Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jessica London | Raspberry Coat

With Winter in full swing I've decided this year I wanted to bright coat. A Coat I can wear to perk myself up in the morning when I'm dragging myself to work in the cold! This Pea Coat is made from wool so it's extremely warm. I love the dark pink and definitely perks me up in the morning! I think every woman needs a good Pea Coat in their wardrobe. They never date and will last you at least a couple of years!

With an array of colours to choose from I had a tough choice. I didn't want boring black, although it's classic, I just wanted something a bit more fun! I didn't expect it to be as dark as it is, but I absolutely loves it- as does my Mum! I love the black buttons and although I'm not a fan of closing up jackets (unless it's absolutely baltic outside) I like the details of the black buttons and it looks gorgeous with my patent over the knee boots! In terms of sizing it's definitely generous. I'm wearing a US12 which is a UK16 and it's a little bit big on me, mainly on the sleeves, but that's grand for me as I want to be able to later it when it gets really cold. I would suggest sizing down if you like your coats to fit snuggly however. It's always good when sizing are generous though as there's nothing worse than small sizes!
  The colour is so rich and looks so expensive - I know I'll have it for years and years! It's always worth investing in a good Winter coat that will last you for a couple of years instead of a cheaper one that will only last one season!Overall this is a fab coat and for under $100 for such a well made coat, you can't go too wrong. They ship internationally so everyone can get in on the action! Sorry I've been gone so long by the way, life just got in the way. I'm not making empty promises, but I will keep trying my best. I'll be blogging loads on my trip (45 days to go or something that scary) and I'll be back in  swing of things, but for now please bare with me! 

Dress: H&M (Old Stock)
Wedges: Dunnes Stores


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