Monday, 26 May 2014

Instagram Catch up #2

Another Instagram catch up for you guys! I'm getting more and more into Instagram and no longer go yonks without posting! I'm pretty much on it everyday, playing around with all the different filters and what not. I'm a bit of a photo junkie (not just selfies!) and love taking pictures of pretty places and pretty food. I love looking back over my instagram photo's and see how much things have changed too. I also use it to stalk photo's of Liam Payne...
So what have I been up to? Aside from not blogging! I've been working crazy and then when I get a day off, I felt zero desire to open up my laptop and blog. The weather has also been mostly awful when I have a day off, so it's near impossible to take good outfit photo's!Hopefully the sun will some soon though (forever an optimist) Last week was a bit crazy, in a good way Between working, cocktailing and One Direction I was all over the place. On Wednesday I went to Powerscourt Garden's up in Wicklow with one of my oldest friends and had a lovely day off with her. On Thursday, I went to the launch of the new NKD tanning range from Vita Liberata, and drank a hella a lot of their delicious cocktails. ake for me (until I get to the beach, that is!) I've a strong relationship with Cocoa Brown and for the last year it's been my go to tan, I'm going to review their Darker 1-hour tan soon as well as a few different tanning brands, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
I managed to get to Platform Pizza and officially have a new obsession. My Uncle and Cousins have been raving about it for ages and I finally went and Oh My Lord, it's so good! The Moroccan Chicken Flat bread with Hummus is to die for. I plan on doing a restaurant review soon too! I just didn't take my camera with last time to take some snaps, but next time I'll make sure to bring it! Over the past few weeks, we've had a few nice summery days, which made me rock my floral printed skinny jeans and sandals, and it finally felt like Summer! Last night I went to One Direction in Croke Park and can I just say how bloody brilliant it was! I've been a fan from the beginning after meeting them at the Xfactor and it was amazing seeing them perform again! Of course the majority of fans there, were teeny boppers, but no shame in that! ;)

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