Friday, 12 December 2014

The Giants Causeway - Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

On Monday I escaped up North for a relaxing night away to Belfast. Things are stressful at the moment. I will come back and I will be back with a bang, but for now I'm not making any empty promises. It's probably going to be quiet for awhile and I appreciate everyone bearing with me. I'll have a few Christmas Posts up over the weekend all things going well. Anyway, we went to the very top of Ireland to see the Giants Causeway, to get away from everything if I'm honest.  I wanted to escape even if it's for 2 days. Being by the sea calms me and with so much going on I just wanted to switch off. It was beyond freezing and we called it a day the second the Hailstones poured down on us but it was nice to see that part of Ireland. I 100% want to go back in the warmer months and really get a feel for it.

There's so many places in Ireland I want to visit and I'm making it my mission to see as much as possible while I have the chance and the freedom to just go for it. I'm a bit of a lost soul at the time being and not being tied down to anything is both a blessing and a curse so I'm trying to make the most of this freedom before I'm complaining to you all about the mundaneness of everyday working life. The Giants Causeway is so beautiful and I can only imagine how much nicer it is in the Summer! I fully plan on going back and getting even more snap happy. There's interesting Myths and Legends on how it was built if you're interested, It's approximately 3.5 hours from Dublin, more if you're like us and stop off for a bite to eat. Little Wings on the Lisburn Road in Belfast was our pitstop of choice and it get a big thumbs up from us!



  1. Beautiful pictures and I hope the stress lessens soon!

    C x

  2. What a stunning, moody landscape!!! Hope things calm down for you soon. When do you leave to go travelling?

    1. I love how moody it is! I'm off travelling the 16th of January! xox

  3. that area is so freakin' cool! wow!


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