Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My EBAY Wish List

As someone who isn't rolling in cash, I'm always on the lookout for bargains. I've been turning to Ebay more and more to get some fab bargains. Sure most of what I order is from China and takes around 14 days to reach me, but chances are by the time it arrives I've completely forgotten what I bought and it's like Christmas has come early. I'm always browsing Ebay, and making wishlists so I decided I'd share with you my wishlist at the moment! I've ordered some of these in anticipation of this week's pay cheque, but I'm not too bothered. I feel like I haven't been spending much money at all (Bar food of course! nom nom nom) so I wanted a few quirky bits for Spring!
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Vintage Sequins
Ebay is full of tacky sequin jackets in all sizes. It's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time to snap them up. The tackier the better in my eyes! They also go for relatively cheap (€40-€50) so if you're a sequinned fiend like myself keep an eye out! My advice is to look throughout the warmer months, as the second the Christmas countdown begins they'll hike up the price ;) Type in Over-sized instead of "Plus Size" if you want more options by the way!

Designer Inspired Bag
Now I'm a huge fan of my designer bags, and would happily stay in for 6 months and save cash to afford a designer bag. I'm not really that much of a shoe person, so I focus all my energy on nice bags, but my bank balance has seen better days. I've been lusting after a Celine for so long, but chances are unless I win the Lottery tonight I'll still be lusting. I want a Celine inspired bag however, and plan on buying a tote bag(with no logo's) to keep me going until I can get the real deal. So it's more of a dupe than a downright copy.

Quirky Sunglasses
I'm obsessed with Sunglasses, and have far too many to even count. When I saw my Pal Callie posted these babies on Instagram, I knew I needed them in my life. I picked up a pair for €18 including Post and Packaging which isn't too bad. They're a bit cray but I'm not too bothered. I haven't got them yet, but keep an eye out on my Instagram (Bowfabulous) for some sunglasses spam! I can't wait to rock them this Summer at a any Festival that I can go to! Thanks for the Inspo Cal Pal!

Statement Jewellery
Like everything else Jewellery isn't an exception, I love tack. Everything over the top and "too much" are right up my alley. Ebay for me is like Aladdin's cave full or tacky necklaces and bracelets at knock down prices. As my mum deals with wholesale Jewellery I know how much it costs, so that's why I go to Ebay in search of my statement jewellery as it's a lot cheaper than stores! I will warn you though, you need to look through loads of shite to get some hidden gems!

Okay, these won't be on your typical Ebay Wish List, but you can get these babies as cheap as chips on here! I don't wear fake eyelashes that much as I'm not too bothered by them but every now and again I want some and it pains me to part with €9 for one single pair. On Ebay you can get them as cheap as €5 for 10 pairs and you don't pay P&P. These are a must if you wear Eyelashes and you'll never go back to forking out a million yo-yo for one pair again!

Phone Covers
I've only really gotten into Phone Covers. Normally as long as my phone is protected and the phone cover is cute I'm sorted. However this Moschino Bunny Phone Cover is too cute not to buy! It's cute and girly and your phone is relatively protected. It's not that hard to hold and just looks cute. My Marc Jacobs one is still my favourite but every now and again it's fun to mix things up! Ebay is awash with phone covers and I search "3D Iphone5 Covers" and you get the cutest ones popping up for around a €5 - Bargain!

Valentino Inspired Shoes
Now I'm a bit wary about buying shoes online, but I generally size up if only for the extra width as a lot of these sellers come from China and I've heard notorious issues with their shoes being teeny tiny! These Valentino dups are so cute and are the perfect heel height. Not too high and not too low. I personally love the fushia pair and think they'd look fab with a pair of white skinny jeans and a blouse and for the price you really can't complain too much!


  1. I wish I had an IPhone just so I could order that phone cover!!

    1. It's so cute, isn't it? :-) xox

  2. Those shoes and that bag, gorgeous!

  3. I've ordered some of the Valentino dupes! Will see what they're like. Last night I placed a stupidly big order for Korean make and skin care so I'm all about the eBay lists! Fab post! Xx

    1. Hope you like them now! I love Ebay lists too, I've been reading them all day and night! xox

  4. I bought the Valentino shoes from a different seller a few weeks ago to road test them, whilst I know the fit/comfort won't be the same as the real McCoy they're a style I'm not personally sure of so I'd rather spend a few pounds and find out whether I like them on me rather than £600+ and hate them! x

    1. I know exactly what you mean! especially if they're a style you don't know if you'll wear or not! :) xox


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