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Celtic Candles | My Thoughts

While I was at the Beauty Show in the RDS on Monday with my lovely friend Lynne, we came across the cutest stand selling candles. I absolutely love candles, just like my Mum. My Dad always comes into my little office space claiming it smells like an "Opium Den" as I'm constantly burning something or other. Usually I go for Yankee Candle, as I find they take forever to burn, and at only €19.99 for a medium jar it doesn't break the bank. Jo Malone is my mum's candle of choice but as much as I love them, personally €50 for a candle that burns pretty quick in my opinion is a little bit steep for my budget at the moment.
 Celtic Candles are 100% Irish, and have been a family business for over 20 years. As we're still in a recession, I always prefer to buy Irish produce where possible and I think I've found my happy medium between Yankee Candle and Jo Malone! They have a number of scents, and myself and Lynne spent ages choosing what scents to go for. We walked away to think (and to save our arms that were already quite tired from the weight of our bags) and we had a little talk and were discussing which ones we'd go for. There was a great deal at the Beauty show with 3 for €30, so we decided I'd get two and she'd get one. When we arrived back, the lady was so lovely and really helpful and we ended up going for three each! What really sold me on these candles is that they're made from 100% Plant Wax. They're clean burning with no waste and they're not tested on animals! As well as that there's a big enough selection to choose from so there is something for everyone! I also love the fact the you can use the hot wax as a body oil, which is especially nice taken from the "Relaxing" scent.
So after much debate on what scents to choose, I chose "Zesty Lemongrass", "Blackcurrant and Tomato" and "Relaxing". I choose three completely different scents, that I can use for the different moods I'm in. My favourite out of the three has to be "Blackcurrant and Tomato" as it's a combination I'd never think of. It's fresh but fruity at the same time and is really unusual. A lot of the smaller companies only stick to a few good generic scents. Scents they'll know will be popular. I love that Celtic Candles has a complete range of weird and wonderful scents, but still have a lot of the classics, that we all know and love. As the Spring seems to have finally come(fingers crossed!) I've been burning "Zesty Lemongrass". It's really zesty and fresh, without being overpowering and to be it just smells like Spring. For the evening time when I want to unwind after a long day, I know I'll reach for "Relaxing" It smells predominately of Lavender and Tea Tree, and will be lovely when I'm relaxing in a hot bath. I've only had these candles for a couple of days, but they claim to burn for 45 hours!
I've burnt my Lemongrass one for a couple of hours already, and there's barely a dent so you can rest assured it's not going to burn away in the blink of an eye. The price point is great for a natural candle, and their Large Jars are cheaper than the Large Yankee Candle Jars. As much as I like Yankee and their million and one scents, I'm going to start reaching for these more often, as they're organic. These Aromapots that I purchase normally retail for €14.99, and burn for  up to 45 hours. They're so pretty, and you can really smell the quality, if that makes sense?! When I do stock up again, I'm going to go for the Large Jars, as for €5 more than the Aromapots you get 45 minutes more burning time. At €19.99 I think they're much better value as they last longer, and if you know what scent you love, you know it's not something you'll hate so you won't mind burning it for over 90 hours. However the Aromapots are great gifts, or if you like to have a number of different scents on the go. It's Mother's Day Sunday week, and it would be a perfect gift, if your Mum is anything like mine! I'm thrilled I came across this little stand and I now hope I can stay stocked up with Celtic Candles for a long time to come! I've had a little look on the Website and have found that McCabes Pharmacy in Dundrum stock them, as well as numerous other stockist in Dublin. You can also purchase them on their Website.



  1. These are so cute! I love the packaging. Blackcurrant and tomato is such a strange combination! I think it is better for companies to release unusual scents though because it makes them stand out more xx

    Mapped Out | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. They're so pretty aren't they! I know, I didn't think I'd like it, but it's absolutely divine! xxx

  2. I love these candles! I bought some at the last beauty show and got more this time round too! Wild Fig and Grape is my standout favourite - but I'm the same, I got the blackcurrent & tomato and I can't believe how nice a combination it is! :) glad to see they're catching on!

    1. They're just so lovely, aren't they? That one was lovely too! I wanted them all to be honest ;) I know, I'll definitely be stocking up on these candles! :) xox


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