Sunday, 20 July 2014

Paris #2

When I'm sightseeing/shopping I like to be as comfortable as possible. I hate to feel restricted or uncomfortable in something tight, so I always opt for breathable and light fabrics. This Daisy Print* Yours Clothing dress is an absolute God send and I fully intend to get it in black as it's the comfiest and most flattering dress I now own!
I made a quick trip to the Champs Elysees purely for Sephora. There was a Sephora near the hotel, but I wanted to go to the biggest one! I spent too long in their and came out with too many lipsticks, but what can you do. The staff are so incredibly helpful and all are multilingual for all the tourists, which is fantastic. It's always packed, but there's enough space to browse and grab what you want!
The Louis Vuitton shop will always be special to me! I've been obsessed with Louis Vuitton for so many years, and my parents very kindly bought me one for my 18th and one for my 21st . They're timeless and classic and I'll have them for years. This was the first place I bought my own. I'd worked pretty much every day for a month, but it was all worth it when I handed over my Debit Card. That proud feeling will never leave me. Silly I know, but I worked so hard for it and it's definitely my favourite bag!
 This Dress* was absolutely perfect. It was really cool and the fabric didn't cling at all. If you're lucky and off on some Summer holiday's this is the perfect dress. I love daisy print at the moment, and honestly can't get enough. The V-neck is incredibly flattering on bigger busts and the empire line skims tummies, which y'all know I love. A cute little skinny belt would look great on this dress if you wanted to show off your waist!
 For accessories I added a blue and gold necklace I picked up in a Wholesale shop in Paris, as well as a Bracelet from Fran&Jane. I wore my all time favourite vintage Dior Sunglasses and a slick of pink lippy. I'd of worn red, but I haven't found my perfect "day" red yet. I've a million and one reds that I wear at night, but I want one that's a little more subtle than deep, dark matte red!
I'm just waiting for Sephora to come to Ireland! Although I'm pretty sure I'd have absolutely no savings! They literally have everything under one roof, as well as they're own range(which I personally love!) Everytime I go to Paris I put some money aside so I can treat myself to a bit of makeup! I did have to be careful though as I only had a carry on with me and we all know the Rules of Ryanair! ;)
This little street is so typically French and I love it. It's near our Hotel in Bastille and if I could live here, I totally would! It's so pretty and quaint. I wish Dublin had streets like this! I of course grabbed my photographer and got some shots here! Please ignore my sweaty face, it was so warm! I didn't bother wearing any foundation, I just wore some lippy as no one's got time for that, in this heat ;)
Again I wore my "Neverfull" It's so handy and the straps are perfect for flinging over your shoulder. If any of you are thinking of taking the plunge and buying a Louis Vuitton, I honestly can't recommend them enough! The quality is great and they really do last for years and years! I know it's terrible, but I'm already thinking about the next one I want to buy! Although I've my sights on a Mulberry, Chanel and Miu Miu one too! I just need to win the Lottery....
The Cafe we always, always, always go to whenever we're in Paris. The drinks are horrifically over-priced. €5 for a coke anyone? but the people watching views are the best, so it's kind of worth it. Anyone know one of my many useless pastimes is stalking people on the street? Boy the French have such effortless style both boys and girls! 


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