the healthiest food you can get in Dundrum! I was meant to go out on Saturday night, but the second I got home and back into my jammies I knew I wasn't going to budge. I spent the night watching mindless TV, and repeating to myself not to drink to that extreme again. In fairness to myself it happens about once a year. 

Sunday I felt as fresh as a daisy! I forgot my Umbrella (surprise, surprise there) and got drenched on the way to work. I picked up a Butlers Hot Chocolate(€3.40) and was so disappointed. Normally it's so nice and yummy, but It wasn't nice and all. I know it was probably a once off, so I'll of course be going back, what would I do without my little pick me up, once in a little while. None of my friends were about today so  I went and got a Tesco pasta Salad from their Salad bar, and picked up a small Bread Roll, a large bottle of water and an Apple too (€5.50). As much as I live their Pasta Salad, nothing can beat Marks and Spencer's once.  After work I was going to a friends Gig, so I spent (€15) on Taxi's and I bought one Kopperberg Strawberry and Lime (€5.80) It's nice and refreshing, and isn't heavy at all on the stomach. It was a nice and relaxing evening, and I was home and tucked up in bed for 12.30! I slept like a little baby. 

Grand Total: €141.25

Over all Total:€490.80!

€9.20 under budget, which is a lot better than I thought it was. I went out so much, saw so many friends, went to the cinema numerous times, and really just lived life. I wouldn't of thought I'd of been able to do it, but I did! Overall I feel this challenge has opened my eyes. I use to spent cash so frivolously. This challenge has thought me to save more cash (something I need to make more of a priority) I can still go out with my friends for dinner and drinks, and I don't need to be bloody miserable! I'm lucky enough to be both a fashion and beauty so from time to time I get samples, so I'm not completely starved of new and exciting things. I'm not going to document my spending any more, so I hope I can continue to monitor my spending. Knowing that I had to report back every week, really stopped me from spending money on something stupid! Hope you enjoyed this little segment of my Blog, where you got a little snippet of my life :) 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 22 February 2014

What I Wore: Lace Sleeve Dress

Every girls needs a black dress that they can just throw on and feel good. I've copious amounts of black dress, and they all fall into different categories. I've Day black dresses, Evening black dresses and of course a couple of sexy black dresses too! This one from Yours Clothing can be easily dressed up or down, which I love.It's a plain black swing dress, with lovely lace detail on the sleeves It's a little bit longer then dresses I'd normally wear, but it's quite ladylike.
This Black Swing Dress with Lace Sleeves* is incredibly comfortable. It feels so soft against my skin. The sleeves are nice and comfortable and aren't restricting in the slightest, and even have a bit of room in them. It's not an itchy lace either, it's nice and soft and you don't feel like you can't move your arms. As someone with a bigger chest, I originally didn't know if the cut would suit me, but it's really nice and flowy and doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing a tent! I'm not really sure on the length though. I love my dresses short, and I think I'll get this one altered to be a little bit more above my knee! I'm always open to having garments altered if they're not perfect for you. You can get it done at really reasonable prices these days! If you're in Dublin I recommend FITZ on Drury Street, they're excellent and can do an express service if you're in a rush to get something fixed for an occasion! 
To give the outfit a really feminine pretty edge, I wore my new Floral Crown from Sweet as Candy Vintage. I've seen ones really similar for triple the price, so when I saw how reasonable this sellers was I picked up two, one black and one cream! Now I know it's not for everyone and a lot of people actually stare at me when I wear it (but whatever!) I love my floral crowns, and I'll never stop wearing them! It was shipped from Australia, and it took two weeks, with free delivery to reach me, not bad considering it came from the other side of the world. I'l do a review on it, next week so you can see how lovely it is in some close ups! I found the website through Ebay, I've wanted a black floral crown for ages, so when I saw how cheap this one was compared to others ones (€20 vs €60) I knew I had to snap it up. I love supporting smaller companies too, so it's a win-win all round.
I added a pair of sophisticated Black court shoes. I picked these up for £19.99 when I was in Glasgow for my cousins Wedding. I'd actually forgotten to pack my shoes so I was lucky to come across these. They're cheap and cheerful and I danced the night away in them! I think they're wider width (not too sure) but the heel is high enough to give you a nice height, but the concealed platform, makes it easy to walk in. Every girl should needs a pair of patent shoes in her wardrobe. They're classic and timeless, and an investment. When I have the money I'll be buying a pair of Louboutin's as they will never go out of style. Although for now I'm happy with my pair for under £20! If you're in Ireland and looking for a pair of court shoes for under €20 try Dunnes Stores. I've gotten the most comfiest pair of patent nude shoes, and they had the same pair in black! They're so comfy and again quite high, so if you're looking for some height without the pain, check them out! 
Over all, this is another triumph for Yours Clothing. I know I feature them quite a lot, but it's purely because I wear them a lot! They have such a fantastic price point on all their clothes and accessories, and their one of the few plus size brands, that don't charge an arm and a leg for basic clothing! As with all my outfits these days, my sunglasses from Penney's made an appearance! I'm seriously obsessed and can't get over how much I love them. I think they should become my signature look, what'cha think? I've only good things to say about this dress, and can't wait to wear it, when I get it taken up a bit more! I know most women like dresses to be dress length, not tunic length but I like dresses to be short and flirty! It's actually a great dress to wear when it gets warmers too, as it's surprisingly light and breezy. So if you live in black and want something that's going to work in the Summer months, give this dress a go! 

