Thursday, 23 January 2014

What I Wore| Kaftan Dress

It's not holiday's for me, without a Kaftan. I love them. They suit the curvier figure well and they can be dressed up or down, depending on where you're going, or what you're doing. Two years ago, I went on a Kaftan frenzy, and bought this one from River Island. I loved everything about it when I saw it. The Colour, the fit and the vibrant pattern.
 The neckline on this dress is probably my favourite part. It's a very deep V, but the material covers your boobs nicely, so you know you're not going to pop out! Normally I would hike up the dress a bit more, but I actually like this length, it's quite lady like and is perfect for going out for a meal or even a spot of shopping in the Sun. I paired it with a statement necklace to compliment the blue in the dress and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. The necklace was a bargain in a wholesale boutique in Paris, and I picked it up for next to nothing, along with two other colours! Sometimes I find statement necklaces to be too much paired with other patterns, but I think this one is just right.
I paired it with my nude sandals, which have been worn to death this holiday, they go with everything, and they're incredibly comfortable. I got them two years ago, and they're lasting up well and I'd say I'll get another year out of them, before I lay them to rest. They have a lovely pearl and bow detail, which is so feminine and pretty, I only hope I can get another pair that are equally as pretty! Make-up as has really take a back seat, and I'd love to say my skin has improved, but I've foolishly burnt my face! After it's healed I'm going to go for a facial and get my skin in tip top condition this year. I only filled in my eyebrows, added a little bit of mascara, and just a bit of concealer to try and cover up my beetroot face. 

Hope you're enjoying my frequent postings, I really am! It gives me a chance to be on my own for a few minutes, before the folks drive me insaaaane (Mam if you're ready this, I'm LYING) 

Sian xxx


  1. Fab post, I love love love the outfit! xx

  2. Love the kaftan! It looks so pretty on you! I love wearing kaftans, and that extra bit of confidence they give me on the beach :) xx

    1. Thanks Louise! Yeah me too, It's nice to have a bit of coverage on the beach too :D saves you on the sunburn! :) xxx

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