Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Body Shop | Wild Argan Oil Range

Argan Oil is a time thrown around in the past few years. Originating from Morocco it has numerous benefits for both your skin and hair. The price can fluctuate from very cheap to very expensive, and with so many different products and brands to choose from it can be quite overwhelming for most! The Body Shop has recently brought out the Wild Argan Oil Range all of which are infused with Radiant Community Trade Fair Argan Oil. Smack bang  in the middle in terms of price I was so excited to give it a go and it was honestly love at first sniff! 
I'm all for scrubs. I love the feeling of silky smooth skin. I need a good gritty scrub, which thankfully this is, especially if you use it on dry skin instead of wet. It's my preferred method as I really feel it works so much better to scrub away all those dead skin cells! First of all this smells absolutely heavenly. I use this at night when I want a bit of a pamper as it smells so nice and comforting. You also don't have to use too much of it to cover your whole body, so it won't be gone after 3 applications. It's not too harsh on skin either which is great as as much as I like getting a good scrub, I don't want to damage my skin in the process. Definitely one of my Favourite picks from the Range! 
I love Body Oil especially luxurious ones like this one here.  I find it so much easier to apply than a body butter or a body cream. It's a multi purpose oil for both body and hair. When I use any type of oil on my hair I always apply it the night before or a few hours before and wash it out as I find it leaves my hair incredibly greasy. I do prefer to use this on my body and love how silky soft it leaves my skin as well as how nice it leaves my skin smelling! I find it so easy to use as it has a nozzle and all you do is spray, rub in and go! A pet peeve of mine is when an oil doesn't have a nozzle as I just know i'll knock it over at some point or apply far too much that I need. Overall I think this is another must have product from the range and will 100% repurchase.
I must admit this was the product I was least excited about, as I loved the spray oil and felt that this was a bit of a substitute only in solid form, but I found it great for the parts of my body that were really dry, My arms have been really dry as of late and I found this worked absolute wonders on them. It softens in your hands so it's easily worked into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I'm thinking ahead here and think it would be great for my travels as it's travel friendly and serves as a multi purpose product. Like the other oil it's for both body and hair and I found using this on my ends worked great. I applied it at night and washed it out in the morning and my ends weren't as horrid looking as they normally do! Definitely a travel essential! 

Have you guys tried the range?

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