Sian xxx
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Friday, 21 February 2014

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Review

Now the Blogging world is full of Cocoa Brown reviews! The Irish are known for their loyalty and all the Irish Bloggers have rallied around Marissa Carter and Cocoa Brown, for one good reason. The products work! My tan has finally faded from my holiday, and I've been using Cocoa Brown to get my skin looking nice and healthy as the weather is slowly getting nicer and nicer! (It's sunny as I type this, so *touch wood*) Anyway today's review isn't for the tan, it's for my all time favourite Cocoa Brown Product! Tough Stuff, it's by far the best exfoliator I've ever used and I've already gone through three tubes! 
 Okay first things, first the packaging. Like all of Cocoa Brown's products it's pink! Not to be a sucker for a nice package or anything, but this was the primary reason I reached for it in the shower many months ago! Of course all the products from Cocoa Brown I've tried and tested have been amazing, and they're all on constant rotation in my bathroom. As a long time sufferer of dry skin, I'm always looking for new products to keep my skin in top tip condition. Who doesn't like a baby soft bum? After using this for a number of months, I've finally gotten around to writing the review! If you follow me on Twitter you've probably seen me rant about it, it's honestly the best scrub I've ever used! 
 After a couple of days of wearing tan it's inevitable that it's going to get a bit grubby. Normally other scrubs (for me anyway) aren't as strong and I don't feel it's really exfoliating as much as Tough Stuff. It's gets rid of stubborn tan marks and leaves your skin incredibly soft. The first time I used it, I was so surprised with how soft and subtle it got my skin. It really does work and your old tan is just gone, ready for a new application. The scrub is actually so good I use it twice a week in the shower as a normal body scrub, followed my Cocoa Brown's Chocolate Whip* and my body is left incredibly soft! 
You can use Tough Stuff on either wet or dry skin. As the formula is runny it won't damage your skin. It will just give you a deeper exfoliation. I always use it in the shower and I still find it gives me a really good deep exfoliation. Use long sweeping strokes backwards and forwards to get the most out of your scrub, and I promise you, you won't use another body scrub ever again! As it's a very strong scrub It's only for use on your body, and your face is far too delicate for it (Dermalogica Daily Exfoliant is my face scrub of choice F.Y.I) You can use it up to 4 times a week, which is great for girls who wear tan a lot and want a fresh application a couple of times a week. 

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff* €7.99
The colour of the scrub itself is a lovely pink! It's so pretty, again I'm easily enticed to try a product based on the colour of it! It also has the gorgeous trademark Cocoa Brown Scent, which smells delicious! So if you're looking for an amazing scrub that leaves your skin soft and subtle, then this is the one for you! 

Sian xxx
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Schuh Spring Summer '14 Preview

