Friday, 24 January 2014

What I Wore: Littlewoods "So Fabulous" Dress

Today was a little bit cloudy, but still surprisingly warm. It's so nice to get a bit of heat on your bones in January, when everything seems so doom and gloom. I'm back tomorrow afternoon, and dreading wearing big heavy jammies, and clutching a hot water bottle every night, before I go to sleep! I'm off enjoying the sun, as you read this (hopefully) in the hopes of getting one big blast, to do me for a couple of months!
When my Dad, went up to the Attic to get my Summer clothes, I was anxious to know if this dress was with them. I got it in 2011 from the "So Fabulous" range from Littlewoods. I loved everything about it. The cut, the style, the print and the sleeves. It's the perfect Summer dress in my opinion, and I'm only a little bit gutted I didn't have it these past two Summer's. What originally attracted me to it was the print. I'm a sucker for colourful prints, and think they look beautiful with a tan. It's got an elasticated waistband, and it sits at the smallest part of my torso, so it's really flattering for an hourglass figure. The V-neck is flattering for a bigger bust, yet isn't too tacky, or over the top. 
It is a little on the short side, but that's what Holiday's are for, no? It's not too short, although I do have to be a bit cautious as this Island is notoriously windy, but other than that I don't flash me pants to much. Again I leave the dress to do the talking, and leave the jewellery behind! An across the body bag is a nice touch, and leaves my hands free for doing a bit of shopping! The perfume and cosmetics are a lot cheaper here, so I'm off today to do some last minute shopping before I go home tomorrow! This bag like my beige one is from Fran&Jane, and I absolutely love it. It's so handy, looks really expensive and is easy for slinging over your shoulder. 
Instead of going for my neutral sandals, I went with these babies from River Island. I got these again in 2011, and it was a trek and a half trying to source them in Dublin. I went to three River Island stores and I only managed to pick up a size 40. I'm normally a 39 but I loved them so much, I sacrificed the extra room. They're brightly colour, and although one stone has fallen out, it going unnoticed because they're extremely blingy. I also rocked my "Up the Amp" from MAC and have surprisingly gotten a lot of wear out of it this Holiday! I suppose I've a lot more purple in my clothes, than I thought! I only applied a lighter layer, as I didn't want the look to be too dramatic, since I'm not really wearing any foundation etc! Overall I love this dress, and can't wait to crack it out again in Summer!

Sian xx


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