Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patrick's Day | Casual Make Up Look

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone! 
 I have to work today, but I'm going to get off early enough so I'll still has a good chunk of the evening. I don't think I'll do anything though if I'm honest! One things for sure though, I'm going to grab a sneaky Shamrock Shake on my lunch break! I'm not even the biggest fan of the Shamrock Shake, but I do like a bit of Patriotism! I decided to create the look that I'm going to be wearing today, and decide to show you all. For today's makeup Look I wanted to be a bit festive, without looking like I was making a bee line for the Parade (I will next year!) I wanted to incorporate some green and orange(my nails!) into my makeup look in a subtle way. I wear a full face of make up for work everyday, and as of late I feel it's become boring, a dark brown smokey eye, with either a pale pink, red or nude lip. It's pretty much standard so it was nice to get out my Urban Decay NYC Palette and jazz up my makeup routine!
 As you can see it's not dramatic at all, it's quite subtle, and is easy to recreate. It takes me about 10 minutes to create this look, so it's fantastic for me, as I'm the worst morning person in the History of Ireland and would never sacrifice those extra minutes sleep to add a bit more slap to my face. Anyway, let's get started! I wore a gorgeous  Moss Green colour called "Mildew" from my Urban Decay "NYC" Palette, and as you can see it's a really workable colour. It's a very earthy green, and compliments a lot of the browns in the palette. So for reference I only used this palette. It's a great colour to wear if you want a more subdued look. You're also not going to look ridiculous if you're not actually out celebrating Paddy's Day, but want to get in on the celebrations. If you are out and about in the spirit of things, I'd highly recommend you pack on as much as that vibrant green eye-shadow as you see fit and go wild, all in the name of St Patrick.
 For my base I used my Mac Studio Fix Fluid (in NC30). To be honest I'm only using up the ends of it. I've gone off MAC foundations. I think they're awful for your skin, and far too expensive for the quality of product you get. However, today I probably will be out all day and I hate touching up my make-up during the day. The weight of my make-up bag is enough to put me off  it anyway. For me this is the only Make-up that lasts the entire day (I've ran out of my Doublewear), so it's the best one for the job. I do like finished look when I've applied it, but for the sake of my skin I've made a vow never to repurchase it again. I contoured using my Hoola Bronzer and then used my Sleek Blush in "Flamingo" It's extremely bright, but a little goes a long way. I gives me a lovely flushed look and I haven't touched pan yet and I've been using it over 5 months on a pretty regular basis! Sleek Make up are absolutely fantastic, and are one of my favourite High-Street brands. You can purchase it Online, or if you're in Liffey Valley, Boots stock it (as well on
I filled in my Brows using the Sleek Eyebrow Kit in "Dark". It's a Dupe for Benefit "Browzings" but costs a fraction of the price! I've been using this since September and It looks like I've barely touched it. It's so simple and easy to use and I love both the powder and the wax. For my Eyes, I used "Mildew" all over my lid, after priming it with the Urban Decay "Primer Potion" which is the stuff of God's. It keeps my eye shadow on all day and a little goes a long way.I blended "Mildew" out, making sure my whole lid is covered  as I want the predominate colour to be green. I then took "Maui Wowee" which is a golden brown colour and worked it into my crease. It gives a lovely shimmer but isn't too much for day wear. I was originally going to add a matte black to my corner crease, but decided against it, as I wanted my look to be a bit more day time appropriate and to look fresh, so I worked with just the two colours. I also applied some "Mildew" just beneath my eyes,keeping extremely close to my waterline. After adding some black eye-liner, and "They're Real" Mascara I was set to go! 
It's a really easy look to create, and I couldn't recommend this palette enough. I've all the Naked Palette's and I love them and I do use them on a very regular basis, but sometimes if you want a bit more colour and a bit more fun injected into your makeup routine a Palette like the Urban Decay NYC one is great. It has some cool, quirky colours but also mixed in with more versatile colours so you've the best of both worlds. I kept my lips very neutral and just wore some Nude Lipgloss that I picked up in NYX for next to nothing. It's Pinky/Nude so you don't look like you're wearing concealer on your lips, anyone else do that back in 2005?! Over all I absolutely loved this look, and feel like I'm going to honor the Day without wearing head to toe green. 

I hope you liked this different post, and if you're going out tonight and were stuck for inspiration, hope this helped too! If you'd like to see more posts like this please let me know in the comments!


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