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see what Schuh has in store for us for Spring/Summer. Like every girl I've a weakness for shoes, and I was excited to see what's coming in, over the next few months. With the Sun shining yesterday and everyone was in a better mood, it's gotten be excited for Spring! They have so many new brands to Schuh, and I'm excited to see them filtering through the stores. I of course got snap happy, and took a few pictures and and give y'all a nice preview. 
I use to have a fear of Canvas shoes, ever since my Mum made me wear them when I was a tot. However these babies, are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for your holidays. They're summery with their Hawaiian print, and they have a bit of a platform if you like that bit of height. They're the perfect weekend Summer shoes, and I can't wait for them to come into stock! I think they'd be gorgeous with frilly ankle socks and a cute denim dress in the Summertime. 
If you're like me and don't like bringing heels on your Summer Holidays, then these are the sandals for you! They have a high platform and a bit of a heel, and would work well this Spring/Summer. When Spring is in full force, but still a bit nippy out (which I've no doubt it will be!) adding a cute pair of socks with your sandals, is a quirky and fun way to keep your tootsies warm! When it's warm ditch the socks, and go for a vibrant pedicure. My favourite pair of Sandals apart from the black(surprise, surprise!) are the daisy print ones! They're just so blooming cute ;)
A good court shoe, will take you anywhere. I've only a couple and want to expand my collection. This Spring/Summer Schuh have a million and one colours, as well as a few prints. I love the twist on a classic staple. They also come in a couple of heel heights so, if you're not a pro at walking in heels, you'll find a pair that work for you. My favourite is the cobalt blue pair! I'm such a huge fan of cobalt blue, and love how much it lifts my outfits. This pair would be gorgeous with either rolled up jeans, and a white shirt or even with your LBD! 
First of all the multi-coloured Sandals are to bloody die for. I *need* them for my Summer Holiday. Words can't describe how much I love them. They're so quirky, fun and cool. I haven't seen such cute sandals in years, and again they remind me of my childhood. Funny how trends make a full circle! I love how they're a flatform. Lately I do want an extra bit of height and love getting the look, without the burning feet! I also love these loafers too. Gravitating towards the leopard print pair as always. These look extremely comfortable and because loafers are such an everyday shoe, you always have room for a funky pair! 
Wedges are a must for me for Spring/Summer. The espadrille style are so cute, and feminine, especially the lace pairs. If you want something a bit more dressy, but still remaining casual the glitter ones would be perfect. Not too high or too low, they'll give you a lovely lift. The colour block wedges also caught my high. I love the bright and vibrant colours, as well as the high wedge and platform, making them really comfy! The higher the platform, the less pain it will cause your feet, remember! I really love the green pair and think they'd actually work quite well with a Summer wardrobe.
Okay, these are not the most practical pair of shoes, but every girl needs a couple of pairs that aren't deemed sensible. I personally love the Coral ones for Summer, as I think they'd be gorgeous with a nice tan. Although If I wanted a pair more versatile, I'd pick the black pair as they're a wardrobe staple, which you can wear all year long. The Chain detail, really sells them to me. Normally I'm not one for skinny stiletto's, but If I got my grubby hands on these, I'd forgo the pain ;)
Another un-sensible shoe. This gorgeous sandal comes in both cream and black, so these are much more versatile. The Strappy details are bang on trend and the heel height isn't too high. I love the cream pair of these, as there's a real designer feel to them, and they really show off the gorgeous gold accents perfectly. I love the gold accents on both shoes, but feel the cream, are slightly more classier. Again they'd be gorgeous with a nice tan and a bright pedicure.
Last but by no means least, are the GORGEOUS platform shoes. What I like about all the collection, is that there's nearly always another colour to choose in the same style. I do love both of these shoes though, in completely different ways. The Lime green and the black stripes are really striking, and the rose gold platform and heel are equally striking but in a more feminine manner. 

Over all the collections are fab. There is no short of gorgeous colours both in Pastel and in Vibrant colours, as well as no shortage of classic black and beige. As always Schuh have a fantastic price-point, and if you're a addicted to shoes like me, I'd recommend you check them out! 

Sian xxx
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Just to clear some things up.

Last night I received a comment on my Facebook page, that I'd like to start a little discussion about. I don't want to vilify anyone, as the matter between the commenter and myself have been cleared up, but I still feel the need to post this, in case anyone else feels the same way she does. Writing although I'm by no means a writer is therapeutic for me. I feel I need to get this off my chest for my own piece of mind, so I can just move on.  I don't want to post the entire comment, as I feel it could be triggering for a few people, and I always want this Blog to be a happy and safe place for people to come and enjoy fashion and beauty, regardless of their size. As well as that I just want to address the issues that I had a problem with.I also want to put out there, that she was polite and courteous for most part and complimentary to other aspects of my Blog, so her comment wasn't entirely negative. Saying that I still  have to really disagree with the majority of the comment and need to address it. I just feel for my own sanity, I need to clear a number of things up, and answer a few things publicly.

