Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pay Day Wish List

 With the weather being awful and not getting time to get outfit pictures, this will have to do! I got a few nice bits and bobs so once the weather picks up. I will inundate you with pictures of my mug. I love compiling wish lists and spending imaginary money ;)

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With Pay Day fast approaching I decided to do a Pay Day Wish List! I'm saving hard for whatever I end up doing this Summer (I'm pushing for Vegas at the end of August) so while I won't have as much money as I usually do to squander I thought I'd do a list regardless! This is a slight cheat as I've already bought the Asos Curve Jumper (I bought a few sizes bigger for a real 90's vibe) it's so lovely and soft and is a gorgeous faded pink! I've been wearing it a lot on my days off so keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post soon! I've been loving quirky sunglasses recently and the colourful Asos ones are only fab! I'm really wanting to treat myself to some new underwear and love this Curvy Kate set! It's bright and colourful and a bit sexy too. I've found a great place in Dun Laoghaire (New York Nails) that does amazing gel nails for €30. They're clean, quick and professional and last an age! So ever since I got them on I've been looking at cool rings, especially the YSL dupes. Fran and Jane have lovely similar ones that are gorgeous and only €25!

I've been wearing my white cons so much lately I want a black pair. They won't show up dirt and like my white ones I know I'll have them for years. As the weather is warmer I really want to try out Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. It's quite light and won't leave my skin feeling heavy or cakey, which is not what you want in the Summer. As well as Sheer Glow the Nars "Orgasm" blush is a gem I will be repurchasing this month. It's by far my favourite blush and it lasts for ages (Unless you accidentally smash it like I did!). This Tshirt from River Island is so cute and for €20 it would  be rude not too! The Michael Kors small pink bag is absolutely gorgeous. Normally I'm strictly a "everything but the kitchen skin" bag kinda girl but this one is perfect for evenings or when you don't want to lug everything around with you. Last but not least, perfume. I do not need another perfume, quite frankly I've yet to finish a bottle other than my all time favourite Ellie Saab but I want something new and fresh for the Summer and as of late I'm obsessed with Benefit's perfumes. They all smell lovely and the packaging is gorgeous! 

What's on your Pay Day Wish List?


  1. Love that River Island T-shirt!


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