Friday, 12 September 2014

What I Wore | River Island Top

Yesterday Afternoon I took a nice stroll into town. I haven't beeen in the city centre in so long, so it was nice to go in and have a mooch around the shops. It was also an absolutely lovely day. It's nice to get a few more days of sun before it gets chilly and we're all complaining about the cold and the rain! Stehpen's green Park is probably my favourite place on a sunny day! I could honestly spend every single Sunny day just relaxing with friends, and obviously eating ice-cream.

After a stop off at Zara and H&M (I'll do an A/W Haul Soon). I could of spent so much money, but restrained myself! I made my way down to Benefit HQ and met up with Roisin. We we're there to see what's new in the world of brows, but I'll leave that until my next post.The Benefit Boutique is like a Haven off one of the busiest streets in Dublin. It's a girly girl's dream and they've so much more to offer than makeup they do Hair/Nails and Eyebrows too! We eagerly went in and we came away very happy campers with fabulous looking brows. I can't keep looking at mine! Also, Yes I do have pink in my hair, but I'll leave that for another day!

 I chose to wear this old, old, old kaftan Top from River Island. I always forget how nice it is and when I was looking for something to wear this afternoon I snapped it up. Paired with my staple skinny jeans from Penney's and a big bag I was ready to go! These Skinnies (Super Soft Skinny Jeans) are amazing. They're tight give you a good bum, coming from the girl who doesn't have one, so you know they're good and at €15 they're hardly going to break the bank. I've got a few pairs now and I know I'll be living in them!After we were plucked and preened our bellies we're grumbling. Taking advantage of the fact I'm never in town we (I) insisted on Bunsen Burger. Roisin hadn't been and was left a convert! I was converted by my lovely friend Audrey and now I'm passing the torch!


  1. Your River Island top is amazing! I wish it was still there :( Great pieces, I also can't stop staring at your hair(tips) the colour is gorgeous!! Can't wait for your Zara haul - I still have'nt popped by that shop yet, I'm scared I might spend too much, I'm not really good at restraining myself...

    Shanna |


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