 Last week, due to a number of factors I ate out a lot. I even mentioned that I did, and said it was unusual for me. Normally I eat out once or twice a week and enjoy Mammy's home cooking the rest of the time, but the commenter felt that she need to bring this to my attention. Then proceeded to write an essay length comment on how unhealthily I was living. My first reaction, was of shock. Normally I encounter negativity of a different type, and maybe I'm over-reacting but she mentioned in the comment, a few things that I do want to address  publicly. Right off the bat, I do want to put a disclaimer here. I do not promote an unhealthy lifestyle, I simply promote being happy and healthy in yourself, and loving yourself regardless of what clothes size you wear. What hurt me most, was the thought that this comment wouldn't of been posted, If I wasn't "Plus Size" I read countless Blogs (and really enjoy them) that are full of restaurant reviews and the Blogger in question is eating out pretty much everyday, mainly these Blogs are fashion related, where the gorgeous Blogger is slim. It just makes me wonder what gives someone the right to lecture someone else on their eating habits.

 "I am genuinely shocked at how you casually and I'm sure unintentionally promote such unhealthy eating habits" 
I don't promote, anything. I don't condone eating out everyday, but I certainly don't endorse it either. Personally I only eat out roughly once a week on a normal basis, and you can see that on Instragram, as I'm an Instragram addict. I purely show you all snippets of my life. Contrary to popular belief I don't sit on my ass all day, every day stuffing my face. I'm active and come rain and shine, and because I don't drive, I pretty much walk everywhere, although that's none of your concern, or business.

"You have a responsibility to not encourage bad eating habits, when your online presence is in existence because of being, or writing about 'plus size'"
I'm not responsible for anyone, but myself. I promote loving yourself, no matter what shape or size you are,and being happy and healthy in body, soul and mind.  If you're a size 6 and happy, great! Same goes if you're a size 26 and so on! My online presence is not for anything other than to share my love of fashion and beauty, which I've made crystal clear on all my social media outlets.

"What if a size 6 woman wrote a Blog about fashion and provided detailed accounts about how she lived on lettuce and diet coke?"
First off, I'm in the middle of and documenting my spending, and being open and honest with my readers. Trust me If I did it a few months ago, I wouldn't of been eating out, as I simply didn't have the money. Although last week was hectic, and I had loads on,it's still no ones concern, and I again certainly don't have to justify myself to anyone. I have never in my two years of Blogging, have I gone into any sort of detailed account of what I eat, what I do etc. as I deem it to be irrelevant, and can be quite triggering for some people. I pride my self on my Blog as being a fashion Blog, and although I am plus size, I like to think there's something for everyone in it.  I'm also glad you've got some outfit inspiration from it! Secondly two of my 500 or so posts have been detailed about my eating habits, and I've even mentioned that I don't think I made the best food choices. Still though, It's none of your business. If it's a "Pro Anorexia" website, then I strongly condemn it, but my Blog certainly isn't a "Pro Obesity"Blog. It's about body confidence regardless of someone's shape, size or weight. My Blog isn't purely for Plus Size women. 

"I have lots of friends who are also plus size and genuinely struggle to keep weight off. We all eat healthy food, we take regular exercise, we eat take aways in moderation yet sometimes we still feel like we are being gluttonous and feel like we are not working hard enough when we look in the mirror and see the size 12,14 or 16. And I have to be honest and say that you are not helping By being a spokesperson for us curvy girls you have a responsibility to show the online community  that we are not all plus size because we eat too much. But by detailing these numerous take aways, chocolate bars etc, with no mention of exercise - I feel you are letting us down.."
I'm not a spokesperson for every plus size woman in the world, nor do I feel I should be. I'm just a regular girl, who loves fashion and beauty, who happens to be plus size! I do however love empowering women and  put emphasis on how all bodies can be beautiful, and be stylish. I also strongly stand for loving yourself, and your body regardless of size, and being unapologetic about it.  Just because you're plus size doesn't mean you eat everything and anything in sight, same goes for if you're underweight it doesn't mean you've an eating disorder. There can be numerous factors contributing to weight gain/weightloss. I don't document exercise because I don't document what I eat and what I do, on a regular basis. It doesn't fit in with what my Blog stands for.  I'm documenting my spending habits this month, not how much activity I've been doing. No one wants to know I walked to and from work, or any other exercise I do as  It's just not relevant to what I'd like to write about. I also don't include everything I've done that day, as a lot of it is uninteresting, and I don't deem it appropriate. 

