Saturday, 25 January 2014

What I Wore| Monsoon Fusion Kaftan

This is probably my favourite Kaftan,ever!I picked it up in Monsoon three years ago for a ridiculous price (Monsoon in general are extortionate!) It's part of their "Fusion" range and cost me €99. A lot for a loose fitting kaftan! The only reason, I took the plunge was the colours and pattern are just gorgeous. Here I am three years later, and it's in great condition and I know I'll be taking it out in the Summer, for years to come. So it was probably worth the money, if you think about it that way..
Fuertaventura is a really windy Island, no matter what time of year, there's always a gust of wind, and yesterday was no different. Taking a quick outfit picture is a lot more difficult when the wind is blowing up your dress, and making your hair go crazy, but nonetheless I got it taken. I'm a bit gutted that I'm heading home today. It was a lovely relaxing week, and it just went by too quick. It's nice to get a little break away in January when everything is doom and gloom and bills, after bills!To make this a dress, I added a short white bodycon dress to cover my dignity! It's the perfect way to wear a see-through Kaftan as a dress. This Kaftan is extremely versatile, and can be worn numerous ways! You can wear it with Jeans and wedges for a night time look, with a tank top like here for a day time look, or just chuck it over your bikini for going to the Beach/Pool.

I'm glad to say I've got a bit of a tan, and won't be coming home to Ireland like Casper the Ghost! The only shame now is that these legs will under tights for the next couple of months, before Summer comes around again! Another thing I love about Kaftan's in general, is that there's absolutely no creasing. You can shove it into your suitcase without any bother and you don't need to iron it or steam it. I love fuss free clothes on holidays. It's also really light, so it won't take up any room in your case, and you won't have to worry about the weight of your suitcase etc. I paired it with my River Island multi-coloured sandals to add more colour to this already colourful dress! These Sandals are so comfortable and I can't believe I haven't worn them more! 

Sian xxx


  1. Love this look, hope you had a nice hol x

    1. Thank you! Had a great time thanks! Sad to be back ;) xox


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