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Ziaja-Manuka Tree Purifying Range

Another day, another skincare review, but please stay with me as these products are absolutely fantastic and after using them for 3 weeks I've made up my mind. Now when I first got these in the post I was slightly disappointed as someone who has dry skin I immediately thought the Manuka Range which is meant for Oil and Combination skin would be lost on me. However I decided to give it a whirl one night, and I must say I was VERY impressed.
We all know I'm a fan of Ziaja products, as I'm on their Beauty Panel I get some of their products to trial out every couple of weeks and have not (yet) have had any negative or bad reviews. It's amazing as I'm quite selective and I'm ashamed to admit in the past I was a bit of a skincare snob. As these products range between €4.99 and €6.99 I would of in the past been quite the sceptic but after testing these products I've been converted to lower end skincare options.  

If you've oily -combination skin you know the numerous challenges you face. Whether it's an oily T-Zone, Dilated Pores, Blackheads, Spots, Acne Breakouts or Shine control. Long story short but the Manuka Tree Purifying Range hits the nail on the head with this one. It not only purifies but normalises the skin and is alcohol free. The Manuka Leaf Extract which is found in New Zealand and has antibacterial properties reduces excess sebum secreation that causes blackheads, acnes and blocked pores. 
 Ziaja-Normalising Cleansing Gel €4.99*
I started this routine by splashing my face with warm water and using a pump or two of the cleansing gel working it into my skin, getting rid of all the makeup and gunk that my skin is left with. It works up a nice lather and you can feel your skin getting cleaner and cleaner. It's a clear gel, which I'm a huge fan of as I don't feel I'm loading my face with anything nasty. It depends on how dirty my face is, but I'll either wash it off with warm water, or use a Muslin cloth by wetting it with warm water and rubbing the gel off. If I don't have a Muslin cloth handy (I swear they go to where all odd socks go to die) a normal cloth still does the trick. 
I've been using this now for at least three weeks and I've only made a little dent which is great. There's nothing worse than getting through products as quick as you open them. The best thing about this is definitely the smell. It smells absolutely amazing, and it's a real pleasure to use morning and night.  It's not great at taking off mascara/eyeliner but that's not a big deal as I always use an eye make-up remover anyway. Over all this is a fantastic cleanser and I will definitely repurchase it if I'm on a budget and want a great quality cleanser thats is kind to your skin, while kicking ass on those spots. At under €5 it would be rude not to! 
Ziaja- Manuka Tree Purifying Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste €4.99*
This is my favourite product out of the three, hands down. It's an absolute god send to dry skin gals, and after one use you'll feel a dramatic difference in your skin. My problem area's would be my chin and my cheeks and after using this Peeling Paste my skin was left incredibly soft. The difference was exceptional. I like to think of it as Tough Stuff for the face, as it's *that* good. I've yet to find any sort of face scrub that I'm impressed with, as I find most of them just don't do the trick, but this Peeling Paste is something else! A little goes a long way, and you can either use it as a scrub or leave it on a little longer and use it as a mask.
When I first saw the packaging I wasn't expecting this consistency. It's pretty much a toothpaste feel. I apply it onto my dry face, and focus on my problem area's. After a good scrub-a-dub-dub I then rinse with warm water. I've never been so impressed with a scrub in my life. Your face is left a little red, but after a couple of minutes that vanishes and you're left with the softest skin you've ever had. If you don't believe me drop what you're doing and run to the nearest stockist, you won't regret it! If any dry skin sufferer's that don't particularly have sensitive skin(I think this could be a little harsh) definitely give it a go. again at €4.99 this get a massive thumbs up from me!
Manuka Tree Purifying Gentle Exfoliating Night Cream with Almond Acid €6.99*
With Exfoliating in the title I knew I'd like this. As you can see below it's almost like a serum instead of a cream. Like the whole range it smells wonderful (A nice clean, fresh scent-not over powering) A little goes a long way, and I love applying this on before bed and letting it sink right in. I can't vouch for the exfoliating factor as I always use it after the Peeling Paste and my skin is nice and soft, but this definitely aids the softness and in the morning I wake up with soft skin. Since using the range I've noticed my imperfections and my blackheads have reduced, which of course I'm a pleased as punch with! 
This cream sinks right in and leaves you wanting to touch your face constantly (try to avoid this!) It claims to Exfoliate and regenerate your skin without any irritation. My skin isn't irritated and has never felt softer, so I think we're on to another winner here lads! It's the most "expensive" product which comes in at €6.99 which is still unbelievably good value. I've really enjoyed using this and the other two products and have found myself pleasantly surprised that although it's not targeted to my skin type my skin has reaped the benefits of using these products. Over all this is a fantastic range, it's cheap, cheerful and works! 

You can purchase all Ziaja products HERE

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