 "I am not writing this to criticise your personal eating habits as it is none of my business. For the record, I think you look great. No one has a right to criticise or comment on how you as a person lead your life. What I do have an issue with however is that by being 'a curvy girl in a skinny world' and eating take out almost every day is sending out a dangerous message to women - telling them that they CAN eat extremely unhealthily and that will be okay."
Well we can agree on one thing, it is none of your business. After the essay length comment, you end it on a contradictory note. I don't eat take out everyday, which if you're a long reader of my Blog you'd realise. I rarely talk about eating, as it's irrelevant to the content on of my Blog, but thank you for noticing and adding your two cents in, when it's not welcomed. If you read my Frugal February Post, you'll see that I've even commented on how unusual it is for me, and the week before I went out once, and that was a a simple wrap in Nando's, and at another time I got a sandwich, which again I don't need to justify to you, or anyone else.

"I feel passionately about the detrimental impact convenience food is having on Irish society, physically and mentally. This is not an attack on you and I am not a troll. I just think that if you are going to represent curvy women you have a responsibility not to promote an unhealthy lifestyle."
Why I thank you for your genuine words of support for me, and my Blog I feel you're under an illusion on what my Blog is all about. I'm all for healthy living, and I'm always trying to cut back,and be more healthier, but I don't share it with my readers, for a number of reasons, mainly it's irrelevant to my Blog. I'm not a "Health and Fitness Blog" I talk about fashion and beauty 99.9% of the time. I don't condemn nor endorse any lifestyle, as my Blog is fashion and beauty related. I'm not responsible for promoting a healthy lifestyle, and I certainly don't endorse an unhealthy lifestyle.  I hope this has cleared up a couple of things, and I hope in the future you can be a bit more open minded. 

So there you have it. I don't want to victimise anyone, and I don't want to be nasty, I just needed to clear a few things up. Over all my opinion of the matter won't change. No one has the right to criticise anyone for their eating or lifestyle habits. I'm all for body positivity and if you want to see some more health related Blog posts, it's something I would be open to think about, although I'd always stay true to my views and my primary focus will always be on  Fashion and Beauty!

Let me know your thoughts on the matter, as I'd love to hear your opinions, however If you do want to voice your opinion please be constructive to both parties, as I don't want any negativity. Remember people, it's a Safe and Happy Place!

Sian xxx
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What I Wore| Multicoloured Scarf and Khaki

Yay, another outfit post from me! Later on today I'll have bit more of a topical post, as I received a comment, that didn't sit well with me last night. I'm still toying on what to say, but I feel it's something that I need to address. I don't want to make a big hoopla about it, as it does really go over my head, and  It's not something I wish to go into a lot of detail about it, but I need to get a few things off my chest. Anyway yesterday, I was running around and had a meeting in the evening. I wanted to be dressy casual, but still look put together. 
I wore this top that I picked up from Evans, when I won the £100 voucher at Plus North, Jammy or wha? It's definitely one of my favourite tops, as it's so easy to style and it goes with everything! It's so light, and I'm glad to say it doesn't crease easily, a must for me, who's shockingly bad at ironing! The sleeves are the perfect length, and I love how easily it flows, without making you look larger, as those tops tend to do. The only downside is you have to wear a white bra, something I seem to have a severe lack of! I kept the outfit really simple, and paired it with leggings, and my over the knee boots. These boots have stretched a little so I wore thick fluffy socks, and they kept my feet extra toasty!
It was actually surprisingly mild yesterday, so I wore my Penney's leather sleeved khaki jacket. It's easily one of my best buys from them, as I've had it well over a year and it's still in great condition, and isn't falling apart! I got it in a size bigger, so it just kind of hangs, so I wonder if that's maybe why! Y'all know I love my scarves and this is one is probably one of my quirkiest! I love how different it is. I got it two years ago in Fran&Jane, and like everything from there the quality is fab! I've worn it to death over the last two years, and all it really needs is a good iron, and it will be as good as new! I love how different it is, and people always think I'm wearing three scarves. The colours really do compliment each other and I think it works so well with Khaki!
These boots have been a godsend this Winter! I've worn them over, and over again! As much as I love them and how well they've worked for me this Winter, next year I think I'll invest in a really good quality pair from DUO boots. I've heard fantastic things about them, and they do calf measurements for gals who have bigger calves! I think it's time to be a grown up, and invest in a pair that will last me years, and years and don't have to be hung up after a couple of months! Although saying that, for 50 quid these babies are served me really well. 
Overall I loved how this outfit turned out. It's comfy, casual and is really relaxed. I don't really dress up as much as I use to, and I don't know why I'm edging for more, and more casual outfits! I just received a lovely dress from Yours Clothing that's quite ladylike and feminine, so I get a change to wear it, and be feminine, and you never know I may just rock a new floral crown! 

