Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lets Talk About Brows | Part 1

Everyone knows how important brows are, don't they?  I'm obsessed with eyebrows and would happily forgo foundation for them, yes you read that correctly. Now when it comes to Brows you're going to have to enlist some help. They is loads of places to go and people to go to, but I'm only talking to you today about my experience in Benefit Boutique on South William Boutique who kindly gave me a complimentary Shape and Tint. As always all feedback is honest- just thought I'd throw that in, just in case!

First things I like to know is the price. For both an Eyebrow Wax and Tint it's €26. It's pretty reasonable for what you get. I've heard places charging extortionate prices, when in this day and age a little luxury should be that, little. I love being pamped and preened on a regular basis, but it's taken the back seat but I can just about stretch for €26 a month. All the Benebabes are well trained and are so lovely. They talk you through exactly what they're doing and explain "Eyebrow Mapping" to you. Once they have you all relaxed, they tint your eyebrows. They didn't do a patch test or anything so you don't have to trek in and out. I'm sure if you're wary or have very sensitive skin you can pop in for a patch test, but the tint they use seems to be harmless. After they apply the tint, you look like you have slugs on your face, which is quite funny! After a few minutes it's wiped off and you can decide if you want to go darker or not. I was happy with the shade so off the Benebabe went with the waxing. In terms of pain I'd class it on a 4/10. My pain threshold is quite low but it's totally bearable to those of you who've never had them waxed!

After I was left with gorgeous brows, only brushed over with "Gimme Brow" It's great for women who don't want overbearing eyebrows but want a good shape and tint. I was extremely happy with the service and it took about 15 minutes, so you're not in there for your whole afternoon. The surroundings are cute too, you're in the back of the shop, but you don't feel like you're on display. It's a nice comfortable area. If you're getting anything other than your face wax, don't worry they have Beauty Suites upstairs!Over all I'm delighted with the service and will be back without a doubt! Stay tuned for another Brow post, where I talk you through maintaining them at home!



  1. I don't think anything is as underrated as a good brow job. It just changes the whole shape of your face and opens it out more. Love these!

    1. Exactly, best investment is in your brows! :) xox

  2. your brows are immaculate! I've never been game enough but you've convinced me to try out a tint the next time i get my brows done

    1. Honestly tinting is the way to go :) xox


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