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Back to University Looks

It's that time of year again for a lot of my readers, so I thought I'd so a few "Back to School" looks. When I was in Uni, I pretty much wore a combination of all the below. On exams days a tracksuit was Okay, but other than that it was a No Go! Like most people I'm not a morning person and would give up my first born for an extra couple of minutes in bed, so I know how to get dressed in 10 minutes. These three outfits are really simply and you can mix and match  a lot of the items too, which is what you want for a money conscious student! For Plus Size girls my Top Stores to go shopping for Uni friendly outfits would be Yours Clothing, Boohoo Plus, New Look Inspire, and Asos Curve

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Look #1
This is probably my favourite outfit, it's really relaxed and cool. A pair of Boyfriend Jeans are a must have item. I got a pair from Boohoo Plus, but I must warn you, you need to size up two sizes! There's still a glitch with their sizing, but I'm a fan of the jeans (now sold out) If you're looking for Plus Size options these ones from Asos Curve are really similar.I love everything from the wash to the size of the rips. For a College Cool look pair with Cons, a quirky jumper (Simply Be and Asos Curve have loads of cute ones!) and a contrasting scarf as we all feel the cold trickling in! Finish off the look with a pair of glasses and a black bag and you're set to run out the door! 
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Look #2
I love this cute smock dress. They're so comfy and loose and perfect for a long day in lectures. Add a pair of 10 Denier tights as well as a pair of socks for a cute look with chunky boots. I love these boots are they've a heel but they've a platform and aren't high so you can fly around with ease! A Leather Jacket is a Uni staple and you'll pick one up in every High Street stores as well as all the Plus Size Stores too. A cute necklace ties the look together and gives the impression of making an effort even if it only took you a few minutes to get ready. Throw your stuff into a cute rucksack (from Penney's) and  put on your circle sunnies and you're ready to start your Golden Week! (I didn't once make have one and I turned out okay!)
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Look #3
This was probably my most go to look during my final year. Leggings and a comfy jumper. I go to H&M for both my Legging and Jumper needs. It's cheap and cheerful and I find their Knitwear quite durable for the price!This is a great look for when you're stressed and haven't slept (Whether you pulled an all nighter studying or were in Coppers the night before) This cute backpack is worth going back to school for itself. It's a decent size so you can fit your laptop and folders but is also really cute and girly! For this look I'd add a statement necklace (again) and cute cut out ankle boots and a statement watch, as we all know how time conscious students are, or was that just me? ;-) I didn't wear much makeup in Uni, as I wasn't that bothered but I always has my eyebrows done and a slick of tinted balm to complete my looks! 

If you're heading off to University in a  few weeks I wish you the best of luck and I hope I gave you a bit of outfit inspiration! Don't stress too much about the work load, it's all about balance! Although I shouldn't be saying this but I learnt a lot more out of the lecture theatre then in it!


  1. Love your style, it's what I would go for!
    Where are the cut out boots from look 3 from?x

  2. The bag and jeans and converse combo is fab, love all of your outfits! :) thanks for the inspiration lovely x

    1. No problem at all, hope you got some inspiration! x

  3. From where is the necklace in the look no.3?

    1. It's from Amazon, but sold out. I'm sure Ebay have loads of similar ones! :) x


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