Sian xxx
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Frugal February Update: Week Three

Okay, another week as gone. I've been extremely busy this week with multiple things going on, and I ate out a lot more than I realised, which is a downside to saving money. I normally only eat out once a week, but I was on the go all this week, and didn't make the best choices of food! Next week, I'll definitely stick to healthier options! I can really save a lot more money if I tried a little harder, but if I'm not buying any makeup or clothes, I've decided I have to let loose a little bit more. I'd be a miserable cow,otherwise! Plus I got a refund for €150 from ASOS, so that's all extra cash in my pocket. It's actually not been too hard not spending money on any clothes, but it's been difficult being in Boots, and Penney's and not picking up anything. It had become second nature to me, so I'm changing that habit. Although I did cheat this week. I bought Radox Bubble bath for €1.30!
Monday, the weekend sort of caught up with me. Going out until all hours on Saturday night, really isn't good for the mind. I didn't drink that much or anything, but just being out so late, really messes with your body clock. Plus it was a bitterly cold night on Saturday, and I wasn't wearing a warm enough jacket. I felt pretty sick last Sunday evening, and figured it was more me sick, than me not getting 8 hours sleep! So on Monday, I caught up with some sleep and then my Mum looked after me, as I was really un well. I slept again most of Monday and tried to get better. I'm still feeling a bit "meh" but I'm powering through and hopefully I don't get worse! So on Monday, I spent absolutely zero! My friend also came over with a Terry's Chocolate Orange, which cheered me up immensely! 
Total: €0

Tuesday, I had a few bits and bobs to do in the morning. I always seem to be on the go lately. It was really, really cold on Tuesday. Colder than any other day of the year so far, in my opinion anyway! I went and met up with some friends, who I haven't seen in ages! We went to Jamies Italian. We're a huge fan of the restaurant and it was delicious as always! It's a little bit expensive though. We don't go that often so it's not too bad, I suppose. I went for the Prawn Linguine and at €16.95 it's a bit pricey, but it's so yummy, and it's definitely worth the money, as a once in blue moon treat. We then looked around Dundurm, and I restrained myself from buying anything, until we got to Boots! As the weather has been so cold, I wanted a nice hot bath and bought a Radox Bubble Bath (€1.30) which I don't feel too bad about!
Total: €18.25

Another miserable stormy day, that I spent hiding under my blanket! I attended a Shiseido Event in Harvey Nichols in the evening, which was nice and informative. I didn't know much about the brand before, but after the event, I want to try everything! It's such a great brand, and all the products are of such high quality. The only downside to it, is a lot of them are a bit too pricey for me at the moment! Someday, though I'll have mountains of cash, and can buy it all! ;) After the event myself Anne-Marie and Audrey went for a bite to eat in TGI's. We we're all starving, and I opted for Sweet Potato Fries and some boneless Chicken wings (€12) Normally I find TGI's a bit too expensive, but I was honestly feed well, and didn't feel too full after.After that I went home, and caught up with the rest of my blogging! 
Total: €12

Thursday, I was working late. Normally this would usually save me a bit of cash, but when me and my friend go to Nando's it doesn't happen. It's a weekly tradition, and it's great to catch up and talk about the week. I just went for a plain wrap (€9.95). I also went up to Tesco to get a big bottle of water, it was only sale for (€1) so I didn't feel too guilty. I also bought some fruit and snacks in Tesco, as well as a Magazine so all in all that amounted to €10. I could of done without it, but I wanted something to read before bed, that was mindless, as my sleeping pattern has been quite bad this week! Over all, I still don't feel too bad. I feel I've been doing quite well with Frugal February, and a few slip ups aren't the end of the world! 

