Monday, 26 May 2014

Barry M Textured Nail Effect in "Princess"

Today was such a miserable day. It's nearly June, but it doesn't feel like it one bit, I'm sat cuddling a hot water bottle, I'm that cold. I've gel nails on at the moment, but wanted to show you my go to nail polish when I don't have gels on! My lovely friend Isha  gave me this little gem and it's such a "me" colour. Normally on days like these I have a bit of a pamper day, but since I can't paint my nails,so this is the next best thing!
Barry M is one of my favourite brand of Nail Polishes. They don't break the bank and they come in so many different colours. They have everything from nudes to the more vibrant neons so whatever mood you're in you'll find a nail polish to suit your mood. This one is on their "Textured Nail Effects" in the colour "Princess" which is very apt for this polish! It's a gorgeous pastel pink with loads of glitter! 
I've been using  this for a number of months and there's still loads left, and I like to apply at least two coats! You can see the usage and to be honest I'm pretty impressed ith how much I've used it. I don't know about anyone else, but I play favourites with my nail polishes and once I settle into a routine of one I love that's all I wear. Barry M really came up trumps with this one. It's a nail polish that epitomises me, Isha knows me so well!
As you can see it's even nicer on the nails! It's not too over the top, and is perfectly acceptable for during the day (In my world anyway!) As it's glitter I always use a base and top coat so it's not an effort and a half to take off, we've all been there,right? It's so easy to apply, and although one coat is a little opaque, two coats gives you a gorgeous colour! If you're like me and want a pretty polish, you need this in your life!
Over all I would really recommend this nail polish, it's not as hard to get off as other glitter polishes and doesn't chip as easily. I constantly chip my nail polish when working (and typing) and with a top coat, this didn't chip as quick as some other polishes I own! Same goes for the Barry M nail polishes in general actually, I find them a lot longer lasting than the likes of Rimmel etc. 

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