Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Travel Organisation Tips

So as I'm going to be a fully fledged Travel Blogger for a few months I thought I'd do some prefatory posts for you all. If you're new to the Blog I'm off for a few months around South East Asia, Australia and (hopefully) New Zealand. It's something that I've always want to do so on New Years Eve at 7pm I'll be hoping on a flight heading towards Phuket. Here's a few tips and tricks I've done to get prepped for my adventure! 

  • Book as much as much as you can in advance. The last thing you'll want to be doing is looking for a Hotel or a Hostel when it's dark and you're tired. 
  • Decide whether you're taking a Backpack or a suitcase. I'm opted for a Backpack as it's easier for me and I want the authentic "Back Packer" Experience! 
  • Check out Trip Advisor reviews for everything from restaurants to hotels. I've found great tips on there. Look through all the reviews and not just the top rated too. You'll find some gems!
  • Pay for all your flights in advance. Yes flights in and around South East Asia are cheap, but they do go up in price last minute so if you're like me and want to have a concrete itinerary book in advance. It does remove the spontaneity but I'd rather be safe than sorry! 

  • Keep track of all your flights and transfers. My Mum gave me this Travel Notebook for my Birthday and I plan on having everything written down in it, in case I don't have my phone on me and need to check a booking reference or a flight time! 
  • Make a note of places you want want to visit and try and prioritise them. Chances are you won't be able to see as much as you want to but if you make a "Must See" List for each place you visit you won't be too disappointed if you can't fit everything in. 
  • Start photocopying your documents/passport and keep them in a small folder. The sooner you do this,the better! It's imperative to have copies of everything both digital copies and real copies. Prepare for every eventuality - that includes a lost passport. *Touches Wood*
  • Organise currency before you go. I do plan on using my Debit Card as much as possible but I know that it won't be all that accessible if you're in a remote area of Laos. So just to have enough to keep you going. 
  • Highlight all your flight times and Airports. Many cities have a couple of Airports so triple check the Airport and keep a note of the Terminal too. You won't be able to rely on your iPhone to get you places, if you're battery dies or if you've no service or credit to get on to the Internet- we all know how much it costs for the Data Roaming! 
  • Research, research, research. Do as much as you can and take notes of everything that interests you and put everything you want to see in order of preference! 
  • Keep the Address of the hotels/hostels you're staying in in your Travel Diary-again you can't count on your phone! 
  • Start making lists of the medication you need/want to bring. Start putting together a small first Aid kit as well. Again prepare for everything! 
  • Research Visa's for each country you're going to and calculate the costs.
  • Get you travel Injections done and dusted as soon as possible. Talk to your Nurse. I talked to mine and it ended up only costing me €160 versus over €300 as she only gave me the injections I needed, not everything under the sun! 
  • Start planning on what clothes you want to bring. Be realistic and just be mindful of how much you'll need, versus what you want to bring! 
  • Start breaking in any new shoes you're thinking of taking. It might seem like a silly tip, but Blisters 'aint no fun! 
That's all I can think of so far. I've have more and more travel related posts in the future for you guys as it's only 43 days until I go. Eeeeek!



  1. Oh this travel bug is so infectious! You'll have such a great time (...and I envy you) :-)

    1. I know I'm already planning my next trip! xxx


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