Friday, I went to my friends house, after I was finished working away. I brought over a bottle of wine,and some chocolate for us all (€19). As she was cooking a lovely dinner for a few of us. It was a lovely relaxing evening, and we had a great laugh! It doesn't bother me at all about Valentines Day. I've been lucky enough to have many lovely romantic ones, and although I'm not exclusive with anyone at the moment, doesn't mean I can't enjoy the day! I find a lot of times girls can forget that friends are just as important as boyfriends, and we need to spend quality time together! We ate a lovely meal, and stuffed ourselves with chocolate and I got home and thanks to the wine, slept like a baby! 
Total: €19

Yesterday was such a lovely day. I met up with my very favourite man friend, and we went to Rock Lobster for lunch in Dundrum Town Centre. We both wanted to try it out for a while, so it was perfect. It came to €19, so it wasn't too bad, as I got a lovely big burger (that I couldn't even manage to eat half) and some hand cut chips. If you're looking for somewhere different to go to in Dundrum, I'd highly recommend it! In the evening, I met up with some of the girls, who I haven't seen in so long. We went to Mao in Dundurm, and I ended up having a chicken dish (€16) I wish I hadn't though, as I wasn't that hungry, and didn't finish it at all, and only managed about half. We then went to the pub, for a few drinks (€14). I didn't mean to eat out so much this week, it just so happened to be that way! Next week, I definitely won't! 

On Sunday I met a friend for lunch, and spent €13. Next week, I'm not eating out at all, as I've eaten out a ridiculous amount this week! Working in Dundrum is lethal in terms of spending money, as temptation is literally at every corner. So today, I think I did really well!I avoid all the shops, and don't even look into Penney's anymore, as I know I will be tempted and pick up a few bits, and before I'd realise I've spent €40 on crap! After work, I decided to take things easy and not spend any more money, as I'm nearly afraid to ad up this weeks total. Frugal February is really teaching me a lot about my spending habits. I think I've conquered shopping, now I just need to conquer eating out! 

Grand Total:€132.20

Sian xxx
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What I Wore: Tartan Coat

I've had this coat since my last Birthday. It had sold out of all my local shops, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a size 16 from Asos. The 16 is really generous and it's so nice and roomy! I love this coat, and I'm delighted that Tartan was still big for this A/W. I know Tartan is always sort of in, so hopefully I can get a year or two more out of this baby. I love everything about this coat, the leather sleeves, the fur detail and the quirky tartan print. It's incredibly warm, and sustained a late night walk home in the freezing cold, last night. 
I wore it out for dinner and a few drinks with the girls last night. We only went locally, so I wanted to be dressy casual, and comfy mainly, as we all live quite close so I knew we'd be walking the 15 minutes home, and I knew it wouldn't be an early night. I wore the same dress I wore during the day, but mixed up the accessories and the shoes, for a more casual look. I also changed tights into ones that covered me a little bit more. These are actually bitten to shred by my Dog, if any of you have a dog, that likes tights, you can empathise!Thankfully it's freezing cold, so I wore two socks to keep my feet warm, but otherwise I'd have to throw them out! 
Whenever I take pictures these days, the sun is always shining in my eyes, so you'll have to get use to my sunglasses, for awhile, or get use to my awfully small squinty eyes! I have about 10 pairs of these from Primark, and I actually love them, more than any other sunglasses I own, and that includes my new beautiful Ray-Bans. I think it's because I can chuck them at the moment of my bag, and not worry about loosing or scratching them, as they're so cheap! I plan on picking up more, after Frugal February, as I'm getting a bit anxious as I can't find them all! ;) At €1.50 I can't really give out. They're perfect for all year round, and I think the shape really suits my face!
I kept the outfit really simple. This dress is incredibly warm, and cosy, which is great for when it's minus a million degrees outside(Dramatic much?). I paired it with my Boots I got neatly two years ago from Zara. I always forget I have them, and am always pleasantly surprised when I find them floating around my very messy room! I also wore my favourite across the body bag from Fran&Jane, which you've all seen on here, a million and one times I'm sure. It's just the perfect bag, and looks a lot more expensive than it is. The quality is also fantastic, and although I've worn it loads over the year I have it, it still looks brand new! I alternate it as a clutch bag sometimes, if I want to make the outfit a little more dressy. I did however bring the strap for when I was walking home, so I can fling it over my shoulder! 
To complete the outfit I added a bow hair-band. I feel very "Bowfabulous" in it! I used to wear bows on a near daily basis, so it's nice to go back to that! I think they add a lovely girly touch to any outfit, if you're not feeling wearing a statement necklace. I picked up this one from Accessorize years ago, on sale! As much as I love Accessorize I find it extremely overpriced for what you get. I've fallen victim to very pretty statement necklaces before, but at €30+ for a necklace, that's bound to break I just don't think it's worth the money! Saying that I can be extremely fickle in terms of fashion, and next month might see something that "I NEED TO HAVE!" so watch this space!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Sorry I only got three outfits done this week, the weather was shockingly bad, so next week here's hoping I blog more! 

