Tuesday, 24 June 2014

They're Real "Push Up Liner" Review

Every now and again a product takes the beauty world by storm. I'm absolutely rubbish at liquid eye-liner and have tried countless times and countless products. The Pens worked a little better for me, but they dried out ridiculous quick and I wasn't bothered repurchasing. When I heard Benefit was bringing out pretty much a fool proof eye-liner, I was sceptical! However after using this religiously for a month I've formed a very strong opinion on it! 
Now I don't know about you, but those little angle brush and the pot of gel liner, wrecks me buzz. I've never gotten the hang of getting the perfect flick and in the end I've always given up, as I could never get the line right. In the end I'd have to redo my whole face as it always got everywhere. So this little Pen is a lifesaver. It's literally so incredibly easy to use. Like Honest to God ,you'd nearly be able to apply this in the dark, it's that easy!
The Pen has a twist cap, and has a Accuflex Tip, which makes applying the "flick" so effortless. It hugs the lash line easily and the tip enables you to give the perfect "flick". You can make it as dramatic or as subtle as you'd like. You twist up the formula and can apply both eyes with the product. Most importantly it's smudge proof. I'm constantly touching my face throughout the day, and this literally doesn't budge. The only thing I will say is if you want it jet black, I'd recommend to apply two coats! 
As well as the They're Real"Push Up Liner"*, they also have brought out a They're Real Remover* which is a cream based eyemakeup remover that takes off not only the "Push Up Liner", but also "They're Real" Mascara, which is great as I "They're Real" proved a little bit tricky to remove! The Push Up Liner comes in at €25. It's a little bit more expensive than I'd spend on a Eye-Liner, however after trying this out I will 100% be repurchasing this. I'm so impressed with this product I'd claim this baby at my all time favourite Benefit Product!If you're absolutely useless at applying eye-liner/simply aren't bothered with the hassle this is the product for you. I can personally vouch for the effortless application and will be recommending this to everyone and anyone who will listen! Now all I'm waiting for is Benefit to release a few more colours, and I'll be a Happy Camper! Fortunately for you guys, you don't have to wait too long now for the release as it's being released on the JUNE 28TH. Clear Saturday now girls! ;)



  1. So glad you reviewed this - I have been waiting to see how it does before I buy it! You may have convinced me here :)

    1. It is literally the best thing ever, promise! :D xox


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