Friday, 30 May 2014

May "Morning Shower" Routine

As a nosey parker I love reading blogs and watching vlogs about the products people use, especially shower products as I'm always looking out for new products. I find you can often get stuck in a rut on the products you use and use the same products over and over again! I mix mine up every few weeks so I thought I'd do some posts on what my favourite shower products are this month! Below was my typical Morning Shower routine in May :)
This has to be my favourite scent of all time. It smells absolutely divine and for €9 you literally don't need to buy a body wash for at least 4 months, it lasts that long!It's a 500ml bottle and I literally can't get through it and I use a lot every day!  I love Soap&Glory body washes but this has to be the best smelling one. It smells like Sugary Limes but isn't too overpowering. It leaves your skin smelling and feeling delish.
I heard a lot about this Shampoo on the blogosphere so when I was 2 for under €5 in Tesco I picked up both the Shampoo and Conditioner. As I've recently got Ombre I'm wanting to look after my hair a little bit more and I find this Shampoo is really nourishing and leaves my hair extremely shiny and healthy looking. I'm not too sure if I would pay full price for it however. I'm  just not completely blown away with it.
Like I said I got 2 for the price of 1 and went for the matching conditioner. As someone who backcombs their hair I need a good conditioner and was really impressed with it. I find my hair is nearly tangle free after using it and feels extremely soft and smelling lovely! I will 100% repurchase it as it lasts around a month which is fantastic for me, as I go through conditioner like there's no tomorrow!
BEST SCRUB I HAVE EVER USED, HANDS DOWN. Literally this is my go too scrub and even when I don't have any stubborn tan to remove I reach for this. My skin is left so incredibly soft and subtle after I use this, it's hard to explain. I suffer from dry skin and my skin has never felt softer. This is my must have scrub for the Summer. A bonus is that the scrub itself is pink! You can read my full review HERE
I like to follow up the Body wash theme and follow with the Body Buttercream. It's rich and luxurious and leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft and smelling like something out of heaven. At €15 it's not the cheapest moisturiser, but it really does work and with such a fresh citrus scent it's perfect for Summer! It sinks in quickly and like the body wash a little goes a long way!
During the Summer I'm all over sweet, fruity scents and this one smells so amazing! I swear after I'm finished in the shower I smell like a fruit bowl exploded on me! This is light and fresh and definitly not over powering as it's only a light body splash and it only lingers for an hour or two after application so I always bring it with me, if I'm out and about! 


  1. I'm actually obsessed with Sugar Crush!

    1. It smells so lovely, doesn't it! :) xox


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