Sian xxx
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Saturday, 15 February 2014

What I Wore: Saturday Lunch

This afternoon, I went to Rock Lobster in Dundrum Town Centre for lunch with one of my favourite boys! Rock Lobster is so nice, and we've been wanting to try it for a couple of weeks now! He went for the Moules et Frites and I went for the Burger. Both were absolutely delicious and we left very full! We then wander off and fit in a Butler's Hot chocolate, and relaxed for a bit until he had to go to work. I woke up a little bit later than I wanted so I was in a rush to pick out an outfit to wear. I put on tights, but then realised they'd the ribbon garter pattern,so I decided to add a plain black dress to it!
As Rock Lobster is in Harvey Nichols, I wanted to go a bit more dressy! A good friend, got me this wrap two years ago for my birthday, and I love it so much. It was the perfect occasion to bring it out. It keeps me nice and warm and works really well with the rest of the outfit! It's a lot warmer than it looks, so I just wore it instead of a jacket. We did drive down though, so I haven't lost the plot too much. I do think though the weather is getting slightly milder. I'm so sick of wearing a million and one layers, and can't wait to crack out my spring wardrobe.
I decided to wear my much loved Louis Vuitton speedy 35. I was kindly gifted this from my parents for my 21st Birthday. Dublin were sold out of it, at the time, so I had to wait until I went to London the week after to buy it! I absolutely love it, and it's worn really well. I know the handles darken, but I love that about these bags. In a couple of years time, I will probably get the handles changed. Although for now I think it still loves lovely. I love the Speedy 35. I have the 30 in another print, but I only really keep that for nights out, as I find it a little too small for during the day! I think that's just me though, as I like to carry everything I own in my handbags! 
To complete the look I wore a statement chunky necklace that I've had for absolutely donkey's years, and nearly think I bought it the same London trip! It's layered chains, with a nice ribbon tie, so you can alter it to however high, or low you want to go! Over all it's a really outfit to put together and takes no time. I love how easy it is to dress up a plain black dress. I've had this dress for (again) years. It's got 3/4 length sleeves and is a skater style. I've also got it in cream. It's an incredibly versatile dress and my only regret is not buying two black! H&M always have something similar, so next time I'm in town (after Frugal February) I'll have a look! 
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)

Sian xox
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Friday, 14 February 2014

Cut for Evans Now Launched!

So if you've been living under a rock lately, and haven't heard of Cut for Evans, you're in for a treat! I was meant to be in London this weekend, but I'm too busy and the opening event in Marble Arch Tonight - man I really need to be over to London asap! Anyway I've decided to do a little post and show you some of the new collection, and show all you lovely plus size gals more, and more options! Evans are becoming more, and more on trend and I think it's great that they've recruited new and upcoming talent from both Kingston and Bournemouth Universities. 
Cut for Evans was a ground breaking initiative from Evans that encouraged young designers to be bold in their creativity. Two winners were announced Alice for her contemporary and bold print designs and Rebecca for her Fun and unique knitwear collection, both of which are predicted to be a high street hit. Looking at the collection here, I can see why. Evans have been notorious for their "mumsy" style of clothing in the past but with them recruiting young designers they've really made an impact on the plus size industry. All the prints and patterns are bold, vibrant and are meant to be seen - a far cry from their past collections. I for one love a lot of the  collection, and love the fact that Evans enlisted young talented designers! Below you can see some of their idea's!

The collection is on sale now, which is really exciting! My favourite item is the Yellow Scuba Cut Out Shift Dress It's perfect for Spring/Summer and is so bright and youthful! As you can see some of the collection pictured here, is really bright and funky. Some people will say they're too bright or too much but fashion is suppose to be fun! I'm not saying I'd wear everything from the collection, but It's nice to have colourful options in larger sizes, especially because Evans is the most prominent plus size retailer on the High Street! If you're a bit scared of the bright print, but still want to rock some of the styles from this collection, I'd add a darker colour to make it less vibrant. For example, rock the Yellow Scuba Cut Out Shift Dress with black tights, heeled boots and a fitted blazer. You're still rocking the trend, but you're not too colourful.

Over all I think it's a young and vibrant collection. I think fashion is suppose to be fun and print is always big in for Spring/Summer. I think it's a great way for new designers to start their career, and give us plus size women new and different designs!

What do you think of the Collection?

Sian xxx
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